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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 170 published by Eric Marriam on July 13, 2012

Dear readers! Welcome to the HYIP informational survey by HYIPNews.com, where you will always find the hottest news from the world of high yield investing, regular updates of the top programs on the arena. You will also become aware of the changes in the paying statuses of the programs, what the problems ones are and what have successfully recovered from the problems. The team of HYIPNews.com is working for you!

We are proud to be in use for the HYIP investors, who enjoy reading the regular informational surveys. Among all, we are giving the list of the new programs that appeared within the last three days, and the Top Choice section, showing the Top 5 programs of HYIPNews listing right below:

Top Choice. The Top Choice section offers the list of Top 5 HYIPs, currently listed in the HYIPNews listing. The list is changing often, still leaders remain. See more information below.

1. Benson Union
Listed: 177 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business day(s)

2. InvSmart

Listed: 45 days
Profit: 125-950% after 1-20 days
Term: up to 20 calendar day(s)

3. K2 Forex
Listed: 15 days
Profit: 1.42-3% daily
Term: up to 180 calendar day(s)

4. Pink Money
Listed: 11 days
Profit: 125-1000% after 1-5 days
Term: up to 47 calendar day(s)

5. Felmina
Listed: 368 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily!
Term: up to 180 business day(s)

So as you may see there are lots of the changes in the Top Choice section. Lots of "come-backs" and new facesThe Top choice today almost hasn't changed since last time. Still 4 programs are the same: Benson Union, InvSmart, K2 Forex, Pink Money. And we have one change, better say come-back to the Top Choice section, which is Felmina, currently taking the 5th place. Good luck to all Top programs and all investors!

Openings. The list of new programs that appeared within last 3 days is presented below. First part shows detailed presentation of the new HYIPs added to HYIPNews monitor. The second part of the section gives the rest programs.

Genius ROI 130-200% after 1-3 days 275-370% after 5-7 days 700-1500% after 15-30 days!
Expert Kapital
7% daily up to 22 calendar day(s)!
Income Hourly
103-110% after 1 hours!

RoiFinance CosProfits TechnoIncome ProfitableBank UltraCash Now-Paying 5StarInvest Mega-Profits Golden-Clix EarthInv DividendBusiness Super-Liberty MacProfits GoldtradeFunds 4fxt NanoIncome IncomeMatrix Fond-Sports Finance-Century Mega-Profits FX-Progress FX-Millionaire BigReturn Way2Dollars RicoUnion JohnFunds EcoInvestGroup Beta-Profit MallInvest BankProceeds JewelShine FundToForex HourlyKingdom O88fund Nasbin GoldAssetAlliance PerfectProfit GoldenStairway

So, dear readers! You see the list of the new programs is rather large as usual. Most of them are typical template-like HYIPs, which seem not to pretend working for long. Anyway time will show... the 3 programs above have been added to HYIPNews listing within the last 3 days. You can take a closer look at them. Whatever your choice is, please don't forget to make your own due diligence. HYIPNews.com is ready to assist you with any possible question.


Federa Fund Management - not paying

Surplus Reserve - not paying

Frontend Investment - not paying

Online Increment - not paying

Hedge Capital - not paying

Fresht Capital Management - not paying

As Pro Finance Inc - not paying

Loyal Return - not paying

Finance Yield - not paying

Naza Funds - not paying

Amanah - not paying

Spectrum Heights - not paying

The Offshore Inv - not paying

Entro Fund - not paying

Luxurious Finance - not paying

Hale Market - not paying

John Funds - not paying

Macprofits - not paying

Back to Problem programs. There are lots of them today, more than last Friday, and hence it makes the situation on the market more risky for potential investors. Any problematic status would unfortunately mean soon closure of the program. At least, this happens to the majority of programs. And those, which ultimately manage to get back to Paying status are going to be mentioned in the Good News section of the next informational survey. However, to tell the truth, absolute majority gets scammed after all. As for these ones above, you are recommended to stay alert and stay away from investing.

Events. The brand new investment program, ExpertKapital has posted the first newsletter after the 1st day online. First of all as reported within a few hours since the very launch of the web site, ExpertKapital had over 230 investors. The traffic to the corporate web site has overloaded the channel and as the result the hosting provider of ExpertKapital has offered the admin to upgrade the firewall on the .com server.

