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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 173 published by Brett Sherpan on August 10, 2012

Dear investors and readers! It has already become a good tradition twice a week to present you with the regular HYIP informational survey, covering the latest news on the HYIP market. Along with presenting the new HYIP opportunities and giving the outlook of Problem programs, the team of HYIPNews.com is pleased to deliver the latest events to the opt-in mailing list of our subscribers, all of which have agreed to receive updates and mailings from HYIPNews.com. All hot information about the HYIP programs online, any hot blog update is at your attention. The Top Choice section start the regular HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com:

Top Choice. Here we are presenting the The Top Choice section at your attention. 5 TOP programs, listed on HYIPNews monitor are listed below.

1. Benson Union
Listed: 205 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business day(s)

2. Lite Asset

Listed: 39 days
Profit: 125-850% after 1-20 days!!
Term: up to 20 calendar day(s)

3. Entrofund
Listed: 35 days
Profit: 127-970% after 1-30 days!
Term: up to 30 calendar day(s)

4. Perfect Liberty

Listed: 7 days
Profit: 130-800% after 1-15 days! 8-14% hourly for 13-14 hours!

Term: up to 33 calendar day(s)

5. We Earn You Earn
Listed: 7 days
Profit: 110-450% after 1-10 days
Term: up to 47 calendar day(s)

The Top Choice section has changed a lot. The Top one is still Benson Union. As for the rest the Top Choice section today differs from the one this Tuesday completely. The only thing that is in common is the TOP 1 place. As for the rest - these are lots of new faces, which are promoted: Entrofund, We Earn You Earn and Perfect Liberty which have been on Top for a while. How long will they stand there - well... so far they are here and we congratulate the admin of these HYIPs on getting so high in the HYIPNews listing.

Openings. The Openings section starts as usually with the programs newly added to the HYIPNews.com listing. And the second part of the section lists HYIPs that appeared online for the period since this Tuesday till today!

AVO Inc 3% daily up to 90 business days!
7-9% daily up to 20 business day!
Strong Wallet
130-370% after 1-7 days!
West Finance Group
1.3-2.4% daily up to 365 calendar days!
Zeedo Earn
125-1250% after 1-15 days!
Tradex Expert
130-1000% after 1-16 days!

RoiBooster Income-Play-Income AwesomeInterest WealthFiesta Profit-Pay BBCProfit AlphavBiz WaxMoney HotCoins GoldLeonKing 24x2 250-pays LongPlayMoney Asset-Profit RoyalSunrise Buoyantmoney WorldPropertyGains LebaInvest IncoSuccess Forex-Profit-Zone ComboProfit UniverseStones US-Financial 60minutefx ResourceEndless FreshEarning PayRipe GrenageTrust FastCashMega PunInvest ProInvesting KFCTrade TrillionMarkets CosmosOilTrade FinancaLab Play-Income Assured-Income NorthFunds Finance-Empower CountuProfit OilTradeJSC Main-Invest WorldEarnProfit Funds-Invested DailyNetIncome InspireIncome

The Openings section is numerous as always, actually. The first part includes 6 new programs. They were added to the HYIPNews monitor. Good luck to the admins! As for the rest, there certainly may be several programs worth investors' attention. One thing is recommended in any case. Before joining a HYIP, remember, due diligence is a must to do! Make your investment choice thoroughly and wisely, dear investors!


Lucrative Mart - not paying
Oil Forex Profits Co - not paying
Income Matrix - not paying
Koo Fund - not paying
Pick Profit - not paying
Raven Trading Company - not paying
Billion Funds - not paying
Fat Holdings - not paying
Countu Profit - not paying

The Problem section above is not that numerous. Despite the fact many programs mentioned as Problem in the previous release of the informational survey, recovered (talk more about this in the Good News section), there are always the newcomers. The programs are various, though mostly these are some new ones, the ones, which have been online for some days. There is one thing that unites them all... each of the programs given above are currently experiencing problems: whether site accessibility issues or paying problems, or lack of response... anything that may relate a HYIP as Problem means this or that problem is added to the Problem section.

Events. Celebrating the 40 days online anniversary, the management of K2 Forex has announced the deposit bonus campaign. So, starting from now K2 Forex is pleased to announce adding 10% instant bonus to all new deposits completed within the next 3 weeks. As reported by the admin in the latest newsletter, another reason for enabling the 10% bonus apart from the 40 days online anniversary is observing enormous growth and hence willing to share some part of it with the members.

More good news in the latest newsletter for the fans of SolidTrustPay and newly launched EgoPay. The thing is that as it has been announced these two payment processors are planned to be added for acceptance by K2 Forex. Let me remind you - currently the project is only working with Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. We may assume that adding new payment options will add more attraction towards the K2 Forex investment program from the potential investors worldwide.

The first official newsletter from MoneyGator has been issued. First of all the admin is grateful to all investors and members of the project for the trust and reports about the successful launch of the MoneyGator website. The admin is happy to announce that within 6 days online over 2200 individuals from different parts of the world have joined the MoneyGator project. So as reported the launch phase of the project can be considered impressive enough.

