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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 186 published by Joe Wong on September 25, 2012


Hello, dear readers! The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to present you with the latest information about the HYUIP market in the regular HYIP informational survey. As usually twice a week on Tuesday and Friday we are posting the latest events from the HYIP industry, including the news from the payment processors and blog updates. We give you the outline of the new programs that hav2e been added to HYIPNews monitor, as well as other new HYIP opportunities that appeared on the market lately. Along with the new programs, you get the full picture of problem programs and those, which have been closed and gone for good. The HYIP informational survey apart from being published on the HYIPNews.com website, is also mailed out to the subscribers database of 27K+ members. Please enjoy your reading and any comments and opinions are appreciated:


Top Choice.


Today we are posting the TOP Choice section at your attention, that includes the list of TOP 5 HYIPs listed on HYIPNews monitor. Please see the list below:


1. Benson Union

Listed: 251 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!


2. Amila Trade

Listed: 60 days

Profit: 129-640% after 1-15!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!


3. Invest In Cars

Listed: 72 days

Profit: 128-428% after 1-10 days!

Term: up to 10 calendar days!


4. Oil Reserve

Listed: 27 days

Profit: 127-640% after 1-15 days!

Term: up to 45 calendar days!


5. Felmina

Listed: 442 days

Profit: 1-1.6% daily!

Term: up to 180 business days!


So as you may see, there are lots of changes in the Top Choice section this Tuesday. Despite the fact two leading positions are still taken by Benson Union and Amila Trade some changes are evident below. The third place is now taken by Invest In Cars HYIP, and, what is remarkable is the return of Felmina, the oldest HYIP online back to TOP 5. This HYIP is constantly close to TOPs and from time to time it takes its place in the TOP 5. What is more important in case with Felmina is that it is showing stable performance for more than a year. Once it was more profitable it would certainly take the higher places in our listing. Still, as i told you it never falls out of TOP 10, which is also a good result for the HYIP.




Let us continue the HYIP informational survey presenting you with the list of the new programs, appeared online and some added to HYIPNews recently.


Aofunds 22% daily for 6 days 130% after 4 days!

Premium Success Solution 3-6% daily up to 20 calendar days!

BeeGold 1.5-4.33% for 24-75 hours 125-555% after 1-15 days!

Intra Funds 2-2.5% daily!


Islandmanager Fund-Star CloudProfits VentonFunds Invest-LTD JustTripler KarenFunds 247TrafficPro ContentCapital NewProfits HourProfit2 Fast-Invest InfernoGlobal TextCashNetwork See-Profits Oil-Investments 6xDaily SuccessMaker Eic-ee VicUnion Super-Forex Trust-Income Elite-Gains FastCashAdz PKProfts LagomFinance UnicoFXTrade FreshCapitals Gold-Earn WealthUps ProfitWill GoldInv Oil-Forex GenxRoi HourlyPays AllBusinessDay UnlimitedOil HiCash OdoFX 1USDRiches 24HoursProfit


The list of today's new opportunities very large, actually as always. Good luck with the new opportunities, dear investors! Please remember, not every new program is going to make you a fortune. Make your due diligence before investing. Wait for a while, not to be scammed during the first days of the program activity. And remember, the one with the detailed section have been added to the HYIPNews listing, though that doesn't mean it will last for years... still the most risky are the programs from the second section of the Openings section. These are mostly ultra short term and quite often template-like HYIPs. Beware and try not to get scammed!




Human Profits - not paying
Swiss Online Fund - not paying
Forex Utility - not paying
LR Investment Corp - not paying
Fund Orbits - not paying
Proper Business - not paying
High Yield Guarantee - not paying
Daily FX Roi - not paying
85 Daily - not paying
Stock Intec - not paying
Vawinner - not paying
Mega Deposit - not paying
Fresh Funds - not paying
Financial Expanse - not paying
Money Expinv - not paying


We are back with the section of Problem programs. This Tuesday it is much much more numerous than the previous Friday. The weekend seems to be not good at all for lots of programs that are now experiencing problems with payouts. All programs mentioned above are currently having troubles, which means just one thing: until things become clearer, until the status is changed (if changed eventually) to positive, these programs are not recommended for investing. If you have any questions or may have a warning or a report regarding any of programs, you are free to get in touch with us anytime.




Fructus Fund (50 days), VDFive (20 days), O'Clock Progress (14 days), Dreamy Invest (14 days), Prime-Invest (12 days), Clarium Capital (4 days), Corn-Wealth (16 days), Contex Capital (98 days), IncomeBro (83 days), Treasure Share (20 days), Alaska Trust Ltd (15 days), Pala Solutions (14 days), Delta Yield (14 days), Modern Fund (13 days).




