Updated: 10/04/2012 14:36
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Another update came from PexPay . Looks like it's become one of the most informative payment processors online. The news about this ecurrency are...

Another update came from PexPay. Looks like it's become one of the most informative payment processors online. The news about this e-currency are being published very much frequently. Anyway, we are glad to let you know, dear readers about anything that may relate to the High Yield Industry.

So, getting closer to the latest newsletter from PexPay, as it can be seen from the title it speaks about some new features added by PexPay authorities. The new features that are supposed to work well for the customers of this growing service.

So, the first feature added is integrating of the LiveChat. It is supposed to help the clients, both the current and potential ones, receive professional support assistance in a blink of an eye. Definitely LiveChat is a perfect tool for the customers to get quick answers to their questions. The time online will vary depending on the time zone. And one should not forget is the LiveChat is currently offline, support ticket may be sent instead anytime you want.

Another feature basically touches upon the unverified accounts. Limitation for those has been changed. As of the current terms of service, to be able to send funds to PexPay accounts, one should own verified account. And starting from October 4, 2012, this limitation has been removed. From now on, anyone who wants to send up to $500 is able to do that, even if the account is unverified. Once the amount transferred reaches $500, the limits are back in place, so verifying accounts is still required. The limits for unverified accounts also remain active for withdrawals.

We are sure, removing limits is a part of promotional campaign of PexPay. the company is using all possible means for attracting attention towards their service. We have nothing against that. Why not, all in all.

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