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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 172 published by Joe Wong on August 07, 2012

Dear readers! Welcome to the HYIP informational survey by HYIPNews.com, where you will always find the hottest news from the world of high yield investing, regular updates of the top programs on the arena. You will also become aware of the changes in the paying statuses of the programs, what the problems ones are and what have successfully recovered from the problems.

The team of HYIPNews.com is working for you! We are proud to be in use for the HYIP investors, who enjoy reading the regular informational surveys. Among all, we are giving the list of the new programs that appeared within the last three days, and the list of the Top Choice programs of our listing, which is starting right below:

Top Choice. The Top Choice section offers the list of Top 5 HYIPs, currently listed in the HYIPNews listing. The list is changing often, still leaders remain. See more information below.

1. Benson Union
Listed: 202 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business day(s)

2. Lite Asset

Listed: 36 days
Profit: 125-850% after 1-20 days!!
Term: up to 20 calendar day(s)

3. Australian Business Group

Listed: 4 days

Profit: 1-2.2% daily!
Term: up to 80 calendar day(s)

4. Felmina
Listed: 389 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily
Term: up to 180 calendar day(s)

5. Eurex Trade
Listed: 521 days
Profit: 1.2-2.9% daily!
Term: for lifetime

The Top Choice section today is a bit different from the one last Friday. There are some things in common: the TOP 1 place, still taken by Benson Union. Felmina, Australian Business Group and Lite Asset are present in the Top Choice section as well. There is one addition compared to last Friday. Eurex Trade, which is one of the most longtime programs in the listing of ours and on the market as a whole is taking the Top 5 position in our listing. Congratulations and good luck to all admins and investors!

Openings. The list below is showing new opportunities. The new programs, which went offline within the last 4 days. As usually we outline the programs added to the HYIPNews listing on top of the list with the detailed presentation. The normal list is giving links to programs, which are the new ones and not listed with HYIPNews.com! Take a look and who knows, perhaps you will consider adding any of the new HYIPs to your investment portfolio.

Capital Boss 1-2.25% daily up to 365 calendar days!
Fructus Fund 8.5-10% daily up to 20 calendar days!
Cis Profit 5.5-8% daily up to 25 business days!

DreamInvest SolidCapital InflexCapitalReturns WorldPropertyGains AlphaDollar RefGain FreshReturn SureFunds Xenoq MoneyTrend GoldPrime 330Daily WorldBubbleGame AutoLike SpotSilver DailyProfitAds RavenTradingCompany Infinity4Profit HotnCash InvInternet Dollar-Rain All-World-Dollars Witlines MiracleEarnings VexaMoney StrongWallet SmartCashInv ProfitForever OnlineClubInv EcolifeInvestment AlphaProfitShare 3x40Invest PrimeROI FastFlowBot SuccessVolume worldBusiness Profit4Saving BatoGlobal Alert2Pay CarryGrid DeltaEarn Gainum MoneyTradeFX NativerForex DailyProfitsAlways 25DollarBank RealtInvest Easy-Income SportInvest Eurobankir Point-Profit

Ok then, there are 3 programs with the detailed description. These ones have been added to HYIPNews listing and frankly, are potentially having long-term investment plans. The rest of the list is the pack of typical template-like HYIPs, typical "fasts", which would possibly stay not more than a month or even less. First of all, we recommend you to take a closer look at the programs in the first section of the Openings section, the ones with the detailed description. Whatever your choice is, please don't forget to make your own due diligence. HYIPNews.com is ready to assist you with any possible question. And now we are proceeding to the Problems section. Good luck with your investment choice.


Perfect ROI - not paying

World Capital - not paying

Edward Trade - not paying

The Investment Bank - not paying

Investment Capital Limited UK - not paying

Proper Business - not paying

Offshore Gain - not paying

Entro Fund - not paying

Richer Progress - not paying

Onis Business - not paying

Yalta Maker - not paying

Hot Earning - not paying

So, dear readers! Today's list of Problem programs is fortunately to many investors is not that large. Well there are some that are not mentioned, that remained problem since last time, such as Safe FX Finance and Investment Natural. And naturally there are some new additions to the Problem section. We are sorry to acknowledge that not a single release of our informational survey can live without this section. Naturally we wish there were no Problems at all, however it's impossible in the world of HYIP. We wish all investors of the problem programs luck. And for the new ones it is recommended to stay away from investing to the programs mentioned above.

Events. NewGNI - one of the Top HYIPs currently online, which offers two investment plans, one paying 1% daily and another one paying 6% weekly with no expiry date accepted till recently LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay as payment processors. Starting from now NewGNI added PexPay as the fourth payment processor. Within the latest newsletter, the admin of NewGNI, Jurgen, has outlined the basic advantages, PexPay has compared to other payment processors.

Another news from NewGNI admin is about changing the hosting provider. As reported, after several months of trouble-making services provided by Dragonara, NewGNI has finally moved to the new hosting provider, BlockDos. The reason for moving to this new provider as reported is that BlockDos is one of the industry leaders in hosting and DDoS protection and hence Jurgen expects higher support level than anticipated before at Dragonara. The hosting provider change, which is already ready to be completed, may cause service interruptions, which in its turn may lead to the temporal site downtime.

The final piece of newsletter from NewGNI announces the winners of the July 2012 Sweepstakes contest. Three luck winners got $50 cash each. The names of the winners are disclosed in the newsletter. The August contest will be announced later on.

Benson Union informs about upcoming webinar on Monday, 10.00 EST, where everyone will be able to ask questions to Ragnar Wellington, the CEO of Benson Union. Any participant of the webinar will be able to see Mr. Wellington face to face. Mr. Wellington will answer all questions in real-time mode. The conference will last 2 hours till 12.00. The link to conference room will be given in next newsletter on Friday.

