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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 171 published by Charles Morris on August 03, 2012

Dear readers! It's Friday and we are happy to announce the release of our HYIP Informational Survey. Within recent 2 weeks our editorial team has been on vacation hence we were not publishing the HYIP Informational survey on regular basis. Starting from today we are resuming the publication. As usually, we are trying to cover all latest news from the world of HYIP in our survey. We are doing our best to update you on the latest events of high yield investment programs.We are starting the survey with the Top Choice section, offered at your attention right below.

Top Choice. Here are the TOP 5 programs of our listing. They are various, their lifetime differs, though due to these or those reasons they are on Top and hence worth being mentioned in the HYIP informational survey.

1. Benson Union
Listed: 198 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business day(s)

2. Lite Asset

Listed: 32 days
Profit: 125-850% after 1-20 days!!
Term: up to 20 calendar day(s)

3. SpaceInv
Listed: 24 days
Profit: 130-590% after 1-15 days
Term: up to 15 calendar day(s)

4. Australian Business Group

Listed: 0 days

Profit: 1-2.2% daily!
Term: up to 80 calendar day(s)

5. Felmina
Listed: 389 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily
Term: up to 180 calendar day(s)

So as you may see there are lots of the changes in the Top Choice section. Lots of new faces particularly. First of all, it's worth saying that such a HYIP long-timer as Felmina has returned to the Top Choice section of our listing. There is also one newcomer Australian Business Group, promoted on HYIPNews.com. Naturally... Benson Union is TOP #1... still! Congratulations to all admins and numerous investors of these HYIPs.

Openings. The list below gives the general impression of the Openings of the weekend. The programs added to HYIPNews.com listing are given with the detailed description along with any others that seem to be original at first sight. And as usually next there goes a list of ordinary links for the new HYIPs, launched within the weekend.

We Earn You Earn 110-140% after 1-3 days 180-450% after 5-10 days!
MoneyGator 8-8.75% hourly for 13 hours 116-506% after 1-7 day 32-42% daily for 4 days!
World Finance 5% daily for 40 days 105% after 12 hours
Switch 2 Profit 25% daily for 5 days 16% daily for 10 days!
KISnP 1.1% daily 5% weekly 25% monthly!
Multiple Gain 2-2.5% daily up to 100 calendar days!
Focus Gain 56-65% daily for 2 days 145-240% after 2-5 days 460-1000% after 10-20 days!
Amila Trade 129-189% after 1-3 days 329-589% after 7-15 days!
Yacht Wealth Club 3-3,5% daily for 7 days 4-5% daily for 10 days!

Australian Business Group 1-2.2% daily up to 80 calendar days!

World Capital Inc. 130-380% after 1-7 days!

Perfect Liberty 104-130% after 1 day!

World-Capital Max-Profit Hourly Gold bank Inv 1stroyal Income Sure SuperPayCash SolidCapital ProfitShare2U OlympicReturns Alpha-Dollar TopCapitalCorp InvestmentNatural FatHoldings Billionfunds Yougiveitake Mtresults IgiveYoutake Private Gold Empire Forex Union EgoInvest ArabDollar Invtimes Profit-Plaza CrystalProfits GalaxyInvest FFinv FructusFund HourlyPivotal AsiaBsl OkayInvest Mortgagecenter Top4Business Remwealth RoyalMaxDealers Daily7fund EMS-Commerce Stability-Finance Enternity Shares 20DaysEarnings CaptainMarketing TradePrimex Pro-Financial In-Profit Talkdiamond Pure Earning Boiliworld Minclub InvestRewards HotEarning EPS Funds YaltaMaker GreenFinLine GreatDeposit

Lots of programs this time. This weekend and the previous week was rich in openings. As always, mostly there are programs, which look not reputable enough, template-like created, fast scams possibly (just a theory). And still we have some winners, the openings, which joined the HYIPNews listing. Today we have 12 new sites on Top of the openings section. Remember, every time you take your investment decision, you can get in touch with us, if you need any help or assistance, regarding any choice that you may find suspicious or disputable. We'll be glad to to assist. Good luck with your investment business!


