Updated: 06/27/2012 11:07
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Wacomark admin keeps sending regular emails to customers, informing of any changes and answer all the common questions. In the latest newsletter,...

Wacomark admin keeps sending regular e-mails to customers, informing of any changes and answer all the common questions. In the latest newsletter, Bobby, the admin of Wacomark is giving some reference to the investors account, particularly about some important notes with payment features. Here are the notes quoted:

"1. If your WD request has been cancelled, it means your E-currency Account is not set up properly, your STP email is not your STP ACCOUNT NAME.
2. Friendly Remainder, You are responsible for your account security. For all those people that asking us to change their E-currency Account Details, will not be entertained for security of everyone account. You can change your Details via your account panel in edit account tab.
3. For those people that asking if were paying during Weekends, Yes we are, You are credited with your daily 10% interest Monday to Sunday.
4. For those people that asking how long they will get paid, All payments are done within 10Minutes – 24 hours."

Another reminder from Bobby refers to deposits through Payza. He is telling that until now all deposits are processed manually. All other accepted processors – SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney – are automated and there is no need to submit any other information to Wacomark after making them.

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