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Good day, dear investors! Today is Tuesday. The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to welcome all our readers reading the regular HYIP Information Survey....

Good day, dear investors! Today is Tuesday. The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to welcome all our readers reading the regular HYIP Information Survey. As usually it's devoted purely to the HYIP Industry. And we are ready to give the latest information regarding the new programs and problems ones. Along with the news on the new and problems HYIPs, you will be informed of the latest news and events from the currently active HYIPs. If there's anything new on HYIP blogs, we are here to tell you about that. We start with the Top Choice section:

Top Choice.

And as usually we start with Top 5 investment opportunities of the HYIPNews.com listing:

1. Benson Union

Listed: 226 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!

2. StockProfit Investment Group

Listed: 180 days

Profit: 1% - 1.3% daily

Term: up to 90 - 240 business days!

3. Entrofund

Listed: 60 days

Profit: 127-970% after 1-30 days!

Term: up to 30 calendar days!

4. Amila Trade

Listed: 39 days

Profit: 129-589% after 1-15 days!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!

5. Felmina

Listed: 421 days

Profit: 1-1.6% daily!

Term: up to 180 business days!

The TOP Choice section today differs from the one we had last Friday significantly. Still there are two programs that remained on Top. These are: Benson Union, which is on very TOP and Felmina, which is currently taking the 5th place. As for the rest, three other programs have appeared on TOP thanks to being promoted on HYIPNews. Please welcome the newcomers of the Top Choice section: StockProfit Investment Group, Entrofund and Amila Trade.


Concerning the Openings section, as usually it goes next and starts with the detailed description of some chosen new HYIPs added to the HYIPNews listing:

StallionGold up to 4% daily up to 100 business days!
Profit League 130-1130% after 1-15 days!
Paid Progress 125-200% after 1-5 days 8% hourly for 13 hours!
JM Fund 10% daily up to 15 business days!

Dailygain Healtyprofit InvestPharma Great-Fund ZodicInvest ProfitPerHour Forex365 BesthotFunds UltraHourlyInvest JustDoubler InvestProfit Gas-Capital FXMaxFund GrandSignal GeraxTrade BahamasInvest Notebook-Pays QuickLiberty DailyFXRoi VenusInterest LV-Group FreefastInv Final-Deposit ByroUnion ExcessPay Soft4x Bristol-Reserve Richer-in-Minutes TedFunds ExchangeHYIP CitOffshore SecretGold Online-Beleggen Hour-hour SuperReturn VipPlans FreeMoneyHYIP MoneySumNet KS-Investgroup MProfits Honest-Earn Good-Trade SkifForex LamandaFinance BestProfit2Day InvGain ForexInv

Here is the list of new programs this week. Please make your choice thoroughly. There are 4 programs in the first section. The programs recently added to the HYIPNews listing. Think twice before jumping in any of the new investment opportunities appeared online. One more time let us remind you, due diligence is highly recommended. Most of the programs, given above, are the short-term high risky HYIPs, which can close pretty soon. That is why, don't be in a hurry when making your investment decision.


FX Inco Ltd - not paying
Kbso - not paying
PI-Club - not paying
You Give Itake - not paying
Vexa Money Ltd - not paying
World Property Gains - not paying
Bms Solution Group - not paying
Tbest Funds - not paying
Manz Chance - not paying
Yellow Planner - not paying
UE Funds - not paying

Back to Problem programs. There are more of them than last Friday, and still the total number is not that large. No matter what it makes the situation on the market more risky for potential investors. Any problematic status would more likely mean soon closure of the program. At least, this happens to the majority of programs. And those, which ultimately manage to get back to Paying status are going to be mentioned in the Good News section of the next informational survey. However, to tell the truth, absolute majority gets scammed after all. As for these ones above, you are recommended to stay alert and stay away from investing.


Billion Invest (17 days), Alpha V Biz (250 days), Tripler Project (116 days), We Earn You Earn (32 days), Lite Asset (64 days), West Finance Group (27 days), Be Rich With Us (6 days), Hyip La (19 days), Ref Gain (28 days), e-Invertir (830 days), Optim Investments (8 days).


Benson Union joins the celebration of the Labor Day and takes a 3-day weekend. The admin reports that no payouts are going to be made on Monday, and things will get back to normal on Tuesday. As of today, indeed, payouts have resumed and Benson Union is off from the weekend.

