Updated: 08/09/2012 10:27
Hyip Monitor

Finvance is a HYIP program monitored on HYIPNews for 23 days. The HYIP is offering one investment plan, paying 8% daily for 28 days. Very soon the first cycle is about to be completed. Close to the end of the cycle some new additions have been made to the project.

The thing is that initially Finvance was accepting only Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. Starting from August 7, SolidTrustPay payment processor was added for deposit. And now the latest news announce addition of EgoPay as the fourth payment processor accepted for making deposits. The columns for both SolidTrustPay and EgoPay deposits is shown in the members' account panels. So far all EgoPay deposits are going to be processed manually. See the latest newsletter for the detailed instructions on how to make deposit via EgoPay:

"Yesterday we began accepting SolidTrustPay ahead of schedule. Today, we are now announcing the accepting of Egopay deposits. You will see a column for all Egopay deposits in your account panels. Temporarily, we will be manually crediting Egopay deposits. To deposit via Egopay, login to your account and send your deposit to this email address:
As the note to the transaction, include your username and we will credit your account. "

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