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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 177 published by Nicole Berger on August 24, 2012


Dear members and readers! It's the end of the week and as usually it's time for the regular informational survey published on HYIPNews.com We appreciate your attention towards our publications and try our best to make the surveys as much useful and informative for your attention. You may get used to learning the latest news from the HYIPs online, as well as reviews of the latest niche blog updates. The problem programs and those which are closed by the time of publishing the survey are also mentioned. However the beginning of the survey gives the list of the Top Choice programs listed at HYIPNews.com:


Top Choice.


The list of 5 programs located on Top of the list are presented at your attention below:


1. Benson Union

Listed: 216 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!


2. Lite Asset

Listed: 50 days

Profit: 125-850% after 1-20 days!

Term: up to 20 calendar days!


3. Felmina

Listed: 407 days

Profit: 1-1.6% daily!

Term: up to 180 business days!


4. Eurex Trade

Listed: 535 days

Profit: 1.2-2.9% daily!

Term: lifelong!


5. StockProfit Investment Group

Listed: 169 days

Profit: 1% - 1.3% daily!

Term: up to 90 - 240 business days!


The Top Choice section nearly hasn't changed since last time published. All 4 Top programs remain the same with the leader ahead, Benson Union. As for the 5th place, there are is a newcomer, which is a rather long-term and proven program, listed at HYIPNews for 169 days, StockProfit Investment Group. Good luck to all admins and investors and thanks for the stable work!




Let us present you with the list of New programs that appeared online for the last 3 days. Today we don't have any programs in the first part of the Openings section. So we start right away from the list of normal openings of the last three days. And once again this list is very small. Obviously due to Liberty Reserve troubles, program admins are not in a hurry to launch new projects. So here it goes the list of the new programs:


AtelierPhilo DiamondAsset Toluna ImperialGold PalmResearch OpinionWorld FocusLineSurveys SurveysSavvy MacroAdProfitz GlobalTestMarket SurveySotech MyOnlineInvestemnt Hawk-Silver AirMoney 3WayPay PIPSFund DiamondAsset IffaLtd ProfitClicking AliveIncome.


So as you can see there not so much to choose from. The industry is in the big crisis because of Liberty Reserve issues and troubles. The only thing we can hope for is that these issues will be fixed soon, the panic around payment systems will calm down and with the start of Autumn, industry will start to revive.




Daily2Profit - not paying
Strong Wallet - not paying
Zeedo Earn - not paying
JustBeenPaid - not paying
Dividend Service - not paying
Bank Of 7 - not paying
Forex Avail - not paying
Forex Utility - not paying
Tripler Project - not paying
Powerful Finance - not paying
FF Inv - not paying
Miracle Earning - not paying
Primaxinv - not paying


The list of Problem programs is rather large today. Very many programs experience troubles mainly because of troubles with Liberty Reserve. At the same time it's worth saying that the list of Problem programs could have been much longer, we haven't included all the programs that remain problem since this Tuesday release. Their number is very large.




Genius Capital (32 days), Donalds Group (9 days), Dollar Peak (7 days), Inferno Corp (41 days), Office Earn (9 days), SafeRisk (115 days), Focus Gain (28 days), Tradex Expert (17 days), Dynasty7 (15 days), Family Bank (8 days).




The admin of Eurex Trade, the HYIP program, which is located in the Top Choice section of our listing has been listed on HYIPNews for a very long period of 536 days has shown the signs of good program management posting the following update:


"EurexTrade Maintenance
EurexTrade is going to accomplish routine maintenance during 21-23 of August to update trade platform All deposits and withdrawals will be processed as regularly, except profit which will *NOT* be paid for this period."


So occasionally the Eurex Trade maintenance has the same terms as the site of Liberty Reserve. Obviously the reason for the maintenance is the trouble with Liberty Reserve. Being the most popular e-currency on the HYIP market, its downtime affected the number of deposits made to HYIPs online, including Eurex Trade.



NewGNI as one of the industry leaders offers its own solution to the problem with Liberty Reserve. As a step towards its clients NewGNI is offering an option to make the currency conversion within the member's area on the NewGNI website. I am now talking about internal exchanges from Liberty Reserve to Perfect money or SolidTrustPay. This option has been introduced to give investors the choice to withdraw earnings in Perfect Money or SolidTrustPay, once Liberty Reserve is in trouble.

Please keep in mind the exchanges completed are subject to transaction fees to be applied.

The exchange fee for LibertyReserve => PerfectMoney is set to 7%
The exchange fee for LibertyReserve => SolidTrust Pay is set to 5%

The fees are rather adequate, taking into account the current market conditions. The admin of NewGNI reserves the right to change the fees whenever without prior notification.

The final notice in the latest newsletter from NewGNI reminds about the August 2012 Sweepstakes giveaway contest, taking place every month, cause the year of 2012 has been announced as the year of Giveaway. This month 3 iTunes Gift Cards are at stake. The competition ends at noon (GMT) August 31st.

InflexCapital has enabled the currency exchange with the purpose to help the investors to get rid of Liberty Reserve, the e-currency which is now losing faith of thousands investors worldwide.

