Updated: 11/01/2012 14:19
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Invstrategy is gaining far more popularity and reputation among the investors worldwide. At least this has been reported in the latest newsletter from Invstrategy. Steven Alonso, representing the management of Invstrategy claims to run currently one of the largest investment companies across the world. The project is working exclusively online, hence the services provided by the project are available in nearly every country of the world.


Let us remind you that Invstrategy has been listed on HYIPNews monitoring for 34 days. The project is paying profit at the expiry of the investment plans: after 1-15 days. Potentially investors receive 120-670% profit with the principal included within the entire investment period. The project is a typical HYIP, however seems like the management is working at its best ot make it look different from the mass.


Namely for those reasons the management of Invstrategy has been paying much attention to the quality of customers' support and as it's been earlier promised, they enabled phone support for every client. The phone support is reported to be functioning 24 hours a day and its main task is to provide the clients with maximum support service, advice, instructions, and answers to any of their questions as quick as possible. The phone number to call Invstrategy is +44 203 514 56 12.


For those not able to make a long distance call to London, there is an option to make a call to the representative in one's region. The list of Invstrategy representatives can be found following the link below: Besides, Invstrategy can be found in the social networks of Facebook and Twitter. The links for Facebook and Twitter profiles can be found on the main page of the Invstrategy website.

The final notice in the newsletter refers to voting for Invstrategy on the monitors, Facebook and twitter pages, where the project is listed. Steven asks active members not to forget posting good votes and payment proofs in the various reputed forums, giving a hint to all those who are in doubt: "...Remember, when we reach greater heights, it is you who are actually having the benefit to make more and more profits from your investments..."

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