Infinite-Fund - not paying

Golden Returns - not paying

Vetori - not paying

ManyHyip - not paying

Money Grader - not paying

Cost Control Invest - not paying

Genius Autopay - not paying

Safe FX Finance - not paying

Sila Program - not paying

Investment Natural - not paying

EPS Funds - not paying

Green FinLine - not paying

Back to Problem programs. There are lots of them today, as usually, which makes the situation on the market more risky for potential investors. Any problematic status would unfortunately mean soon closure for the majority of the programs. And those, which ultimately manage to get back to Paying status are going to be mentioned in the Good News section of the next informational survey. However, to tell the truth, absolute majority gets scammed after all. As for these ones above, you are recommended to stay alert and stay away from investing.

Events. JustBeenPaid (JSS Tripler) has earlier promised to restart the program in a while. Finally, the 'Restart' has taken place on the last day of July 2012. The restart has been completed after a percentage of tripler positions have been converted into matrix positions and a ‘Cashback' for the converted Tripler positions has been credited. Unfortunately the restart at JSS Tripler has been quite harsh on the JSS members.

Previously, the JustBeenPaid moderators promised to make the percentage of conversions of Tripler positions to Matrix around 50%. Though it was not actually the case after the restart, when it turned out that the percentage of converted Tripler positions to Matrix positions has been higher than previously announced and varies from 60% to 76%. Higher percentage of Tripler positions reduces the Matrix positions, which naturally caused large disappointment of many JustBeenPaid members.

It's worth mentioning that all accounts are affected with the restart process, even the smallest ones despite the fact it has been promised that no small accounts are supposed to be affected much. Another concern is that withdrawals are not normalized yet as well. So far the restart seems to be not successful enough. There are lots of problems, which need to be solved by now. All we have to do is to wait for the problem to be solved.

The Benson Union investment project has officially announced the end of the long running bankwire promotion. Let me remind you - it used to offer 10% bonus on all bank wire deposits to members joining the investment plan offering 1.2%-2.45% for 170 business days. The principal on this plan is supposed to be paid back on expiry as well.

After the recent issues with Payza, the admin of Benson Union, Ragnar didn't recommend to switch to EgoPay though. Instead all members were allowed to withdraw money to Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money. basically these two are now the only two e-payment processors accepted at Benson Union.

As for the bank wire transactions they are also allowed, moreover direct bank transfer seems to be the most preferable deposit option for the Benson Union investors.

Rprofits informs that minimum amount to deposit is going ot be increased soon up to $10.

Lots of Rprofits investors receive numerous spam e-mails, requesting to send direct transactions to accounts of Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. Due to that the admin of the project warns against any steps taken responding these e-mails. Rprofits never sends out such e-mails. Besides, Rprofits claims not to request for the passwords or protection codes ever. Making deposit is possible entering the "Make Deposit" on the site.

Due to numerous requests of the members the option to make deposits via EgoPay is going to be added very soon. The funds from Payza account can be transferred to this new e-currency payment system.

Due to the national Canadian holiday, Civic Holiday Absolutiva didn't make the profit calculations on August 1. The latest update from Absolutiva reports of improving the support system, with ticket-tracking abilities. Absolutiva latest newsletter says about establishing partnership relations with "Echotronix Entreprises", which is supposed to provide additional Paypal accounts to Absolutiva, which is rather rare for HYIPs. If they actually manage to deal with PayPal it will make the project one of potential leaders of the industry.

Moneyfactor is grateful for investors trust and informs of adding new payment systems to the list of accepted ones. From now one, investors may take advantage of making deposits via SolidTrustPay.

Yachtwealthclub is ready to take deposits in EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. The addition of new payment and deposit options has become a clear response to numerous questions concerning the project's stability. The admin is saying many projects are getting closed within a day or two after the launch. The Yachtwealthclub is still on the run and growing. Another nice feature added is the option to join the project via Facebook.

KISnP enhances its referral program. From now on everyone has the chance of getting up to 10% referral commission for every deposit made of your referred member to KISnP plus to existing 5%.

Felmina is one of the Top HYIPs listed with HYIPNews.com, working for more than a year and paying withdrawals fast, without any troubles. The daily interest is comparatively small, just 1.1% daily, still it makes the risk of depositing funds to this long-term and proven HYIP smaller.

The latest update from Felmina announces opening the live ‘Q and A' conference, where any willing may ask questions by phone twice weekly every Tuesday and Thursday.

DonaldsGroup announced the addition of a fourth payment processor today – EgoPay. Now you can invest in the program using all four popular payment processors including SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney too.