FXCMinvest has sent the newsletter to the clients, informing that the poll initiated before, the one we informed about earlier in the news line has been closed today on August 8, 2012. The main purpose of the poll was to discover what would be the best gift for all FXCMinvest members on the occasion of the anniversary. As it turns out the majority of members prefer 10$ fixed bonus for all regardless of deposit amount. The same number would feel satisfied in case of adding 10% bonus amount for all past deposits and future deposits till 30-Aug-2012. The percentage is equal on these two positions (24% per each choice). A bit less - 19% of the poll participants would simply enjoy getting regular interest payouts without any extras. Makes sense, after all.

As a response to the poll results the admin of FXCMinvest has immediately added 10% of deposit amount as bonus until 30-Aug-2012 and within a day or two the fixed amount of 10$ for all members who have made deposit in the past or even for those who dont have deposit. That's what i call bonus! Keep up the good work!

Finvance added the new payment processor SolidTrustPay for deposit starting from August 7. And now the latest news announce addition of EgoPay as the fourth payment processor accepted for making deposits. The columns for both SolidTrustPay and EgoPay deposits is shown in the members' account panels. So far all EgoPay deposits are going to be processed manually.

The site of 711Finance has been on scheduled maintenance yesterday which caused several hours of the site downtime. Just as it has been promised the maintenance didn't take long time. Currently the site is back online, with no serious losses. Any pending payouts that may have taken place due to the site downtime have also been paid back.

The main topic for discussion in the latest newsletter from InflexCapital is the server time available on the main page from now on for the convenience of investors, for them to know better when exactly they are going to be paid and when exactly the profit is calculated.

As it's been clearly explained, the official timezone used by the server of InflexCapital is GMT +1. The profit calculation takes place every business day at 7am GMT +1. At weekends no profit is calculated. There is also a difference between the profit calculation time and the actual profit payment time, which is twice a day at 7am GMT +6 (instead of GMT +1) and 7pm GMT +6. Try not to get confused.

Absolutiva reminds of the rules to top up current deposit in the latest newsletter issued. Here is the actual reminder at your attention:

"...We would like to remind you all that rather than opening a new deposit each and every time, you can simply top-up your existing deposit in order to earn the high interest rate available...."

Felmina is still promoting its twice weekly scheduled phone conferences. Investors may participate in the conference and ask any questions, one may be interested in regarding the work of this project. The practice of holding live phone conferences is a brand new word in the world of HYIPs. The latest newsletter from Felmina reminds of the phone number to call:

"To take part, please dial:
+1-712-429-0690 pincode 139828#
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:05pm EST
(for english speaking only)"

Good News. Good News section is rather numerous today. Fortunately we have 5 programs that seem to recover from problems and get back to normal functioning compared to this Tuesday. Congratulations to the admins of Edward Trade, The Investment Bank, Investment Capital Limited UK, Proper Business and Entro Fund. The investors of these HYIPs are on the safe side, at least for now. As for the rest programs - they were moved to the Closures section, unfortunately to all investors of these HYIPs.

Emoney. PexPay, the new payment processor on the market notifies about the transaction procession times. The latest newsletter from PexPay answers the numerous questions of investors, concerning how long it takes for each account to be funded, as well as how long it takes for the withdrawal to be processed.

So here is the quotation from the PexPay authorities, quoted below:

"Funding your account -
Bank Wires: 2-3 business days from the time we receive the wire
ACH Transfer: 4-5 business days from the time you make the request
Check: 7 business days from the time we receive the check
Withdrawing from your account -
Bank Wires: 3-5 business days from the time you make the request
ACH Transfer: 4-5 business days from the time you make the request
Check: Mailed within 5 business days from the time you make the request
As always, account to account transfers are instant."

Let us remind you that PexPay account holders must verify their accounts. The verification procedure is currently less than 2 business days. Verification is needed for using the features of deposit and withdrawal of funds.

Libetry Reserve will be on a scheduled maintenance on August 11, between 06:00 (am) and 8:00 (am)(UTC). As reported on the official blog the upgrade will provide the clients with a faster, more productive system.
See the blog update here: http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2012/08/scheduled-maintenance-august-11-0600am.html.

Payza Partners with Intelligent ID. The news has bee posted on the official Payza blog. Intelligent ID (IID) is a powerful user activity management system, which will further enhance Payza's ability to perform real-time identity verification of its members in the United Kingdom. The full news can be found here: https://blog.payza.com/payza/payza-partners-intelligent-id.

Closures. Perfect ROI (37 days), Offshore Gain (36 days), Richer Progress (16 days), Onis Business (11 days), Yalta Maker (10 days), Hot Earning (11 days), Royalty7 Hourly Profit (42 days), Income Hourly (30 days), Mega Profits (25 days), InfernoCorp (22 days), Capital Boss (7 days), World Finance (8 days), Investment Natural (8 days), EPS Funds (10 days), Safe FX Finance (17 days), Business Inv (19 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of Private HYIP Blog has posted the new update on his blog. Within this update Frank gives a summary of the most important 15 articles for the new HYIP investors, the articles that include some fundamental knowledge about the HYIPs and the rules of making money with them. The articles have not been edited and presented as he wrote them as of March 2010 till now.

As Frank says, his goal is to help newbies in their learning curve. To be frank, even the HYIP professionals would definitely find these articles useful. So reading them is highly recommended. See the complete article with the links to all 15 articles mentioned below: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/08/09/14-important-hyip-articles/

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