ROInvest has been launched. Let us remind you that we have previously informed about the prelaunch of this project. It has been announced that the project would be launched on Sunday, September 23. During the prelaunch mode,the project was announced in a brief way without the investment plans details and also without the deposit option enabled.

So today i am glad to report that ROInvest has been officially launched. All website features are working and we are ready to tell about that. However before we go into details, there's one important notice that should be made. Within the first 3 days of work, ROInvest is only accepting Perfect Money for deposits and the minimum amount is very high, $750 per deposit. Frankly i have no idea why the minimum is so high, i have no idea what does the admin count upon... still he may have the reasons for that.

Another news from the ROInvest newsletter is adding EgoPay, which would happen within 2 days from now. Basically the admin is choosing the strategy to add payment processors one by one instead of making them all available at once. So, after the EgoPay payment processor, within 6 and 9 days accordingly two more: Liberty Reserve and SolidTrustPay are going to be added. I may assume, such a gradual development would help the management of ROInvest to judge in a more adequate way which e-currency is more popular among the investors.

With all these news and gradual growth announcements, i may consider the ROInvest project is not launched yet, instead it changed the prelaunch phase. The deposits are now possible, however the minimum is so high and the choice of payment processors is so narrow.

As it has also been reported, on day 16 after all four payment processors are integrated and deposits are taken, the deposit limit will be removed and the prelaunch phase will be totally completed.

1 World Investment is one week online! On that occasion, the admin reports of giving the bonus to the first 100 investors, who make deposit of not less than $500. The bonus is 10% added to the account. According to the terms, investors accounts are credited manually with the bonuses within 12 hours. the bonus can be either reinvested or withdrawn upon your choice.

Forex Earn Limited has changed the investment plans. Most often the change in the plan means nothing good for the program future, this time let's hope it's not the case. So speaking about the new plan. Interest Rate: 6.25 - 8.00% Daily for 20 Business Days.

Finvance issues another newsletter. Actually, no new updates have been reported, there are also no integration of any new features or things like that. The latest newsletter simple welcomes the new investors, hundreds of them as reported. No wonder, by the way, Finvance project is growing very rapidly and i tend to trust the admin, saying that.

The HYIPNews lists Finvance close to TOP positions right now. Even though, being not on the very TOP, this investment project has managed to gain large popularity among our investors, mostly thanks to the massive promotional campaign, the main point about which is getting the static banner on the main page of the site. So, let us also congratulate all new and old members of Finvance on completion its goals. The project is paying regularly within the timeframe indicated (24 hours).

Another main topic of the newsletter refers to withdrawing payouts actually. The thing is that people get used to receiving their payments from Finvance much sooner than declared, that is within 8 hours or even less. Naturally, when there is some delay, investors are getting nervous, without any obvious reason. An naturally this situation makes the management of Finvance frustrated.

And hence one of the main topics in the latest newsletter is the request for all members not to submit multiple support requests saying the payment is pending before the 24 hour time frame is exceeded. Besides, there is another request that refers to splitting the withdrawal. Let me quote this part for you:

"...As we continue to process thousands more in withdrawal requests, we would also like to recommend our users to not split up withdrawal requests into multiples each day if you can. If you did not make a withdrawal request for a few days, please just submit one, instead of splitting it up into daily earnings..."

HourHour puts Liberty Reserve payments on hold. As reported in the newsletter, the reason is problems with Liberty Reserve API. As the result the payouts cannot be processed manually or instantly from the admin area. As reported, as soon as Liberty Reserve API gets back to normal, all pending withdrawals will be paid.

IntraFunds has sent a very interesting e-mail to its customers. The title of the e-mail is: "Maintaining Honesty & Integrity". Sounds very intriguing when talking about HYIPs. So, the admin of IntraFunds is trying to make things clear for everyone. Apart from sending the e-mail, he also updated the About content.

So, what is this e-mail about? First of all, admin of IntraFunds confirms, he is running a ponzi scheme, which is ultimately going to become a scam(!). On the other hand, the admin is telling that he never promised anything to anyone. In this aspect he is kinda using another approach to running this type of business. Without denying the fact of scamming people, the admin of IntraFunds, he states that has not intention to scam anyone. Confusing isn't it?

On the other hand, he is not aware of how long his program will last, though he can make it run for long with the help of new investors of course. Naturally every HYIP needs more and more new investors all the time, though, obviously this admin is nearly the first one who is telling the truth about his business. At the same time, the admin of IntraFunds is sure to know how to make his program last for as long as possible.

