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Yacht Wealth Club celebrates the 2months online anniversary. We are glad to congratulate the management of this project on completing its tasks and...

Yacht Wealth Club celebrates the 2-months online anniversary. We are glad to congratulate the management of this project on completing its tasks and fulfilling all obligations to investors.

The current milestones of Yacht Wealth Club have been reported as follows: 4000+ members, 73% of which are active investors. Not a bad result for just 2 months online. The project is offering two investment plans, 3%-3.5% for 7 days and 4%-5% for 10 days both with the principal paying back upon the expiry.

Actually i can hardly remember there were any promotions or bonus programs since the very launch of Yacht Wealth Club and particularly because of that the management of the project has decide to announce the 5 Days Promo plan on the occasion of celebrating 2 month online. Another obvious reason for implementing the new promo plan is to attract new investors and somehow spur the non-active ones for making deposits into this program.

The new plan will only be valid for 5 days, ending on September 21, 23:59 PM. The minimum to join is $10 and maximum is $10000. With all the attractiveness, implementing the new plan may be somehow confusing for experienced investors to some extent. Everyone knows that adding new plans, paying decent profit within a short period of time may sometimes be an evidence of soon closure of a program. Hope it's not the case about Yacht Wealth Club.

The same has been reported by the admin himself in the latest newsletter. See the quotation below:

"...Please NOTE, We offer Promo plan especially to attract new investors and stimulate non-active. It will not cause any type of cash-flow because of minimum difference. It’s not kind of special plan with a very high ROI, well-known as bad sign. It just allows to earn a little more than usual. All requests to release your current deposits into promo plan will be declined.
YWC is still accept bank wire deposits with 0% fee for withdrawals and depositing..."

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