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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 167 published by Charles Morris on July 3, 2012

Welcome, dear readers! Today is Tuesday. The HYIPNews.co is happy to present you with another HYIP Informational Survey. As always we are pleased to offer you the latest events from the industry, we are covering major updates for the latest 4 days. The new hyip opportunities that appeared online during the weekend are at your attention along with the Problem programs. However as usually we start the informational survey with the positive section, giving the Top Choice investment opportunities at your attention:

Top Choice. And here we are presenting you with the TOP 5 programs of the HYIPNews listing. The programs given below by these or those reasons are on top of the listing and naturally are the first ones for being considered as the potential investment opportunity. In any case, make your due diligence before jumping into any of them. Good luck with your business, dear investors!

1. Benson Union
Listed: 167 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business day(s)

2. Solar Inv

Listed: 27 days

Profit: 105-180% after 1-3 days!

Term: up to 3 calendar day(s)

3. Felmina
Listed: 358 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily!
Term: up to 180 calendar day(s)

4. Eurex Trade
Listed: 486 days
Profit:1.2-2.9% daily!
Term: up to lifelong day(s)

5. ENR-G
Listed: 121 days
Profit: 1.2-2.7% daily!
Term: up to 90 calendar day(s)

The Top Choice section in today's newsletter is obviously very much different from the way it looked like last Friday. We have a change on the leading position. Felmina after being on very top in the previous informational survey couldn't stand the TOP 1 position and accordingly has been replaced by Benson Union. These guys seem to attract far more and more attention from the potential HYIP investors. Solar Inv has been promoted on HYIPNews monitor and currently holds the second place. And apart from Eurex Trade, which is taking the 4th place, we have one new addition to the Top Choice section. ENR-G is on the bottom of the Top 5 list. Congratulations to all Top Choice HYIPs!

Openings. Please check the list of the new programs that were added to HYIPNews listing. There is also the list of major openings of the weekend below.

Playinv 9-40% daily up to 16 calendar day(s)!
Pink Money 125-200% after 1-5 days 400-1000% after 10-15 days!
Lite Asset 125-200% after 1-3 days 450-850% after 10-20 days!
Profit Solutions 9% hourly for 15 hours 130-200% after 1-3 days 500-1100% after 7-14 days!
Vetori 7-13% weekly for 7-13 weeks!

Royalty7 Hourly Profit 103-120% after 1 hour!
A-Pro 107% after 1 day 125-140% after 3-5 days!

GlobalFundsGroup Amazing-Profit Victory-Money DescovaBusinessGroup Clear-Income Unlimited-Earn UniqDollar PowerfulFinance UnlimitedEarn ShareTradeIncome Hourly-Instant Amanah CrystalAllianceInv CapitalBusiness RapidGCX TradingCoalition InstantWithdraw MoneyGrader PrismActive IncomeTime Trust-Wealth Orange-Finance DiamondEmpire CashYield InstantlyFunds PrimexROI FactorForia OrangeGains LegitMoney LRFond Metrosoap Loyalty Easy-Profit-Forex Best-Inv ArmHYIP IfnInvest PladiumEarn Metal-ROI JustIncome NatureIncome Fast-Gain

Lots of programs this time. This weekend was rich in openings. As always, mostly there are programs, which look not reputable enough, template-like created, fast scams possibly (just a theory). And still we have some winners, the openings, which seemed good enough to us to be mentioned separately with the details about their investment opportunity and also listed on HIYPNews.com. Today we have 7 new sites on Top of the openings section. Remember, every time you take your investment decision, you can get in touch with us, if you need any help or assistance, regarding any choice that you may find suspicious or disputable. We'll be glad to to assist. Good luck with your investment business!


Maxi Wallet - not paying
Reliable-Invest - not paying
Permanent Fund - not paying
Fashion Investment - not paying
HyipInv - not paying
Noble Capitals - not paying
Capital Management Profit - not paying
Thrive Finance - not paying
Real-Estate-Privatinvest - not paying
Green Home Dream - not paying
Money Maker Group - not paying
Valid Profit - not paying
Amazon Inv - not paying
Online Banker - not paying
Business Guerdon - not paying
Invest Corporate - not paying
Commercial Reward - not paying

Here above you are welcome to have a look at the programs which are currently not recommended for investing. They are various and unfortunately there are lots of them. No matter how long they are online, they are all different. There are some proven and long-term projects along with the new ones. The only thing unites them. They are all experiencing problems with paying profits. Beware and stay away from them, at least for a while!

Events. Profit Hall reports on about the new official withdrawal processing time has been initiated. Initially it has been planned to process all pending withdrawal requests within 6 hours max, however it sometimes happened to take longer than declared. Hence the optimal solution has been found, which is to implement a 12-hour pending policy aimed at avoiding any possibly misunderstandings between the clients and the management of Profit Hall. The main point in changing the policy is to process the payment within a maximum of 12 hours, which is the term declared.

Another piece of news in the update from Profit Hall sets a warning against the attempt to scam investors by sending fake emails allegedly from Profit Hall‘s email account with some generous offers to invest. Please note that usually such programs never send you such messages and ask to deposit money directly to their LR or PM accounts, but rather do it only via the member's area on the site. Profit Hall is no exception, so just ignore such emails if you get them.

Benson Union keeps the news short and simple. Simply notifies its investors that referral section has been upgraded. From now on, the members of Benson Union will have an opportunity to see more information about their referrals, their deposit amount, their activity and earnings from them. Moreover, the pages showing referral statistics are going to be translated into 10 languages next week.

