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Today we are pleased to offer the professional review of another HYIP, that was added to HYIPNews listing 14 days ago, Professional Forex Union. The project has itself been launched on September 26, 2012. It has immediately become attractive for the investors' community, waiting for worth middle-term HYIP. Being online for more than a month, it has been showing some good performance and hopefully will continue the same way for as long time as possible.


Genius lies in simplicity. To make it clear it's not that hard to create the investment project. One should be able to analyze, realize and make corrections, when needed. So speaking about Professional Forex Union, the admin has followed the well thought path, showing his name in the signature, the name of the admin of the project that used to be rather popular in the past: Actually it doesn't matter what is the source of this program, the main thing here is to make people talk about the program.

The move has been rather successful. Professional Forex Union is really gaining more and more popularity. Even despite the fact it hasn't been represented on monitors in a massive way, that doesn't hurt the project much.

The design of the website is simply and catchy. The colors are nice to look at. The menu is easy to navigate.

Investment Plans, Referral program

Four investment plans are available. The minimum amount to make deposit is $10. The most real payments are presented in the Client and Accumulative Tariffs. Besides there is also compounding option available.

Here is the short description of the investment plans offered by Professional Forex Union:

1. Client Tariff 20 days period with the min/max deposit $10/$300. Daily profit is 1.2%. ROI=124%.
2. Accumulative Tariff 30 calendar days with the min/max deposit $301/$1200. Daily profit is 1.7%. ROI=151%.
3. Profitable Tariff 60 calendar days period with the min/max deposit $1201/$3500. Daily profit is 1.9%. ROI=214%.
4. Assurance Tariff 60 calendar days period with the min/max deposit $3501/$10999. Daily profit is 2.4%. ROI=244%.

There are no limits on how many active investments can run at the same time. The principal is returned to investors of any tariff available. Also the compounding option is available in each of the plans mentioned.

The referral program of Professional Forex Union is two-level. The uplines are supposed to get 5% for every first-level downline and 2% for the second-level downlines.

Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Professional Forex Union accepts the following e-currencies for making deposits: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. Naturally in order to make a deposit one should first register and then proceed with the deposit from the member area.

As the payments are credited to investors' accounts daily, the withdrawals are completed manually within 24 hours. In order to make the withdrawal, one should also login to the member area and proceed from there. There are no limits for withdrawal requests.

Legend & Content

So, the admin has chosen not to reinvent the wheel. The legend of Forex trading is as old as the hills. Still, the new admin has presented it a new way mentioning such financial monsters as Societe Generale and Union Bank of Switzerland. Besides, providing the daily trading statements gives this legend more points and more trust among the investors.

The content itself is genuine, including the step-by-step description of the work tactics along with the professional newsline. Once again let us mention the daily trading stats, updated regularly. There is also a list of certificates and licenses which is also nice to look at and increases the chances of massive investing to Professional Forex Union.

Customer Care and Support

The support of the Professional Forex Union is rather various. Along with the typical feedback form and regular support mail, 3 phone numbers are provided. There are also 3 office addresses and the most convenient way to contact the support - Live Chat. All in all the support service is working as it should.

There is one distinction from the mass of other HYIP programs. The website of Professional Forex Union does not have a normal FAQ page. Instead there's a "Our Possibilities" page, which gives some basic information about the services provided.

Technical Aspect

Professional Forex Union is hosted by Antiddos Protections Ltd, DDoS protection is provided by Antiddos Protections Ltd accordingly. The IP location is Netherlands. The SSL Certificate is signed by Thawte DV SSL CA wich is signed by thawte Primary Root CA which is signed by Thawte Premium Server CA . The SSL Certificate will expire on Sunday 8 September 2013 this means it is still valid for 327 days.

The SSL Certificate has a 2048-bit length private key. Longer RSA keys are required to provide security as computing capabilities increase. The recommended RSA key-length is 2048 bits. Although a 2048-bit RSA key length is more secure than the common 1024-bit length, it is also slower and might effect server performance. Most web servers continue to use 1024-bit RSA keys without negatively influencing security for normal operations.

As for the domain '' it expires in December 2017.

Special Features

There are some special features that single out Professional Forex Union from the rest of HYIP programs. First of all after the detailed investigation of the website, particularly the Private Office, as it's called by the program management, we should confirm, the member area is very good looking from inside and easy to use from the technical point of view.

Apart from the typical pages, there are two, which attract attention. The first one is Currency Exchange, where Professional Forex Union allows completing the exchange of one e-currency to another within the member area.

Another special feature is the option to make Internal transfers among members.


Professional Forex Union is making solid and good performance within more than half month online. The trust of potential investors is increasing. The website and the project itself has more advantages, that compensate some visible drawbacks. Professional Forex Union has strong potential to become a noteworthy industry participant. The admin of the project acts wisely, which definitely may help to show all the potential of the project within several months at least.

By Harold Moore,

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