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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 176 published by Lella Prior on August 08, 2012


Dear investors and readers! Whatever the situation on the market is, it's Tuesday today and we are publishing another issue of the regular HYIP informational survey. As for the situation on the market itself there is a big problem with Liberty Reserve, as the result of which lots of programs got closed urgently. We'll try to give you a list of all the closed programs as well as those who are working still though are in trouble. Even now, though there are new programs and as usually there are still Top Choice programs, the list of which starts right below:


Top Choice.


Here you go, we are giving you the list of TOP 5 programs currently listed on HYIPNews listing. The situation may change every single day. We are only showing the actual state of affairs.


1. Benson Union

Listed: 216 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!


2. Lite Asset

Listed: 50 days

Profit: 125-850% after 1-20 days!

Term: up to 20 calendar days!


3. Felmina

Listed: 407 days

Profit: 1-1.6% daily!

Term: up to 180 business days!


4. Eurex Trade

Listed: 535 days

Profit: 1.2-2.9% daily!

Term: lifelong!


5. Dividend Service

Listed: 160 days

Profit: 1.4-2.3% daily for 15-100 days!

Term: up to 100 calendar days!


The current situation on Top of the HYIPNews listing is very much predictable. When hard times come, the strongest survive. So we see only the time-proven programs, working for more than 100 days, perhaps except for Lite Asset, which is only 50 days online. The rest are old-timers of the industry. Speaking about Felmina and Eurex Trade, these are the most long-term programs currently working online for 407 and 535 days accordingly. The leader of the list is still Benson Union.




As usually right after the list with the TOP programs of the listing, we are glad to offer your attention the list of the new opportunities, the HYIP websites, appeared on the net within the latest 3 days. The programs above the list have been recently added to HYIPNews listing and presented in a more detailed way.


Guru.Bet On.Markets 10% weekly up to 6 weeks day!
Billion Invest 130-2800% after 1-30 days!


EuroInv Majestic-Fund Dollar-Doubler Max-Investing Temco-Group PrimaxInv ComOilTradeMoney Prime-Invest BB-Capital Residual RealInv HYIP FXBarter DollarsWood Cash-Royal IncomeValley StockCentury LogicalInvest GrowOffshore CapitaleFinance Residual4 EgoCapital YesGetPaid DollarPeak CreativeResourceCorp Au-Tr AgricoInvest Capital-Markers Rollshare OlyInv OfficeEarn LiteFinancial PromisingFund TopOilCommerce ProRoyalty Silver-Structure World-Capital CashManifold RealProfits WindyProfit GrandLux TMGSCapital


The list of new programs today is not large at all. Perhaps the main reason for that is the troubles with Liberty reserve, which is the principal e-currency used by the HYIPs online. The service is down, and hence it makes no sense to launch new HYIPs. The authors of most "fasts" definitely wait for the things to become more transparent and for the situation with Liberty reserve to be solved and then possibly they are planning to move on with creating new HYIPs.




Genius Capital - not paying

Donalds Group - not paying

Dollar Peak - not paying

Ivecon - not paying

Website-Invest - not paying

IncomeBro - not paying

Inferno Corp - not paying

SL-Financial - not paying

Ems-Commerce - not paying

Oly Inv - not paying

Office Earn - not paying

RealInv - not paying

Gas and Oil Inc - not paying


Current list of Problem programs could have been much longer, if we mentioned all the programs that were closed ultimately and hence placed to the Closures section of today's survey below. Besides, there are also programs, which remain Problems from this Tuesday. We are not mentioning them in the section today. At the same time it's too soon to place them to Closures section. The situation is getting worse with the Liberty Reserve troubles, which makes the life of active HYIPs full of complaints and the wallets of admins empty.




FXCMinvest (68 days), Perfect Liberty (18 days), 5 Daily Pay (7 days), Cool Income (8 days), Global-Commerce (35 days).




On August 17, KISnP admin has notified his investors about the issue with crediting interests on the same day. As the result of numerous complaints it has been detected that this issue started around 14:00 server time.