Another point is rising number of queries regarding the automatic investment/payout procedure. ExpertKapital is running a unique Hassle-Free Automated Payout System, that requires no registration or withdrawal requests. All payments are sent directly to customers' e-currency accounts strictly at a certain point of time on a daily basis.

The admin of KISnP tells about the Raffle Game, which has been introduced earlier. Everyone is able to participate in the game. The tickets are sold at $1, thus giving a chance to every participant to win $100 and $60 as prizes for the 2 winning tickets to be drawn after 200 tickets are sold. The details of the Raffle Game can be located inside the member area.

Another issue discussed in this newsletter refers to some pending payouts issue. This issue basically concerns STP investors, who might have not received the notification e-mail about receiving the money. The KISnP admin kindly reminds everyone, who used experience troubles with pending payouts to check e-currency accounts and verify the payment.

Another update refers to slow connection that causes some possible delays with approving the withdrawal requests. As explained by Zepp, he had been on a business meeting, where internet connection has not been good enough. So when it came to processing the batches of payout requests he failed.

Share Trade Income, a new site, working for a bit more than one week is sending the first newsletter to its members. As reported by Charlie Wellington, there is a problem with automatic adding deposits made through Payza. The trouble is on Payza side, cause currently Payza is experiencing troubles with their IPN, which affects the automatic deposit processing. As an alternative, Share Trade Income initiated manual processing of Payza deposits, however there raised a mess, because Payza added missing deposits too though at a later time, which led to penalizing some members for double crediting.

A very short news came from the admin of LuxuriousFinance saying that new investment plan has been added:


The addition of the new investment plan seems rather strange decision. It is supposed to pay 25% for 5 calendar days and with the minimum deposits starting from $100. The change is getting far stranger cause the site of LuxuriousFinance has been launched several days ago and this addition doesn't speak good for them at all. Besides the other plan, which was initially presented paying 22%-24% for 5 days makes no sense at all.

Silver Structure reports on reaching 21K members for 4 months of working online. Those who joined within the first month online. They are currently making 100% passive income. 80% of members have reinvested their principal investments.

Silver Structure reports on having over 10K positive forum posts and over 2K positive monitoring ratings. Since the time the previous newsletter was issued the membership of Silver Structure has more than doubled, as well as the trading balance, which is now more than $2 mln. By the end of 2012 Silver Structure hopes to reach the amount of $10 mln.

Another theme discussed in the newsletter is a thank to official representatives who have also setup local community pages for Silver Structure. It actually concerns the Facebook pages from India, Russia and Thailand. In this aspect It's worth mentioning that representative program of Silver Structure is now full. No more representatives are accepted until anyone is gone.

PermanentFund introduces new investment plan as said "...due to the fluctuation of the market and as a result of nonstop effort of our technical team...". All current investments remain valid though would not be longer available. The new investment plans offer the profit 8-10% in 15 working days.

FXCMinvest issues another newsletter celebrating the 6 weeks online. The achievements of the program are reported to be as follows: 700 members within 6 weeks with deposited amount greater than $100,000.00. Lots of OPEL plan (15 business day term) have matured, which made possible for the investors to secure 122.5% ROI. As reported many of current investors have successfully reinvested their profits. The RUBY plan (30 business day terms) is going to mature this week, which will give investors 160% ROI.

Seems that FXCMinvest is trying hard to become the most popular high yield investment program. They claim to improve their services continuously in order to become the #1 HYIP of the year.

Global Oil Fund is now experiencing troubles with processing deposits via Payza. Currently the admin is forced to process all Payza deposits manually, hence he reminds, in case a deposit is pending for more than 17 hours one should use the special form to report: https://www.globaloilfund.com/payza/use/deposit/form1.html

Naturally he is working hard to process every deposit as soon as possible within less than 17 hours, so filling out the form is not a requirement, still it's recommended if there are any troubles.The automatic deposit issue is now being fixed by the programmer.

The situation on monitoring sites has improved either. Any possible Problem statuses that might have been shown was the result of using different LR accounts for completing the payments. The automatic systems didn't see the payments from the original Global Oil Fund account and hence it led to giving the Problem status. Fortunately to admin and investors all misunderstandings have been resolved in the majority. Global Oil Fund is back and working.

