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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 192 published by Eric Marriam on October 19, 2012

Dear investors and readers! It has already become a good tradition twice a week to present you with the regular HYIP informational survey, covering the latest news on the HYIP market. Along with presenting the new HYIP opportunities and giving the outlook of Problem programs, the team of HYIPNews.com is pleased to deliver the latest events to the opt-in mailing list of our subscribers, all of which have agreed to receive updates and mailings from HYIPNews.com. All hot information about the HYIP programs online, any hot blog update is at your attention. The Top Choice section start the regular HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com:

Top Choice

Here we are presenting the The Top Choice section at your attention. 5 TOP programs, listed on HYIPNews monitor are listed below:

1. Benson Union

Listed: 275 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!


Listed: 71 days

Profit: 3% daily!

Term: up to 90 business days!

3. Invest in Cars

Listed: 96 days

Profit: 128-428% after 1-10 days!

Term: up to 10 calendar days!

4. Amila Trade

Listed: 84 days

Profit: 129-589% after 1-15 days!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!

5. StallionGold

Listed: 46 days

Profit: up to 4% daily!

Term: up to 100 business days!

So as you may see, the Top Choice section has not changed at all compared to the last issue of the informational survey. The Top one is still Benson Union. Also it's worth mentioning that AVO INC, the sponsor of the HYIP Informational Survey is taking the 2nd place. As for the rest, still the same faces, Invest in Cars, Amila Trade and StallionGold, taking places #3, #4 and #5 accordingly. We congratulate all programs, listed in Top Choice section of the regular HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com.


The Openings section starts as usually with the programs newly added to the HYIPNews.com listing. And the second part of the section lists HYIPs that appeared online for the period since last Friday till today.

Mobile Finance Fund 10-14% daily 170-240% after 5-10 days!
Omega Bank 125-600% after 1-15 days!
Finance Benefit 115-850% after 1-16 days!
AMG Trader 2-3.5% daily up to 100 business days!

InvestForCash GlobalFXTrader Money-Earning YourNewEarning InFundings FreshEarnings Funds2Trade MicroProfit Silver-ROI ZoeyFund USDTreasure MyRealProfit TrueDeposit TivSol GoldenProfits FaceMoney Dollars4Hand SmartProfitCo AroInvestment Efastdaily Ultra-Fund Century-Fund MitInvco CoreFinPro Fall-Profit BritishInvest Best3pro TheInvestmentBank BigPlanMoney MaxiEarn PanaBusiness MacroDollar DiamondCastleHolding Profit-EU MoonFinance EruptMoney ExtraDeposit GronMoneyDay Kauko-Investments HyipingHours Profit-Best ZaaPay FXProfit Pww4you Profitbay HCI25 CalioFiscus StrongInvestment MasterShore 10bucks4u Fininfund SilverStorage SolidCashEarn

The Openings section is numerous as always, actually. The first part includes 4 new programs. They were added to the HYIPNews monitor. Good luck to the admins! As for the rest, there certainly may be several programs worth investors' attention. One thing is recommended in any case. Before joining a HYIP, remember, due diligence is a must to do! Make your investment choice thoroughly and wisely, dear investors.


Invs - not paying
Time Of Earn - not paying
MS Invest - not paying
Venton Finance - not paying
RIGHTfive - not paying
IncomeBro - not paying
Fresh Capitals - not paying
LibertyPool - not paying
Zoey Fund - not paying
Solid Progress - not paying
GBfin Corp - not paying

The Problem section above is not that numerous that it was this Tuesday and last Friday. Still, that doesn't mean everything is that good. It's just because many programs have been closed, meaning gone for good. Some are old-timers, some have been online for some days. There is one thing that unites them all... each of the programs given above are currently experiencing problems: whether site accessibility issues or paying problems, or lack of response... anything that may relate a HYIP as Problem means this or that problem is added to the Problem section.


BYW-30 (10 days), 711Finance (30 days), Profita (122 days), Arab Dollar Finance (79 days), 85 Daily (41 days), DepPro (30 days), OdoFx (28 days), Cambe Project (22 days), Lyxor Management (21 days), Pro Roi (15 days), Avai Fund (10 days), Top Oil Commerce (50 days), Profit League (47 days), Transactions6 (19 days), AFX-Capital (11 days), Unlimited Earn (7 days), Royal7star (6 days).