After the hours of checking the bug by the programmer it has been detected that error with calculating interests took place for the members who made deposits to the Daily plans and Forever plans. It turned out to be the bug with the Interest Earning Balance script. The solution to his matter has been found. Some test deposits have been completed to test the interest crediting option.

Ultimately, the programmer of KISnP has found the solution. Currently some members may still experience the lack of interests and hence the admin has decided to quote the answer from the programmer that may help when solving the issue with interests crediting.

Crediting the missing earning is not the way out as reported, it will still not stop from prolonging the deposit one extra day, which ultimately may lead to account removal, which is not a good option to do. Instead, Zepp reports, he is not going to credit the missing earnings. Instead as a compensation, one more day will be added to every investment plan, which will ultimately compensate the interests loss for August 17.

The update from Finvance announced that starting from now on all deposits made through EgoPay are going to be processed automatically. Let us assume that first week when the deposits through EgoPay were processed manually, was a kind of a testing period for EgoPay and Finvance. And now when the week is over, we may consider testing period over and EgoPay fully integrated to the script of Finvance.

As the situation with Liberty Reserve service is developing, many HYIPs post news updates on their websites reporting about pending payouts and naturally about the impossibility to make deposits via Liberty Reserve, while the site is offline.

So, HYIPLA posts the news update saying that no deposits and withdrawals are possible to the project via Liberty Reserve. At the same time it has been reported that all pending payouts are going to be processed once the site of Liberty Reserve gets back online.

The admin of Finvance outlines another aspect of the issue. While saying that Liberty Reserve is offline and no payouts are possible, the admin of Finvance reports that all transactions to and from EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney.

Another update from HYIPLA says abhout adding the Facebook on the early stage of the project's work. As reported, the admin is going to use Facebook page as one of the means to post news about the project, which might be very helpful when the site is down.

InflexCapital has also responded the Liberty Reserve troubles. The response is more than some piece of news. As a helpful tool for all members willing to get rid of Liberty Reserve, the exchange service has been implemented in their back-office of the website. The project officially recommends to move all funds from Liberty Reserve to Perfect Money not to lose everything. Unfortunately this advice is not helpful; at the moment cause the site of Liberty Reserve is still offline.

The admin of InflexCapital promises to enable reverse exchange from PM back to LR once the Liberty Reserve authorities solves all the problems and restore the work of the service.

AustralianTrust has added SolidTrustPay payment processor in the automatic mode. As reported now it's possible to make deposit via STP (Visa/Mastercard).

Due to moving to the new domain name, new campaign has been launched. Every person visiting Facebook page of the project and clicking the Like button gets bonus 10%. To get the bonus, one should contact the support, sending e-mail with the subject: "Facebook bonus request" and mention the Facebook and AustralianTrust login.

Felmina has sent another newsletter to its investors and members. The project, currently taking the 3rd place of the Top Choice section in HYIPNews listing informs the members about the latest news from the company.

First of all, it should be mentioned that Felmina has decided to lower the limits for bankwire deposits. As of now anyone willing to make deposit via bankwire can proceed with the minimum of $200. The bankwire transfer fee reimbursement remains active, however one should consider that minimum amount, when reimbursement may come into action is $500.

Another news reported in the official newsletter from Felmina has to do with the Liberty Reserve troubles. As the majority programs, there's just a report that the site is offline and all pending withdrawals will be processed once it is back online.

Finally, there's a reminder concerning the weekly conference calls that are processed every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:05pm EST. The main goal for enabling the live conference calls is to help new investors learn about the project terms and investment policy. An important aspect is that not a single call is recorded, the information is not posted anywhere, which means Felmina really takes care about the privacy of its members. All conference calls are only for English speaking audience.



Yacht Wealth Club is 34 days online! On that occasion the admin issues the 3rd newsletter sending it to the membership base. The main news of the newsletter is bank transfer option, the review of the project by HYIPNews and Moneynewsonline, recent troubles with LibertyReserve, phone support and regional representative program.


The main news is still registering the new bank account, which gives now the opportunity to complete deposits and make withdrawals via bankwire. With the new bank account registered, the fee for withdrawal makes only 1%. besides the minimum for bank withdrawals has also been decreased to $500.