New features have been implemented by PerfectROI admin. For the two weeks of it's lifespan, PerfectROI has been paying as scheduled without any complains received till now. So speaking about the improvements, PerfectROI has included the multilingual phone support. Individual phone operators have been dedicated for English speaking, Russian, Malaysian ans Panama investors. Here are the phone numbers to verify whether operators are available or not:

+441582805676 – UK Operator, John

+60327884679 – Malaysia Operator, Milaj

+74999187234 – Russia Operator, Andrei

+5078366084 – Panama Operator, Henry

Another add-on is inclusion of the Facebook plugin. Next week the promotional contests are going to be started on Facebook page. Good luck for all those willing to join!

Good News. Finance 7 Ltd and Major Alliance Invest are the only Good News for today. However, it's a partially good news anyway. The thing is that positive status has been resumed only on one listing site for Finance 7 Ltd , basically the only one where this HYIP is listed. As for the rest programs, the majority are now Closed, one remains Problem. So, to be sincere, we can hardly say there are lots of good news today. And still Finance 7 Ltd and Major Alliance Invest are currently marked as paying. Let's see for how long... :)

Emoney. SolidTrustPay has been experiencing serious troubles lately. As you might have noticed the website of SolidTrustPay was up and down, which naturally affected a lot of HYIPs using this e-currency. Investors were frustrated with the situation going on within last couple of weeks.

The administration of this popular e-currency processor is taking risk to lose interest towards their services, which obviously led to changing the server to a more powerful one. While making the transfer, there occurred some database issues, on BlackLotus' fault. Naturally the panic around the investors online raised extremely fast. Lots of accounts were lost along with the money on them. The SolidTrustPay support has been overloaded with multiple request and abuses.

No matter what happened, it's worth saying that SolidTrustPay administration is handling the issue in a professional way, currently having restored access to members' accounts and getting the site back to more or less stable work. Right after that the update from SolidTrustPay has been sent to the members:

"Hosting and Server Issues
** UPDATE – all services are now restored. Members are able to login freely with the exact same information as before.
SolidTrust continues to experience unexpected server downtime which is causing service disruptions. Our server company has completed a server move, but not all areas of the site are yet fully up and available.
This is exceptionally frustrating for all of us. We ask that you refrain from calling or ticketing as we are aware of all issues and need to focus on them to get your accounts perfect for you as soon as possible.
We will post all updates here as we have them. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth customer experience ASAP no matter what it takes."

Another interruption is planned for today July 13. Due to the telephone system to be undergoing some upgrade works, the phone support would be unavailable on Friday. Ticketing system is working well so if you want to contact SolidTrustPay today, forget the phone:

"Phone Service Interruption – July 13th 2012
In order to better serve you, we will be upgrading our current phone system. This upgrade will result in our phone system being offline on Friday, July 13th. We will resume normal phone support hours on Monday, July 16th.
We appreciate your patience and invite you to contact us via email or our Help Center during this time."

Closures. Racing Rate (75 days), Facinv (33 days), Rhodium Finance (21 days), Invest Merchant (24 days), Best Investment (18 days), Supper Earnings (17 days), Brain Finance (16 days), Poia Corp (16 days), Palm Garden (9 days), Trust Wealth (11 days), Uniq Dollar (10 days), Relax Commercial (9 days), Gold Resourse (18 days), Stable Forex (18 days), Tfy funds (9 days), Asteral Fund (3 days), Prism Forex (7 days), Global Fund7 (8 days), Freedom Earn (9 days), Orange-Finance (12 days), Union-Funds (14 days).

HYIP Blogs. What are the trading binary options? Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog goes back to the year 2008, willing to discuss this very risky , high yield and officially registered investment product. No matter what year it is now, one thing is for sure: you should always beware and stay alert far from cheap scams. If you Google the "trading options" you will see lots of suspicious offers from multiple websites, offering to risk your money on Binary Options.

The main thing that differs Binary Options broker from a regular scam is that these guys are recognised by the authorities. They stand as a fully legal and registered way to diversify your portfolio, unlike many HYIPs, our readers are currently involved into. So, are there legal HYIPs? Or is it just another side of a typical scam? See how it works and how much one can theoretically earn here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/07/12/binary-options-scams-and-the-legal-hyips/

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