Updated: 08/28/2012 13:26
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There is one more issue concerning The latest blog update applied to all downlines of the online company and owned...

There is one more issue concerning The latest blog update applied to all downlines of the online company and owned STP accounts. As it's well known the site of Zeekreward has been closed by . Soon after the closure, SolidTrustPay has been contacted by SEC authorities with the demand to suspend Zeekrewards account. It was done on Friday, August 17, 2012. Then another demand was placed. All funds from the account suspended should be wired to the US Federal Reserve Bank on or before September 5, 2012.

Unfortunately there is no an issue regarding the refund. here is the quotation from the latest blog update, which explains, who is responsible for the refund and how it actually plans to be completed.

"We are, of course, being asked if members are entitled to any refunds and the answer is, unfortunately, not directly through us. As all funds are now the property of the US Government, any refunds to eligible Zeekrewards affiliates will come from the designated receivership body appointed by the United States.

Any members attempting to receive a refund via a chargeback or reversal will find themselves in violation of the court order and their attempts will be challenged and refuted. It is best for everyone to be patient, respect the court order, and wait for any refunds to be granted to them."

There are some speculations after the news appeared online about SolidTrustPay getting out of money after it's wired to the US Federal Reserve Bank. Another rumor is that being one of the financial entities that used to provide financial services to ZeekRewards, SolidTrustPay is itself under investigation by . The STP authorities are trying to assure everyone: the rumors are false and more likely are raised by competitors, trying to discredit SolidTrustPay by any possible means.

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