Phinanci has shared the new free service to its clients. The service is called TrackEgg. The service is supposed to track all investments in one place. Any kind of investment can be tracked, whether it's a HYIP, MLM, Forex or Stocks. Everything is managed automatically by the website script that calculates and displays all your investments in easy to read graphs, charts and tables. The TrackEgg is using a number of useful tools, such as payment processor calculators, specific program strategies/spreadsheets, referral link tracker and even an automatically created page that allows a user to advertise all of their referral links on one page.
Apart from introducing the TrackEgg, Phinanci sets the reminder concerning the investment plans run by the project. Here they are as follows:
Phinanci's '20 Days Expiry' pays 120% return on all active deposits after 20 days.
Phinanci's '50 Days Daily' pays 3% daily for duration of 50 days until maturing at 150%.
Another warning has been raised against the self-referring activity. A person involved will have the account penalized. All accounts are claimed to be tracked. More information can be found on the Phinanci FAQ page. No matter what, the general impression about the program is not bad at all. It is showing active growth. The broad advertising campaign has been initiated with the purpose of promoting the program online. The management of Phinanci thanks everyone for the support and every member for being the part of this project.

The Money Galaxy has become another victim of payment processors. Actually this time, it's absolutely the fault of admin himself. The thing is that Payza account of The Money Galaxy has been suspended. No wonder, cause Payza terms do not accept HYIPs. Everything is logical. And naturally Payza is replaced by EgoPay, which was originated by Payza the purposes of providing services to HYIP admins.
No matter what, the latest newsletter from the admin of The Money Galaxy confirmed the fact his account was suspended. Still there is a chance for investors to get rid of Payza completing the exchanges to other e-currencies at low exchange fees.

Two programs have added some stats pages lately. The first one, Carbon Deals has reported in the latest newsletter about adding the referral stats. The project was launched at the end of the previous week and is gaining some popularity, thanks to good support and professional feedback. By all means the admin of the project is trying to improve its performance by means of upgrading the site with the features most wanted by the members. So, speaking about adding the referral stats, it was added after receiving numerous requests from the members, asking for adding the referral panel on the account page. And here it goes, it's been added. See the newsletter below:
"Referral panel added to main page
Esteemed Members,
By popular demand, we have added a referral information panel to the main account page.
You will be able to find your referral link, upline and total referral commission there.
You asked and we listened.
Do not hesitate to forward your concerns and suggestions in the future, as they will not go unnoticed.
Best regards, Peter Neperus, CarbonDeals."
Another program that has shown some improvement and added more stats is AgroFinance. And back again, after receiving many requests, the admin of the project has added the complete statistics that shows how many investor are registered in AgroFinance, what was the latest withdraw amount; what was the latest deposit, how old is AgroFinance and many more. However this stats are very doubtful. The stats shows the largest investor depositing $55K. It sounds very much like fake for the program, which is only 8 days old. Anyway, if you are keen on different stats, you can have a look at it on the main page. See the complete update from AgroFinance below:
"Live Statistic added!
After receiving an a lot of request from our investor we have finally added the Statistic. You will able to see how many investor are registered in our website, what was the latest withdraw amount; what was the latest deposit, how old is our website and many more. We have always listened to our investor on what they want from us and we have delivered what our investors wanted by adding this Live Statistic. We hope that everyone will like this feature as they will now about our website even more than ever before.

Monetary Club has recently opened the new section, called the "proofits". It's a very funny name, however it's indeed a very interesting feature, that allows any investor of the project to upload the proofs of payments as an image file, the screenshot of the payment. As it's been planned by the management of Monetary Club the new "proofits" section is supposed to help potential investors making the final decision on investing to Monetary Club. The new page can be observed following the link: http://proofits.monetaryclub.com/.

Debt Relief Limited has enabled the PAID OUT page on the main page of the website.

Within a week since the project launch, the admin of SecurityCashFlow has enabled EgoPay. Welcome the new e-currency!

BensonUnion starts giving out the prizes for active investment and referral performance. The winners are supposed to get:
- 3 iPhones
- 2 iPads
- 1 cash prize of $500
- 4 cash prizes of $100
The names of the winners will be published on the project's website. The prizes will be delivered by DHL.