Opening the new bank account also gives investors the opportunity to purchase SolidTrustPay directly from Yacht Wealth Club using bankwire at 0% rate. A very interesting offer, i must say, Yacht Wealth Club is getting involved into exchange activities.


Another part of the newsletter speaks about raising popularity of the project online. As reported, currently the project is being monitored on 30+ listing sites. The project has launched massive promo campaign buying sticky threads on forums and regular monthly advertising.


Let me remind our readers, Yacht Wealth Club has been recently reviewed on HYIPNews. You may see the review following the link.


The admin reports that recently lots of complaints from the members have been received concerning the option to use the phone support of the project. The admin reminds that phone support is only available from 10AM to 6PM (GMT+2) from Monday to Friday. For better use another Toll Free number has been added. Please take advantage from calling Yacht Wealth Club: +16782534481 and +356 3550 0771.


Another good news for the lovers of this program. Yacht Wealth Club is launching official representative program. Anyone willing may contact the support and apply.


And finally, there are some words about Liberty Reserve. Not getting into particulars, the admins simply quotes the words from the official Liberty Reserve blog, that says that Liberty Reserve has schedule maintenance (From August 20 until August 22) and all withdrawals to LR will be processed once they get back to normal.


HYIPNews Events.


HYIPNews is now working on implementing the new payment processor, EgoPay, which will make it accessible for the advertising orders and payment for monitoring. Currently the integration is on the final stage of beta testing. Within a short period of time, the EgoPay integration will be completed and our readers will be informed about that in the newsline. So far, our subscribers get the insider's information, reading the regular HYIP informational survey from HYIPNews.com. Stay tuned! More improvements are on its way!


Good News.


Last time there were not many programs in Problems section of our HYIP informational survey. And hence many people might have thought there won't be any good news among such a small amount of programs. Unfortunately it's true. There is no good news for today. None of programs marked as Problem last Friday managed to recover its Paying status. Mostly they have been been moved to Closures section. Sorry for that, dear investors, if you lost you funds with these HYIPs. Anyway you know the rules, it's more like a gambling anyway.



Nearly the hottest topic for discussion all around the niche forums, blogs and other hyip investors communities is the latest issues with Liberty Reserve payment processor. Let us summarize the main points, fully revealed in their article posted yesterday on the pages of HYIPNews. It all started several days ago, right before the weekend when internet blew off with numerous alerts saying that Liberty Reserve is massively blocking the customers' accounts without any prior notification or warning.


Lots of HYIP investors, admins and even exchangers are now in fury because of that. Lots of people simply lost their money and got no clarification from the Liberty Reserve authorities. In this aspect lots of HYIP programs got closed with no further explanation. Makes sense, if the account of Liberty Reserve is blocked with the substantial amount on it, the admin of the program is not able to pay out the profit.


The situation got even worse when the site of Liberty Reserve went offline for 3(!) days. The only notice on their blog simply says:


"Liberty Reserve will be unavailable:

From August 20 until August 22,

This upgrade will give you a faster, more productive system.

Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve."


Nothing else! Just this short message! Please take time to read the complete article published on HYIPNews and learn about possible reasons of the Liberty Reserve troubles and possible outcome of the collapse. Find the complete article following the link: Liberty Reserve offline for maintenance! Is Liberty Reserve Scam



OKPAY enabled the mobile version of the payment processor for the devices working on iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Windows Mobile and Android. The good feature about the new version is that no additional programs are required to be installed. The officials from OKPAY will be glad to receive your feedback after testing the new mobile version.


With a view to the things going on with Liberty Reserve, nearly every new e-currency payment system is trying to take the place currently occupied by Liberty Reserve as the industry leader. OKPAY is not an exception. It has all chances to become popular.

HYIP Blogs.


The popular HYIP blog Hyipingmoney.org has suffered severe DDOS attack during the latest weekend. AS the result of the attack the blog was down for 8 hours. As the admin suspects the reason for the attack to occur actually can be his activity aimed at criticizing and revealing sacmming websites. He actually expected something like that could happen sooner or later. Please read the report on the attack from the admin of Hyipingmoney.org himself: http://hyipingmoney.org/severe-ddos-attack-on-hyipingmoney-org/

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