On August 8, 2012 FXCMinvest celebrated 2 months online anniversary. On that occasion, the management of the investment project has launched a poll for for the selection of bonus or gift for members, offering to vote for the option, which you want for yourself and for others.

FXCMinvest has also initiated using the payment processor, EgoPay, as the one recommended by Payza. The newsletter from FXCMinvest even reminds the members to open the account with EgoPay, not forgetting about adding the information about the newly created account in the member's profile.

AProfit has put some exceptions for instant withdrawals. As reported there are four conditions, when instant withdrawals cannot be processed. It's worth saying that all four conditions make sense and are acceptable. Here goes the quotation from the AProfit newsletter:

"...We think the following reasons may cause your withdraw pending.

1. Your E-currency account number is not filled correctly.

2. The E-currency website does not work.

3. The API system of E-currency does not work.

4. Unknown system errors..."

InflexCapital is one month online. This first milestone has been marked with several new improvements added to the site of InflexCapital.

The LiveChat button has been added, which opens an opportunity to have a live talk to one of support staff of the project. Besides, new Support Ticket System has been added. SolidTrustPay has been added. The improvements may not seem rather substantial, however as reported by the admin "...any improvement at all is great and that fits well with our ideal, which is to grow slow, and to grow strong..."

Another improvements is yet to come. The Sign In button will be moved to some more visible place.

One more thing worth mentioning is that all first deposits are about to expire and on that occasion, new incentive has been implemented for loyal investors. 5% fee is added to investors account when choosing to reinvest.

DonaldsGroup had some payment issue. The thing is that on Monday there were no interests credited to investors' accounts. The project is positioning itself as paying 5 days a week. So as a compensation for one day loss, due to some technical reasons, the admin notified its members that this week interests will be credited 5 days a week (from Tuesday to Saturday which is still five times per week). This is rather awkward and fortunately, there is an explanation of the issue from the developer, promising no issue like that will happen in the future. Take a look below:

"Issue Fixed

Hello again,

Sorry for mailing twice in one day, but let me explain the issue we had.

So earnings never credit on Monday. Here is the explanation from our developer: You get earnings AFTER 24 hours. So if you invested on Sunday, which is weekend, you are not supposed to get earnings on Monday. Instead, you will get your Monday's earnings on Tuesday and get Friday's earnings on Saturday.

I hope this clears things up, I will edit the FAQ page to explain this better.

Thanks, Frank


Absolutiva enables the "Add Funds" feature. This feature allows adding funds to existing deposits on members accounts. There is now no need to launch new deposit. In case anyone is willing to add more money, "Add Funds" feature is just for this purpose. Moreover, adding more and more funds, this new feature will let investors reach next investment plans faster.

SL-Financial adds STP online banking option for the purpose of simplifying the deposit procedure.

Moneygator is another HYIP, taking advantage of adding EgoPay to the list of accepted payment processors. As reported it is possible to transfer the funds from Payza account to EgoPay instantly right after creating the account in EgoPay system. The deposits in EgoPay are processed instantly.

Good News. EPS Funds is the only Good News for today. However, it's a partially good news anyway. The thing is that positive status has not bee resumed on every catalog. Some are still showing EPS Funds as Problem or not paying. So, to be sincere, we can hardly say there's any piece of good news today. And as for EPS Funds, we still recommend you to beware and watch it for a while before taking a decision either to invest or not.

Emoney. PexPay is an alternative payment processor, which is now working in an aggressive manner to strengthen its positions on the HYIP market compared to the leading payment processors, widely used by the HYIP admins,Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and SolidTrustPay.

PexPay in its turn is a brand new payment processor and can become a solid alternative to SolidTrustPay for it also required verification from members. The PexPay processor is entirely registered in the US, hence requiring verification is an extra security layer for better funds protection.

So far it's not rather popular among HYIP investors and HYIP admins, however the management is trying hard to become a leader in this niche. NewGNI, which is one of the leading HYIP opportunities online has already added PexPay as the payment option, which can give a big spur to adding it by more and more merchants online.

With the purpose of attracting investors and admins attention, the management of PexPay has recently reduced the transaction fees, and notified its customers in the newsletter given below:

"Fee Update

Hello PexPay Customer,

We have exciting news! We have lowered our per transaction fee from $0.39 to $0.24. It doesn't seem like much, but it will equate to big savings for you in the long run. This change was due directly to customer feedback. We thank you for your continued support of PexPay and look forward to serving your next payment needs.

Thank you, PexPay".

Well, obviously, PexPay payment processor is currently growing and developing. Very much likely it will take its own niche in the HYIP industry, although right now it simply can't compete with such monsters as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and SolidTrustPay.

EgoPay, the new payment processor, initiated by Payza is getting more and more popular among the HYIP admins. Recently we've received some news updates from several HYIP sites, saying they are implementing EgoPay as the payment option on their websites.

So, the latest update from Ivecon HYIP says that EgoPay has become a replacement for Payza for making investment related payments. Moreover, EgoPay can be funded instantly and directly from Payza.

Another HYIP We Earn U Earn has also notified its members about adding EgoPay as payment processor. Along with that minimum for withdrawal has been reduced, now making $1.

Closures. Infinite-Fund (32 days), Golden Returns (15 days), Vetori (37 days), ManyHyip (35 days), Money Grader (36 days), Cost Control Invest (34 days), Genius Autopay (18 days), Sila Program (14 days), Green FinLine (7 days), DollarPlaza (13 days), Asia Global Bank (7 days), Yep Partner (13 days).

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