So, using the Currency Exchange option, one is able to complete exchange of Liberty Reserve to SolidTrustPay or Perfect Money. The important thing about the exchange is that when making it, one should be ready to pay a rather substantial fee of about 9% when exchanging to PM. All the exchanges are completed within a client's back office in InflexCapital.

One more thing reminded by the admin of InflexCapital is the necessity to add PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay account details in the member are. The security policy doesn't allow to edit the account now, though it's still possible if you submit a ticket to the customer care service and request for the corrections to be done. Without having the payment processors account details, it will be impossible to complete the exchange to PM or STP.

The referral contest announced by Zepp, the admin of KISnP nearly one month, ago is coming to the end of its Round 3. Let me remind you that winner will get cash prize of $2000+25000 Ad Credits. In order to win in this round one should get 60 active referrals.

On the occasion of 3-months anniversary, Zepp also reports on finalizing implementing some new features. What these features are, it's not been informed. I am sure once ready Zepp is going to send another newsletter to the members notifying about that. So far so good! The program has survived 3 months growing and developing! Congratulations to KISnP!

RightFive notifies that any of US investors will not be able to use the SMS verification enabled. The reason is that nearly all service providers in US charge fees for incoming messages, ad hence opt-in requirements of U.S. carriers are extremely strict. The oly alternative left for the US investors of RightFive is the e-mail verification.

With the Currency Exchange option from Finvance, it's been rather popular. Lots of investors wish to exchange their LR to other e-currencies. At that, conversion to PM has reached the limit, making more exchanges to this e-currency impossible.

At the same time, exchanging to EgoPay and SolidTrustPay is still available. Here below you may find the instruction on how to exchange LR to any of available e-currencies:

"...To process a LR withdrawal request to EgoPay or SolidTrustPay, please log in to your account, cancel any pending LR withdrawal request you may have and then use the following link:
This will allow you to exchange to any e-currency other than LR. As noted in our earlier newsletter this has been a temporary solution and is subject to change. We will announce via newsletter whenever a currency exchange option changes..."

Absolutiva has finally updated its members about the troubles with Liberty Reserve and naturally about some pending payouts that definitely take place. At the same time, Absolutiva reminds of another deposit option, while LR is in crisis. Within the newsletter from Absolutiva, there is a link, following which one may find a guide to make deposits via PayPal. Please see the newsletter from Absolutiva below:

This email is to inform you that all withdrawal requests through Liberty Reserve will be processed as soon as Liberty Reserve restore back its service. This does not affect Perfect Money, Ego Pay and PayPal withdrawal requests. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you but this is out of our control.
We would also like to remind you that for more information on how to use PayPal, please read the following guide: http://www.absolutiva.com/How-To-Guide_PayPal.pdf
If you do not follow these steps properly, your account will be suspended and your PayPal payment refunded. We already had to refund 2 PayPal deposits because the investor in charge did not respect our terms in regards to this.
We€™re also expecting to launch a series of improvements in the next couple of days."


Good News.


Unfortunately there is no good news for today. None of programs marked as Problem last Friday managed to recover its Paying status. Mostly they still remain Problem and some moved to Closures section. Sorry for that, dear investors, if you lost you funds with these HYIPs. Anyway you know the rules, it's more like a gambling anyway.


OKPAY adds two more money transfer systems. From now on one can cash out the funds from OKPAY account using Intel Express and Money Polo at the nominal fee without opening the bank account.

"...To Deposit or to Withdraw funds using the following money transfer systems go to the Add Money/Withdrawal page in your OKPAY account and locate the Money Transfer Systems section. Then click on the system you would like to use and follow the on-screen instruction. The procedure is exactly the same as for other integrated systems..."


The official blog of Liberty Reserve has published the official notice, which gives explanation of the situation occurred with the blocked accounts and the site maintenance.

Along with the blog update, the main page of the Liberty reserve website is loading well as of now. Although all the rest pages, including the login page are still on maintenance.

So, let's get in to particulars of the latest blog update and try to explain the situation as it's reported by the Liberty Reserve authorities. First of all the main idea about the update is the confirmation that many customers accounts have been blocked erroneously. The reason for the block to take place is the automated script tested in the beginning of August. Unfortunately the script failed to work correctly. As it turns out the script was developed to secure the accounts automatically in case of any suspicious account activity, including the login attempts. As reported during the maintenance the problem has been identified and solved.

The maintenance is on its final stage, during which all erroneously blocked accounts will be updated and unlocked accordingly. The authorities report this process may take up to 2-4 more days. So the customers have nothing but wait for the outcome to be positive enough.

One more addition is being now implemented at Liberty Reserve, during the maintenance. Credit Card Funding option (available ONLY to verified users) has been pending to be added to the website and after the maintenance is complete it will become fully available. along with some other minor improvements and enhancements.

Please keep in mind, the official blog of Liberty Reserve is the only official news source. Any other rumors on forums, blogs may be inaccurate. The Liberty Reserve official emphasize the need to appeal to official news due to some risks to be mislead.

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