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IntraFunds has sent a very interesting email to its customers. The title of the email is: "Maintaining Honesty & Integrity" . Sounds very intriguing...

IntraFunds has sent a very interesting e-mail to its customers. The title of the e-mail is: "Maintaining Honesty & Integrity". Sounds very intriguing when talking about HYIPs. So, the admin of IntraFunds is trying to make things clear for everyone. Apart from sending the e-mail, he also updated the About content.

So, what is this e-mail about? First of all, admin of IntraFunds confirms, he is running a Ponzi scheme, which is ultimately going to become a scam(!). On the other hand, the admin is telling that he never promised anything to anyone. In this aspect he is kinda using another approach to running this type of business. Without denying the fact of scamming people, the admin of IntraFunds, he states that has not intention to scam anyone. Confusing isn't it?

On the other hand, he is not aware of how long his program will last, though he can make it run for long with the help of new investors of course. Naturally every HYIP needs more and more new investors all the time, though, obviously this admin is nearly the first one who is telling the truth about his business. At the same time, the admin of IntraFunds is sure to know how to make his program last for as long as possible.

As said by the admin, he wants everyone to be happy with depositing to IntraFunds. And there goes the quotation of the final part of this intriguing newsletter:

"...I do believe that maintaining honesty is essential. For those who are expecting to become rich from investing online, you are wrong. You must always keep in mind that investing online involves a big risk.
This might kill my program on the long term but at least I would rather close my business than maintaining it online with lies and forgery..."

That's a piece of a really alternative approach to communicating with HYIP members. I don't know what will be the response of the membership. One thing is for sure, this newsletter attracts attention... possibly that's all IntraFunds planned to reach. Let's wait and see...

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