Updated: 08/31/2012 10:37
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Here is one of the latest updates that appeared on the official blog of Liberty Reserve. It says the following: " Account Status Update Dear Friends,...

Here is one of the latest updates that appeared on the official blog of Liberty Reserve. It says the following:

"Account Status Update
Dear Friends,
We have finished restoring account access statuses for many accounts that were erroneously secured before. Now, you should have full access to your accounts and funds within them. Please note that more accounts are being restored weekly until eventually all effected accounts are set back to the same status as before."

Well then the news seem to be good. Wish it was true. Unfortunately, we still see many reports saying that accounts remain blocked or if not, their functionality is limited. Indeed hundreds of people can do nothing with the account after the so-called "maintenance" was over. The Liberty Reserve accounts can be funded easily, however nothing else can be done: neither making the transactions from such accounts, nor exchanging it.

The problem is getting far more serious, when realizing that not only individuals accounts are blocked or limited. Even HYIP monitors and exchangers suffer from the mess made up by Liberty Reserve.

What is more disturbing and frustrating, they post some official news with false information and at the same time they say nothing about current troubles they have and steps to fix them. Well, obviously, it looks Liberty Reserve may follow other scam payment processors that used to work before like e-gold or e-bullion. I wish they could fix the situation, though, as days go by things are getting worse. People are getting nervous and they will hardly trust Liberty Reserve again. And that would mean the end of this e-currency, unfortunately for them anyway.

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