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As it's been announced earlier about two weeks earlier, new features have been implemented to the KISnP web site, the features, which are supposed to...

As it's been announced earlier about two weeks earlier, new features have been implemented to the KISnP web site, the features, which are supposed to ensure "...sustainability and stability of the program for a long time...".

So a very long newsletter explaining the new features has been delivered to our mailbox on August 10. The newsletter is very long and there is no need to analyze it, everything is mentioned there. Still it's worth outlining the basic points, given in the newsletter from KISnP.

The main topic discussed is adding certain limitations for depositing funds to the Daily investment plans of the project. So as of the Forever Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans, they are now made as a sort of intermediary for investors willing to make future profit with the Daily plans. The main concept is as follows: without having a certain amount invested to Forever plans, one will not have a chance to make deposits to Daily plans. See the explanation quoted below:

"...Weekly we will set a percentage of how much deposit a member must have first into Forever Plans before they can make a deposit into Daily Plans.
We will base the percentage needed to implement from the total profits added into our reserve funds from the previous week.
So it can go as high as 100% or as low as 0%.
Every Sunday, we will determine the percentage to run for the coming week and new percentage will be set every 12:01AM of Monday server time and will run until 11:59PM of Sunday server time.
The system will check the active deposit each member has into Forever Plans and will determine how much a member is allowed to deposit into Daily Plans.
An eligibility status message will be seen inside the member’s area which will be located between the set of buttons and account summary..."

So, what is the reason for adding such limitations? As explained by Zepp, the admin of KISnP, the main idea is the necessity to put a control on the amount of deposits to the Daily plans, where the majority of investors deposit at the moment. Let us trust Zepp, saying the project is not experiencing any cash flow issues or problems at the moment.

However, it does makes sense, if the situation like that with depositing into the Daily plans continue, it might soon create cash flow issues, which is totally not acceptable. So, putting such limitations is a method to put some preventive measures against any possible issues in the future. And currently it is the best way to keep the program as strong as possible for as long as possible.

As a bonus giving reward for the forced deposits to Forever plans, another incentive has been introduced. The one that looks like a referral commission payment for your own deposits. The main principle of this incentive is as follows:

"...Daily we will set a target amount of deposit to Forever Plans needed to achieve.

Take note, only new deposits to Forever Plans will be counted and all members who made a deposit into Forever Plans will receive an incentive which will be distributed equally.
An indicator bar will be seen inside member’s area which will be located between the set of buttons and account summary and above the Eligilibity status message.

Best Example:
Monday, August 20th
Set Target Amount: $10,000
The indicator bar will show the percentage of what has been achieved already and what percentage is still needed to hit the 100% goal.
Once the indicator bar hit 100%, that means the target amount of $10,000 deposit for the day is already achieved.
Now, 5% of the target amount will be set aside to be distributed equally to all the members who deposited for the day. So 5% of $10,000 is $500.
Let say there are a total of 100 members deposited into Forever Plans then $500 will be equally distributed giving each member $5 as their incentive for helping on reaching the daily target."

Now, the latest news concerning the latest news issued is the announcement date of these two new improvements to the project, which is between August 20th and August 22nd. The final word is that these new features are not going to affect current deposits and any deposits made before the implementation.

Another newsletter came from Zepp later, saying about recent downtime of the KISnP. The reason reported is DDoS attack. The hosting provider was able to mitigate the attack quickly, still there have been some affect to the automatic deposit processing feature, which is still being fixed at the moment.

Final piece of news from KISnP is the addition of PexPay as the fifth payment processor. Pexpay offers ACH deposit and withdrawal to US members and currently offering a promo of lower fees for Bank Wire for International members. This is all news from KISnP. Keep in touch for more!

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