Finvance reminds of the payout processing terms, mostly to the new investors who have joined the Finvance a while ago. So these are the terms of withdrawal processing:
Liberty Reserve Withdrawal Requests: Up to 24 HOURS
Perfect Money Withdrawal Requests: Up to 24 HOURS
EgoPay Withdrawal Requests: Up to 24 HOURS
SolidTrustPay Withdrawal Requests: Up to 48 HOURS.
Apart from them, Mark, the Finvance admin claims that with the huge popularity of Finvance, it has attracted some jealous competitors who have been posting negative votes on many monitoring websites. That is why every member paid out regularly is kidnly asked to vote positive on any monitor.

Nubcoyu gives 5% deposit bonus to every new investor who makes the deposit within the entire month until 25th November 2012, The reason for adding such bonus is more than strange. As reported by the admin, on the occasion of his daughter's birthday, which is on October 25th for reaching the age of Hatachi (20 years old), the admin has announced the bonus declared.
We might have got used to strange newsletters from the admin of Nubcoyu. First he was telling about some specific investment niches, the project is involved into, such as selling the pirate DVD and others. And today another bizarre investment has been introduced. As of now Nubcoyu has taken decision to conquer the J-POP Niche.
"Our shops are just the opposite of The Old Siam Plaza on the Tri-petch road, so never hesitate to buy some cheap DVDs from us!), weve discovered an excessively huge sales of J-POP DVDs. The counts are as follows:
Music: Approx. 80 discs per day
Softwares: Approx. 20 discs per day
Games (PC, XBOX, PS3, etc.): Approx. 40 discs per day
Movies: Approx. 25 30 discs per day
We were surprised with our sales of Music category, so we took a deeper look into the music sales:
Approximate sales data: (Numbers rounded off to the nearest 5)
Korean Girls Pop: 20, Japanese Girls Pop: 40, Thai Pop: 15, Classic: 5, Others: 10
Impressive sales in J-Pop niche! especially those from AKB48!"
A very strange newsletter to be frank, a very strange admin indeed.

PrimeX7 admin reported about adding a direct link to the Facebook Page on the PrimeX7 Homepage. And there's also another report concerning the Purchase of a TEN (10) days banner advertisement slot in DTM (DreamTeamMoney).

HYIPNews Events

Today we are offering 2 discount coupons for advertising services at HYIPNews.com. The link for the coupons is given in the mailing and here we just give a list of services included in the survey. The discount coupons are offered with 25% discount.

1) TOP! Promoting Status + A.Leaderboard 728x90 at $108 per week
2) TOP! Promoting Status + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 at $112 per week

Good News

Good News section is rather numerous today. Fortunately we have 6 programs that seem to recover from problems and get back to normal functioning compared to this Tuesday. Congratulations to the admins of Exchange HYIP, Realty INV, Finance Fund Store, Payswop Investment, Jay Invest and Blue Way Investment. The investors of these HYIPs are on the safe side, at least for now. As for the rest programs - most of them were moved to the Closures section, unfortunately to all investors of these HYIPs.


SolidTrustPay has released the warning against fraudulent online merchants targeting consumers who are looking for bargain basement prices on designer merchandise.

Numerous websites have recently been reported as promising one product but shipping another something unrelated to the original order worth only a small fraction of the value paid. Customers can avoid many of these online retail woes by simply by learning to recognize suspicious merchant behavior.

See the complete article on the SolidTrustPay official blog, following the link below: http://solidtrustnews.com/2012/10/18/buyer-beware-spotting-fraudulent-online-retailers/

HYIP Blogs.

There's an interesting article posted on the HYIP Pulse Blog, which is revealing the truth regarding the company registration. Many people still think that company registration proofs is a solid reason for taking decision on investing to this or that project. So, if it is really so, ir it's something useless that proves nothing at all? More likely it proves just one thing, the admin has invested some money into the development of the project, and purchased the company registration. All in all nowadays it is rather easy to get the company set up and the article, which you can find following the link below tell you how easy it is to register a company. Apart from that you will learn what DOES matters, when taking the investment decision: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/hyip-company-registration-nonsense/

With the October announced as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month Payza blog is back with facts that focus on how to keep your online investment protected. This time the most recent post focuses upon another important topic, which is choosing good security questions and answers. See the complete article following the link below:

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