As said by the admin, he wants everyone to be happy with depositing to IntraFunds. And there goes the quotation of the final part of this intriguing newsletter:

"...I do believe that maintaining honesty is essential. For those who are expecting to become rich from investing online, you are wrong. You must always keep in mind that investing online involves a big risk.
This might kill my program on the long term but at least I would rather close my business than maintaining it online with lies and forgery..."

That's a piece of a really alternative approach to communicating with HYIP members. I don't know what will be the response of the membership. One thing is for sure, this newsletter attracts attention... possibly that's all IntraFunds planned to reach. Let's wait and see...

The Benson Union website has been down for a while some time ago. As it has been announced by the admin, the reason for the downtime was a trivial DDoS attack. No wonder that this site is being attacked so often lately. It has obviously become one of the industry leaders and hence competitors are trying to do all possible in order to blacken the reputation of the project.

Fortunately, the management of the project is working in a highly professional manner using powerful antiDDOoS system. So today, as it's been reported, the attack has been completely prevented. The management of Benson Union project apologizes for any possible inconveniences caused.

Moreover, they are showing loyalty towards the clients, providing a special bonus as the apology for the site downtime. Till the end of the week 1% will be added as a special referral commission, making the pure referral bonus got by representatives 10% and ordinary referrals 8%. Apart from that, another payment option is going to be implemented the following week. The project is growing as we can see and still developing. Good luck to both the management and investors of Benson Union!

NewGNI is back with Liberty Reserve. Upon numerous requests of the customers, this e-currency, abandoned by NewGNI recently due to numerous cases of blocking accounts has been added to the list of accepted ones again. Also there have been numerous e-mail requests asking to enable the option to exchange PexPay and EgoPay to other payment systems using Currency Exchanger. So we are glad to inform that this option is now working. All available exchanges can be seen in the Currency Exchanger section on the NewGNI website.

SkyCrown changes the payout schedule. From now on payments are completed from Monday to Friday (9 am - 12 pm and 6 pm - 9 pm). The schedule has been changed to make the funds withdrawal dated the same day request had been made.

RoyalTraderCapital has changed the projects statistics. It is now only showing the following information: days online, total deposits amount, total withdrawal amount. As per investor' requests any information that may show investors' activity has been disabled. For security reasons the clause Username has been removed from the site. More add-ons: news line has been added, GoldVote monitor has been added and the first big banner has been purchased.


HYIPNews Events.

Another pack of discount coupons is offered at your attention in the HYIPNews informational survey. Clicking the links to the coupons below, you have a chance to get the discounts on the ad services, provided by HYIPNews.com. This time we publish the discount coupon for the Effective Launch Package and another coupon is for the banner advertising:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. HOT! Promoting Status + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $264. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 25% discount at $198.

2. Ads in Survey + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 with 25% discount at $59.99


Good News.


Last time we had not a very large list of Problem programs, which left us no hope for the good news today. Unfortunately everything happened as we thought. There is no no good news today. All programs, which were Problem last Friday are now closed or still experience problems. And this means, there is no good news for today, dear investors.



OKPAY is now officially collaborating with the "Wallet One" payment system. The companies have signed the agreement for cooperating in the sphere of online payments. Starting from now, anyone can make the payment and withdraw funds from OKPAY payment system using the services of "Wallet One". The Wallet One e-currency is managed in USD and RUR.


"About Wallet One: Wallet One" is a convenient service for online shopping that allows quick and easy payments made with an electronic currency, mobile phone as well as cash or noncash transactions. W1 also supports a proprietary VOIP service allowing users to send sms-messages and make international calls all over the world at cheap rates."

HYIP Blogs.


JSS Tripler or ProfitClicking? Is it the same? Will it return all the funds? Hardly i should say! We have blacklisted this HYIP long time ago, far before it has been "sold" to Profit Clicking. I never trust this admin and hence i personally don't believe all the stories about moving the funds or things like that. The entire online community is also frustrated with the attempts of Frederick from JSS Tripler to keep on telling the lies about his project and some another one. Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP blog is also worried about this situation. Hence he is offering anyone interested in the situation development to share his idea on the future of this project. See the details, here following the link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/09/23/what-do-you-think-about-justbeenpaid-jss-tripler-profitclicking/


The HYIP Pulse Blog is sharing his thoughts and investigation results concerning the idea of payment processor conspiracy. He is talking about the well known companies such as: MHPillars, Payza and EgoPay. As he said there are two theories, one of which has been proved in the article posted following the link above. So what these theories are. Let me quote the blog author: "Well, in fact there are two theories. 1st: Payza and EgoPay have the same operators! 2nd: MHPillars is a non existent company which was just made up for Payza." You want to see some proofs? You want to get into the details? You want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes? Follow this link to learn more: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/the-payment-processor-conspiracy/

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