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The admin of Expert Kapital thinks of the issue with Payza/EgoPay as something that cannot be enforced on each and every program. She promised to...

The admin of Expert Kapital thinks of the issue with Payza/EgoPay as something that cannot be enforced on each and every program. She promised to refund all Payza deposits in case Payza eventually stops working with Expert Kapital. Moreover she doesn't fully trust EgoPay, thus not willing to move to this new e-currency, initiated by the Payza authorities.

As an alternative she she promised to add SolidTrustPay very soon, thinking of STP as a better alternative to Payza regardless of them being down or not.

Now some good news from the admin of Expert Kapital. The program is growing, having 1500 active members as of now. The project is offering one unique investment plan 7% for 22 calendar days. The main peculiarity of Expert Kapital which pleased many investors is the removal of the unnecessary registration process. All payments are processed directly to the members’ e-currency accounts. Here’s the full newsletter from Expert Kapital:

"ExpertKapital – Payza Updates!
Hello ExpertKapital members,
Hope all of you are doing well. We have the reached 1500 active members milestone in a very short period of time, so our workload has increased in multitudes in just a few days.
Apart from that the recent issue on Payza has kept our HelpDesk and emails overflowing with requests and queries too. We would like to update each one of you with a very important message, so please read it carefully.
Firstly, we have not received any direct message from Payza about this issue. As of what we have heard from various sources, we know that Payza has never really been friendly towards the online investment industry although they indirectly have accepted transactions from investors and programs thus far and heavily dependent on this industry. It was almost as if upto 90% of Payza users are said to be from this industry but they continue to have negative vibes towards it. Perhaps that is how things are done there.
But, looking at it in a positive way, we hope that Payza will not put this rule to effect immediately on a large scale. Also, the suggestion of moving over to a vague payment processor like egopay does not look like a very wise thing to do either.
Some members strongly believe that Payza will take this new rule to effect on the 20th of July but we don’t really feel this would happen so soon. So we have decided to stick on with Payza (we are accepting manual Payza deposits, which is an advantage in this situation) until there is any further communication/action from Payza.
Should Payza stick to this rule and it comes to effect on the 20th July as mentioned, ExpertKapital will refund the deposits of Payza investors who request for it. We also will consider requests from members who choose to be paid in other e-currencies. But please do not ‘dump’ all your Payza funds in ExpertKapital! (lol!)
Another good news for all ExpertKapital members is that we will begin accepting STP investments starting next week. So, ExpertKapital members will have an additional payment option to consider even if Payza opts out of the industry.
So, let’s all stay positive and be cool about this Payza issue. There is no need to panic and we will do our very best to make sure this situation is handled well.
That is all we have to say about Payza and more about it on the 21st July (should anything happen)!
Best Regards, Julie Ballin
ExpertKapital Administration".

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