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The project we are going to review today is called Yacht Wealth Club. This new HYIP offers to earn up to 20% weekly and 40% within 10 days

The project we are going to review today is called Yacht Wealth Club. This new HYIP offers to earn up to 20% weekly and 40% within 10 days. Not a bad income source. Let's try to consider, if it can be trusted or at least can it be added to the investment portfolio of a reasonable investor.

First Impression

The project itself was launched on July 18, 2012. However it was added to the HYIPNews listing 11 days ago. The first thing, which is worth mentioning, is a fresh and nice looking design of the website. It doesn't look like the majority of HYIPs, which speaks for the team of Yacht Wealth Club. On some aspects we can even call the design unique and very easy to navigate.

The main page of the site is highly informative. As i have already mentioned, navigating the site of Yacht Wealth Club is piece of cake. Everything is clear and pure. The main menu is located on Top of the page. Left column of the site shows the list of benefits, the project has, so one may immediately find out about SSL and DDoS protection immediately after entering the main page. This option adds more points to ergonomic ratio of the website reviewed.

Apart from the Benefits list, below, there's the statistics section, which gives overall information about the number of days running, visitors and members online.

All in all, the first impression from looking at the main page of the Yacht Wealth Club is highly positive. I feel like discovering some potentially good HYIP that may work on and on if things go well, of course.

Investment Plans, Referral Program

As i have already mentioned at the beginning of the review Yacht Wealth Club offers to earn up to 20% weekly and 40% within 10 days. Let's get into details and talk more about the investment plans offered. So, there are 2 investment portfolios, both available for "small" and "average" investors.

CARIBBEAN. Total duration is 7 days, daily interest rate is 3-3.5%. Minimum to invest is $10. Maximum is $5000 accordingly. The principal is paid back upon the maturity. After making some calculations we can say that actually within 7 days we get +21% pure profit. Not bad at all!

MEDITERRANEAN. Minimum to start here is $50 with the total duration of 10 days. Daily interest rate is 4%. And the principal is paid back upon the maturity. Let's do some math: one gets 140% ROI at the term expiry. Good profit within a short term.

The referral program has certain restrictions. In this aspect it should be said that only active members (investors) may participate in the referral program of Yacht Wealth Club. Moreover, the referral bonus is not large at all. The project pays active referrer 2.5% on every new deposit made by the referral. And one more important thing is that referral bonus is not paid directly to member's e-currency account. It is added to the available balance, which can be withdrawn later on.

How to Invest and Withdraw Profit?

There's nothing new in this section to our readers. Typical registration procedure gives an opportunity to make investment from member's account, using typical e-currencies such as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and recently EgoPay was added as a replacement of Payza.

Apart from depositing via e-currencies, there is an option to make deposits via BankWire. Normally, depositing via BankWire requires prior contact the Financial Department or Live Support in order to make a request and get the instructions on how to make a deposit.

Withdrawals payments are processed manually. Initially the profit is calculated to the member's account. A big pleasant surprise is to know that profit is paid 7(!) days a week, unlike the majority of HYIPs offer 5-days per week payment schedule. This fact speaks for the Yacht Wealth Club investment opportunity. Getting back to withdrawals, after placing the request, it is normally approved within 24 hours (this is is maximum deadline, normally it happens much sooner).

Content and legend

Starting from the domain name and ending with the design the main theme is easily guessed. It's the yacht business. And naturally it has been taken as the main concept of the entire legend for the project. The idea is unique by the way. I personally can hardly think of any other HYIP, running the site with such a legend. Adding more points to the entire image of the project.

Customer Care and Support

The support is more than usual. Nothing extraordinary in this aspect. A person interested may contact the support via the contact form, multilanguage LiveChat (supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian). There is also a telephone number on the main page: (+356 3550 0771 (Malta), however i tried to call it, all in vain. Maybe you will be lucky!

Technical Side

The Yacht Wealth Club is well equipped from the technical point of view. However, first of all, unfortunately, i should mention that the site is not operated on a dedicated server, instead it is using shared hosting from Koddos. As of the WHOIS Data, the domain expires in 2014. The site is also DDoS protected. DDoS protection is enabled and provided by Koddos as well. SSL encryption is provided by Comodo. Yacht Wealth Club owns Positive SSL certificate. The script of the website is licensed by Gold Coders.


The Yacht Wealth Club project is offering good investment terms. The income rate is rather high and to be sincere everyone, especially the admin should realize that the project can last for long only if there's a constant funds inflow to the project. In case of any serious interruption, serious damage may be caused to the project's vitality. That is why, despite all visible attraction of the Yacht Wealth Club investment project, i simply can't take the responsibility of making some more or less serious conclusions or recommendations. Let me leave this to you, dear readers!

One thing is for sure, anyway, this one stands out of the entire mass of "fast" HYIPs and can potentially be a good and which is more important long-term passive income source. Still, the choice is always yours! Make your estimations and due diligence is highly recommended as always.

By Harold Moore,

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