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The director of the HYIP project Total Investment Solutions Phillip Soler has issued another newsletter and sent it out to the membership database...

The director of the HYIP project Total Investment Solutions Phillip Soler has issued another newsletter and sent it out to the membership database with the main purpose to explain the investment plan offered by Total Investment Solutions project. Along with that he talked about some milestones reached for the first 10 days of operating online. Here below we invite you to learn more about the latest newsletter from Total Investment Solutions and get to know about the investment plan and the milestones achieved.

Let us start with the milestones. First of all, investors are offered to pay attention to the number of new members registered to the Total Investment Solutions project within just 10 days. The number is 4000 active members, which is extremely hard to believe, though. Anyway, it's been reported by Philip and we simply let your know about this information, dear readers.

Now getting closer to the main topic of the newsletter from Total Investment Solutions, which is explaining the investment plan. Obviously, the support desk has received lots of questions with the questions regarding the investment plan offered and hence the management of Total Investment Solutions has decided to answer all those questions in one newsletter. Wise decision, i should admit.

So, there are basically two investment plans offered: SURF PLAN and NON-SURF PLAN. I will quote the newsletter below. And here i would just like to mention that the main difference between those two is that one requires surfing activity to be performed, while another one works simply. The withdrawals terms are also easy and processed within 1 – 24 hours after your request. And now i allow myself quote the part of the newsletter from Total Investment Solutions that actually explains the terms of the investment plans:

"...1. SURF PLAN – This plan required $10 to join, and you are required to surf 10 ads daily to be eligible for tomorrow’s 5% earnings. If you miss a surfing day, you will not lose any profit, since it will only be delayed, this plan expires when you earned 150% from your investments, and this includes your principal + 50% profit. This plan runs for 30 Calendar Days
2. NON – SURF PLAN – This plan required $10 to join, You are not required to surf on this plan, Your earnings will be credited after 24 hours from your investment. This plan will earn you 3% daily for 90 Calendar days. And will expire at 270% + and your principal will be returned at the end if the investment plan..."

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