In the latest newsletter from Finvance the admin promises to enable EgoPay deposits within the next 48 hours. Apart from that SolidTrustPay is also about to be added right after they get the verification, which is now delayed due to sowem technical reasons STP had experienced earlier.

The site of Ivecon is now available on 7 languages after adding Chinese and Indonesian. Currently the website of Ivecon can be read in English, Spanish, German, Russian, French and two newly added Chinese and Indonesian. The web pages have been localized by professional interpreters, which is worth attention.

Good News. Since there was no HYIP Informational Survey published for a while, obviously, many programs which have been seen as problems last time are now closed. However there are still some, that are still working, meaning resumed their paying status. These are as follows: Federa Fund Management, Online Increment, Fresht Capital Management and Entro Fund. We could hardly hope any program would recover and remain paying after such a long break. Nevertheless, we have some winners and they are mentioned above. Congratulations to investors and admins of these HYIPs. Keep up good work!

Emoney. SolidTrustPay has posted the important update on the official blog. The update concerns the work of the customer support service working hours next Monday due to a bank holiday in Canada where SolidTrustPay are located. Any contact will be impossible. Starting from Tuesday, normal working hours of the customer support service will be resumed. Please take a look at the news below:

"Civic Holiday – August 6th, 2012

Please note that our Customer Support department will be closed on August 6th, 2012, for the Canadian civic holiday.

Regular service will resume on Tuesday, August 7th at 8:30am.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued patronage and wish happy holidays to those celebrating this long weekend!"

And now there is also some good piece of news for the US members of SolidTrustPay. Many of US customers could notice serious delays that happened recently with the ACH transfers. Good to know these delays have been resolved. A short update regarding that has also been posted inside the members area of SolidTrustPay account:

"New USA ACH Option

ACH delay is finally over.

It will take a few days to catch up and and thx so much for your patience".

Obviously it looks that all the pending ACH requests will be cleared within the next few days, which in its turn means that STP is ultimately getting open for the US customers.

Closures. Royalty7 (246 days), Silver Structure (148 days), Invest Foria LTD (68 days), InvSmart (66 days), Metal ROI (58 days), Successful Dreams (48 days), SolidEarn (43 days), Maxi Wallet (40 days), Pink Money (32 days), USFXBank (29 days), Expert Kapital (22 days), Finance Resource (21 days), Europe invest (17 days), Premier Empire (15 days), Harvest Abundant (14 days), FxS Trading (11 days), Frontend Investment (88 days), JanInvest (18 days), Cashrite Inv (14 days), True Hourly (17 days), FX Investment Co (10 days), Wealth Gain (12 days), Deposit Resourse (12 days), Webs Finance (9 days), Safe Profit Depositary (10 days), King Inv (9 days), Basic Alliance (11 days), Perfect Paid Co (12 days), Advertising-Online (14 days), Blue Interest (15 days), Special Roi (16 days), High Profit Day (19 days), Finance-Resource (22 days), Infinite-Fund (27 days), LRINV (31 days), NBC Venture Fund (32 days), Invest Fobia (43 days), Forex Key (46 days).

HYIP Blogs. Is it actually possible to recover the lost funds from HYIPs? The question, asked by thousands of HYIP investors, who've bee scammed at least once. So is there any chance for getting your hard earned money back, if a HYIP is scammed. Well, most often - not! The answer is clear and basically it has to do with the specific character of e-currencies, HYIP admins like to operate through. Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay - none of these e-currencies support disputable transactions, which means that no dispute can be raised if the transaction is completed. The Hyipingmoney.org web resource has posted an article, where this issue is revealed in more or less detailed way. Take a closer look here below, please: http://hyipingmoney.org/how-to-recover-lost-money-from-scam-hyips-a-common-question-explored/

Frank, the admin of Private HYIP Blog has issued another list of top 10 risky businesses for high passive income online for the current month, August 2012. Not just HYIPs, all important stuff and Money-Sharing-Programs that can make a member some good fortune and naturally lead to a great loss. Who knows... What ever it is, the Top 10 list includes some of Frank's personal investment choice, which is highly important, cause frank himself is a reputable HYIP expert. See the complete article, giving apart from the list itself some important stuff on the things going on the market right away: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/08/02/top-10-risky-businesses-for-high-passive-income-online-august-2012/

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