Seems very much like the interest of potential HYIP investors slightly turns from short-term, highly risky HYIPs to the low interest and hence less risky programs, with a certain lifetime and stable online performance for a while. Benson Union investment opportunity is a perfect example of such a HYIP, with decent interests and solid lifespan. The program us offering 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days plan with the original principal returned on expiry. By making useful changes to the script of his own, the admin of Benson Union tries to attract as much investors' attention as possible. Looks like this strategy may eventually become winning for the program.

OneInv makes the video presentation available. There on the main page of the website visitors may see this video. It tells about the company itself and its investment process in more detail. The new visitors of OneInv are highly recommended to watch this video to learn more about the program.

GlobalOilFund has issued the newsletter explaining the delays that occurred with adding the manual Payza deposits. As explained the reason was because on Sunday there were lots of new deposits and all of them were not processed on time physically, cause they are all added manually. Before adding a deposit, the admin does a series of checks and validations to make sure that the transaction is valid and that the information is complete. Some deposits cannot be added because information is not complete. The admin of GlobalOilFund reminds all investors to include the plan and username on the message / memo field of your Payza transaction. This will make processing your deposits faster.
At the same time there's a piece of good news as well: All deposits from this minute onward, via Solidtrustpay, shall be added to your deposit list of your chosen plan automatically after completing the transaction.

FXCMinvest is online for more than 3 weeks. These are the milestones of the program for this short period. Alexa Traffic Rank rating reached to 58,100. The number of fans on the Facebook page reached 1,200+. The FXCMinvest HYIP is being monitored by more than 50 monitors. As reported, not a single single complaint or scam report against FXCMinvest has been sent on forums or HYIP monitor websites. The withdrawak requests are processed within 1~8 hours after the request is made. Let us remind you that FXCMinvest is SSL secured by Thawte, Inc.

NewGNI announced the results of EURO 2012 contests. The first three big cash prize winners were already announced and they just need to contact Jurgen with the payment processor they want to be paid to.Winners of the runner up prizes in the form of t-shirts need to submit their shipping address where the prizes are to be delivered and also specify what type of t-shirt they prefer.

1st. Prize of $300 to investtips with 5 exact scores and 13 right outcomes
2nd. Prize of $200 to luifer with 5 exact scores and 12 right outcomes
3rd. Prize of $100 to kjphoops with 5 exact scores and 10 right outcomes
In addition we have five consolation prizes, as follows.
Here are the winners of one original Euro 2012 Football Shirt:
Cristyna, zone200, thinkpink, danrocks
The winner of our Euro Tango 12 Official Match European Championship Football is:

Good News. Bank 0f 7, Premium Season and Invest Concept are the three programs that managed to get back to paying status, fortunately to investors of these HYIPs. Speaking about Bank of 7 and their website it finally returned from scheduled maintenance and update as reported, unexpectedly for many HYIP investors. Congratulations both to admins and members!

Emoney. Payza explains why the support has not been available on Monday, July 2nd, 2012. The reason to that is the official holiday, Canada Day, which was celebrated on Monday. Please note that as of today Payza has resumed its normal schedule with no further disruptions. Here is the latest message about that on their official blog:

"Customer Support Center Closed Monday July 2nd
We'd like to let all our members know that the Payza Customer Support Center and Processing Center will be closed on Monday, July 2nd, 2012, due to the Canadian statutory holiday. You will not be able to reach us by phone until regular hours resume on Tuesday, July 3rd.
However, if you're having an issue, you may also submit a support ticket anytime, and our friendly Customer Support Advisors will be in contact with you. As always, our extensive FAQ section is continually growing and being updated, so if you browse around you can be sure to find all the helpful articles you may need.
Thank you,
The Payza Team".

SolidTrustPay is also a Canadian based payment processor and hence the support was also not available on Monday due to the Canada Day. However in this case, SolidTrustPay announced two days when their customer support would be closed for for tickets and extended their bank transfer times respectively.Unlike Payza, SolidTrustPay will be closed on the 4th of July too due to the Independence Day in the US. Here is the official blog message:

"Upcoming Holiday Hours
SolidTrust Pay would like to remind customers of our upcoming holiday hours.
STPay Customer Support will be closed on the following days to celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day:
July 2nd
July 4th
We remind patrons that these closures will impact transfer times for payments and would like to wish all of our celebrating customers happy holidays!"

Closures. Profiteer (38 days), Gainer Nest (41 days), SolidBank (28 days), Globo Treasure (238 days), Relax Invest (173 days), Phedge Fund (175 days), Express-Credit (121 days), Profits Co (27 days), Natural Cash (22 days), Cos Caves (21 days), Biz Booster (19 days), Star Earner (20 days), Smile Hyip (18 days), Cms Pool (18 days), Money Expanded (13 days), Safe Profit Inv (14 days), Giga Result (13 days), High Born Finance (23 days), Royal Income Eu (11 days), Payon Fund (11 days), Flitz Investments Group Inc (12 days), Eco Ladder (13 days), Loan Trusted (13 days), Safe Profit Inv (14 days), Dii Wealth (14 days), U Greater (14 days), Lovely Hyip (18 days), Dollars Inv (20 days), Earn Radio (20 days), JustBeenPaid (73 days), Nek Vendor (7 days), Ice Dollars (4 days).

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