Another news from Benson Union concerns adding the new payment options for investors. Despite the fact administration hasn't planned adding the new payment options recently, following the members' requests the addition of EgoPay was announced starting from Monday. Apart from that SolidTrustPay will be added soon as reported.

Finvance explains the maintenance of the support ticket system. As reported, while the system is on maintenance, all support issues will be resolved after sending e-mail to the admin mailbox. Here is the full report:

"Support Ticket System
Our support ticket system is undergoing maintenance. When it is back online, we will send another news update. Please route all support requests to this email address: admin@finvance.com

Another news update from Finvance refers to the process of making withdrawals. The update explains what information should be included in to the account profile for successful completing of the withdrawal. As it's been mentioned some users don't have the information properly filled in. Here is the short instruction for making withdrawals to the SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve account:

"...To process a SolidTrustPay Withdrawal, we must have your SolidTrustPay username in your profile. A blank or an email address will cause a failed withdrawal.
To process an EgoPay Withdrawal, we must have your EgoPay email address in your profile. A blank or an email address in incorrect format will cause a failed withdrawal.
To process a PerfectMoney withdrawal, we must have your PerfectMoney USD or EUR account in your profile. They start with a U or an E. A PerfectMoney user ID or a blank will cause a failed withdrawal.
To process a Liberty Reserve withdrawal, we must have your Liberty Reserve account number in your profile. They start with a U..."

Absolutiva reports on making partner relationships with Payoneer, which is reported to be the worldwide provider for debit card solution. as reported this new system is planned to be integrated next week. And then another update will be released. The main thing about adding the Payoneer is that after getting your request you will be contacted by Payoneer authorities and they will ask for your address verification and photo ID for issuing the credit card.

Another update from Absolutiva goes back to the Labor Day celebrated on Monday. As the admin reported, September, 3 was a non-business day, which is a perfect reason for not completing the payments. As of today all payments have been resumed.

ElitPay have added one more e-currency payment system to the list of accepted ones. From now on, investors are able to make deposits and complete withdrawals from ElitPay account using Payza payment processor.

More news from ElitPay. The project has enabled its own currency exchanger. The exchanger is internal, where existing investors can complete the exchange of one currency owned to another one.

Stock Profit Investment Group have offered another promo campaign for the members. Every 5th investor, who makes $500 or more deposit to the program gets bonus 10% of the deposit amount added. Perfect way to attract large deposits to the company. There can be two reasons for enabling the promo: either the project is experiencing certain cash problems or it is just a promo tool for the project developing and further growing.

Rprofits have added some improvements, which definitely gives more points to the image of the program. So, server cappacity has been improved, which lets processing 40K+ accounts with minimum delay. Besides DDoS protection has become more reliable. Profit Withdrawal is from now in the automatic mode.

Some new improvements by Rprofits are also going to be added in the nearest future, which is improved support system, representative program, Powerline system, new projects and investment plans.

HYIPNews Events.

As it has been announced in the last release of the informational survey we have prepared some presents for our subscribers. Starting from today, in the HYIPNews Events section we are going to publish the discount coupons for the services offered by HYIPNews.com. More likely it's the Advertising Services, regular prices on which can be found on the Advertising page.

So today we are giving the links for 2 discount coupons for the banners purchase. The links to the coupons are given in the mailing version. So if you want to get the full version, including the links for the discount coupons, please subscribe to our double opt-in mailing list.

Today you have a chance to get 2 banner packages with 25% discount:

1) A.Leaderboard 728x90 + D.Square Button 125x125 + C.Banner 468x60 at $60 per week.

2) J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + F.Banner 468x60 at $62 per week.

NB: The discount coupons are only valid till the next survey release (this Friday). Don't miss your chance to take advantage of the discount offer.

Good News.

Invest Legend is the only program in today's survey that is showing signs of getting back from the Problem list. The paying status has been resumed on nearly each listing site. On behalf of every investor of this HYIP i would like to congratulate the admin of Invest Legend on successful solving of the troubles occurred and getting back to the list of Paying programs.


SolidTrustPay announced the office closure on the Labor Day on September 3rd. As reported and posted on the official blog of SolidTrustPay, offices have been closed that day. The banks are also closed so SolidTrustPay asks the customers to add one more day to processing transactions both for deposits and withdrawals. There is anhttp://solidtrustnews.com/2012/08/31/customer-support-closure-labour-day-sept-3-2012/ on the pages of SolidTrustNews.

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