Updated: 10/22/2012 11:29
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The website of Sirius Union , which was added to HYIPNews listing 15 days ago is paying 12% daily for the period of up to 11 business days. Recently...

The website of Sirius Union, which was added to HYIPNews listing 15 days ago is paying 12% daily for the period of up to 11 business days. Recently the news has been published, saying about the massive DDoS attack on the website. The Sirius Union is not the only HYIP that experienced attack within latest 24 hours. Unfortunately the site is back offline now, however once there was a break in the attack, the admin managed to issue the statement and payout all pending withdrawal requests to the members. Good for everyone! Please see the statement from the admin of Sirius Union below:

"DDoS attack
During the last 24 hours DNS-servers of our hosting provider has been under a heavy DDoS attack. But still some of you may have met certain difficulties trying to access our website. All withdrawal requests already processed. We are sorry for this situation. Thank you for patience.
Best Regards, Carlos
Admin SiriusUnion."

So far the status still remain paying, only because the the admin managed to payout the requests when the site got back online for a while. However, we should take a notice, if the site is offline for more than 12 hours starting from now on, we'll be forced to mark it as AWAITING and PROBLEM further on. Let us all wish the admin sooner website recovery and getting the Sirius Union back online.

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