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Hello, dear readers! Today we are presenting you with the detailed review of one investment opportunity that joined our listing about 20 days ago. This new project is called Prospera Nova. The project with an interesting logo and rather simple navigation.

First Impression

The slogan used by the management of Prospera Nova is "Dream It! Achieve It!" The slogan goes back to the idea of the American Dream and hence is meant to attract attention of ordinary investors. Well, let's see how it will affect the program growth. The website is made as simple as it is. The menu is on Top of the page. There goes a very short About Us page, the News page with only a single piece of news inside, typical FAQ page, Support and Terms page. On the left there's a news block, some short statistics section, showing the date HYIP was launched and a block with the list of payment processors accepted. There is also another block on the right, showing the main features of the Prospera Nova website.

Investment Plans, Referral Program

Speaking about the investment plans, let's get back to the home page, cause there is no dedicated page for the description of the plans and the reason for that is obvious. Prospera Nova offers only one plan to join. "Daily payouts of 2% (Monday to Friday) for 365 days." The approach sounds like "take it or leave it" and frankly speaking it may not work well for the management all the time. The forecast to run within 365 days is rather optimistic, however still if the program is online within 365 days, the principal is going to be returned to investors as well. And if we proceed with the forecasts, theoretically the pure profit from the project will make 520%. Wish it will still be online within a year... hardly i should admit! The minimum amount to join Prospera Nova is $1 with no maximum set. There is also a compounding option available. The referral program of Prospera Nova is three-level. For referring 1st level investors an active upline gets 5% referral bonus. For the 2nd level - 3% and 2% for the 3rd level. It actually turns that once you refer a 3rd level downline, your total referral reward makes 10%.

How to Invest and Withdraw Profit?

Prospera Nova investment project accepts several e-currencies, the logos of which are given on the main page in the Payment Processors section. Getting back to payment processors Prospera Nova works with SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and LibertyReserve. The payouts are processed manually to all payment processors. As declared all withdrawals should be processed within 24 hours. The profit is only paid on business days. In order to request for the profit, one should pass through a normal procedure for HYIP programs: login to your member area, and make the corresponding request. Depositing funds is also very easy and typical. First one should register (the registration procedure is very easy to complete) and then make an automatic deposit from the member area, using on of the payment processors given above.

Content and legend

As i have already mentioned, the key point about Prospera Nova website is simplicity above all. Basically there is no much content on the website apart from the About Us section, the main phrase on which is: "Prospera Nova LTD is a private investment program that is based in United Kingdom." There on the main page there is also a certificate of incorporation given, which you can see below:
As for the rest, there are no special features about the content of Prospera Nova website.

Customer Care and Support

Well...nothing serious in this section. There's only the contact form on the website, no live chat, no phone support at least so far. On the other hand there are also no announcements more support means would be implemented shortly. So far members, both current and potential have nothing but to use the contact form to contact the support department of Prospera Nova. Luckily the support answers the tickets fast enough. Though still, Live Chat is not a hard and expensive thing to implement nowadays, which makes things more strange.

Technical Side

The project is rather well equipped from the technical point of view. The management has done a good job on securing the website. First of all, they have added RapidSSL from GeoTrust. The cerftificate expires on June 01, 2014. Well then, it's not an Extended validation, though it still adds some points to the project image. The website is running on a licensed ProBiz Script and hosted on LeaseWeb. Until now we don't know much about the DDoS protection service they are using, and until now the website was not attacked seriously. All we know is that DDoS protection has been announced on the main page, so let's hope it's good enough.


All in all, i think it's too early to make any serious conclusions about Prospera Nova. Nothing special, just another HYIP. Still, it offers very decent investment opportunity. If things go right with the cash inflow, they have all the chances to last long and long. The simplicity is all around the website, starting from the design, which definitely needs to be redone, ending with the investment plan, the only one available by the way. I would place another slogan to the website of Prospera Nova: "Make it Simple!" That is actually the truth... well who knows, perhaps it will work well for Prospera Nova. No matter what, we should wait and i do believe in the bright future of this new investment project. If you believe it, then you join its credo: "Dream It! Achieve It!"

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