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MoneyTower, the HYIP reviewed below in my opinion can be easily enlisted to the most recommendable ones, and moreover it is able to compete equally with similar programs, especially taking into account that after the recent "mass" closure of the most popular "fasts", there's not much to choose from.

1. First Impression

Taking a first glance on the project, i catch myself thinking the project is well designed, in compliance of all standards of the HYIP industry. The admin seems to be active enough, and i would say it should work for a while, letting investors multiply assets within some certain period of time.

At first it may seem that the project design is far from being unique, however it is actually all wrong. MoneyTower is a lucky owner of the exclusive design from LeadCaptureMaster, a very uncommon developer for the HYIP industry. The color scheme of the website is nice to look at. the menu is easy to find and navigate. There are also uncommon for the typical "fast" sections, such as Rate Us and FAQ, adding the project an image of a custom-made website.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program

The MoneyTower provides a wide choice of investment plans with a bit lowered rates (which as a rule shows positively any further project's development). The minimum amount for depositing is $10 and maximum is $200 000. Principal is included in the profit and paid upon the expiry.

Basically the investment plans and their profitability varies depending on the investment term, which is from 1 to 15 days. So here are the investment plans provided at MoneyTower:

1 days:
depositing $10-$4 999 the profit is 104%
depositing $5000-$9999 the profit is 110%
3 days:
depositing $10-$4 999 the profit is 113
depositing $5000-$9999 the profit is 134%
5 days:
depositing $10-$4 999 the profit is 122%
depositing $5000-$9999 the profit is 160%
7 days:
depositing $10-$4 999 the profit is 132%
depositing $5000-$9999 the profit is 190%
15 äåíü:
depositing $10-$4 999 the profit is 170%
depositing $5000-$9999 the profit is 302%

The referral program terms are simple. The upline gets 3% of every deposit made by the downline referred. No other subterms or restrictions. Any member can become an upline, no matter if he is an active or passive investor.

3. How to Invest and Withdraw Profit?

Investments to MoneyTower are possible only via Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. If one wants to make several deposits, it is possible, however they are all going to be handled separately. There is also a restriction on opening the accounts on the site. Not more than one investment account is allowed. As for depositing terms, they are possible both using the SCI forms of payment processors and an option to make investments from the account balance, simply logging into the member area, clicking the Make Deposit button and select the Deposit from Account Balance Radio button.

Speaking about the withdrawal option, an advantage of the project is instant withdrawal system. Right after withdrawal request is placed, it is normally paid instantly.

4. Content and legend

The legend used by MoneyTower is as old as time - trading on well-known Forex market. All in all any "fast", no matter how good it looks is still more like a game, not an investment endeavor. That is why, any legend would not seem real with such enormous profits offered. it's a casino of course, the terms are all clear, however there is still such factor as Zero on a roulette. So, if anyone wants to gamble, welcome! Let's think of it in a more philosophical way. Possibly the only evident and well noticeable drawback is using a non-unique content, still that fact doesn't spoil the entire image about the project significantly.

5. Customer Care and Support

There's nothing special in this aspect of MoneyTower website. The only way to contact the support officially on the site is the Contact form. Live chat is planned to be integrated, though we don't know the terms, when it will be done. Apart from that the sections News, FAQ and to some extent the threads on MMG, TG and MMGP are reposnsible for informative aspect of the MoneyTower project.

6. Technical Side

Despite being a "fast" HYIP, MoneyToweris well equipped with all required and popular technical features. The project is hosted on a dedicated server, controlled by three domain name servers at The DDoS protection is enabled and provided by AntiDDoS. The SSL certificate is provided by COMODO. Nothing special, the details about the certificate are below:

Holder:, Domain Control Validated, PositiveSSL
Issuer: PositiveSSL CA 2, COMODO CA Limited
Expires: 25.10.2013 0:59:00 GMT

MoneyTower runs on a licensed GoldCoders script.

7. Conclusion

Ahead of this potentially perspective investment project is a skillful admin, who from the very launch of the project, started active promotional campaign, including the purchase of expensive banner ads at the terms, rather unspecific for "fast" HYIPs. At the very beginning MoneyTower got serious support from investors, counting upon long project lifetime, rather reasonably by the way. In case everything goes right, the month term for the "fast" HYIP like that is absolutely real.

By Harold Moore,

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