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Today i would like to share the professional opinion about the program, listed on, called StallionGold. The program has proven to be a rather interesting investment opportunity, and moreover it is sponsoring the regular HYIP informational survey published by the editorial team of All in all today we'll review StallionGold - potentially long-term investment project with average daily returns and attractive affiliate program. So, let's get into details now.

1. First Impression

When entering the site of StallionGold for the very first time, first thing that attracts attention is an attractive design and professionally made template, which looks as the custom-made one. The template is three-column with the news block on the left, main section in the middle and the third right column, where on the main page visitors are able to see some stats information along with the investment calculator, giving the opportunity to calculate potential earnings. The design is very strict and looks professional. The navigation around the website of StallionGold is easy and convenient to move from one page to another. The first look is getting nicer when one gets to the FAQ page, which is also rather professional and is able to answer nearly all possible questions that may arise. The drop-down section of the FAQ page is eye-catching and obviously makes things clearer. So first impression about the site of StallionGold is positive.

2. Investment Plans, Affiliate Program

The investment plans offered by StallionGold are various and possibly may look unique. There is no investment plan choice. The earnings are calculated automatically depending on the compounding rate you have and the amount you deposited. Basically there are 10 investment plans. The duration of every plan is 100 business days. Each plan has its own profitability which is increased depending on the amount you currently have running on your account.

Speaking about the affiliate program, there's something to talk about as well. the affiliate program is multi-level. Anyone registered may become an active affiliate partner of StallionGold. No active deposit is required to become the affiliate. Let me quote the rules for affiliate earnings directly from the official website of StallionGold. They explain how earnings are calculated in a more comprehensive way.

" will earn 8% on all investment deposits made by the clients referred by you directly. Such clients are considered to be your first level referrals. In addition to that, we expanded our affiliate structure into two more levels, where your first level referrals may at some point also become affiliate program participants themselves. In this case if referred by you clients will in the future refer other clients, you will also earn additional 3% on their investment deposits as well. Such clients are considered to be your second level referrals. Accordingly, you will also earn another 1% on deposits of your level three referrals."3. How to Invest and Withdraw Profit?

StallionGold is using three payment processors, which are rather popular in the HYIP industry: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay. theoretically, bankwire is also possible, however it can be done individually and after getting the permission and advice form the support pf the project. Naturally in order to make a deposit, one should be logged into the member area. The deposit process itself is easy and clear for anyone, who is used to e-currencies. The minimum to invest to StallionGoldis very low, just $1. It can be seen from the graph above. As for the maximum, it's not specified.

The withdrawal terms are also clear enough. The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.01. However, there might be a higher limitation due to payment processor requirements. There are also very interesting terms for the principal return.
Basically the principal is returned. Speaking about the principal return, StallionGold has introduced the innovative feature, which is the step-by-step principal return. The principal can be split into 4 parts and taken in parts. Once the first 25% is taken, the rest of the principal (75%) remains working. Definitely it lowers the risks, you have the chance to retrieve the original deposit sooner and at least if things go wrong with the program some part of your money will be paid. However, you should be aware that if you take 25% of your principal, your earning potential will also be decreased, cause eventually you will earn profit only with the 75% of your investment. So, it's up to you whether you want to reinvest the part of the principal available for withdrawal or to take it. Everything is up to you! Actually this is the first time i ever met such an interesting scheme, it DOES looks attractive and obviously brings much attention to StallionGold from the potential investors.

4. Content and legend

The content of the StallionGold website is also professionally made and seems to be unique, although the sphere of interests is rather trivial. Judging from the name of the project it's not hard to guess that StallionGold claims to be involved into trading of precious metals. I don't care if it's eventually true or not, more likely it's all like that, still the way their legend is presented is highly attractive. According to the FAQ page, StallionGold represents a company registered on Dominica. The registration certificates and ready to be provided upon request, though they are not provided for public access. The managing members claim to working in the financial business for 5 years before joining the StallionGold team.

Along with the registration papers, monthly trading reports and summaries are also ready to be provided. I would be glad to take a look at some, so let us request for at least one of such reports.

5. Customer Care and Support

The Contact Us page gives all possible means of contacting the support of StallionGold project. Apart from the normal e-mail:, the customers are able to make a phone call to: 001-6097-STGOLD or (+1(609)7784653). Also the postal address is given on the Contact Us page.

If you simply wish to send the support request without leaving the page of the website, you can take advantage of the ticket system, available for the customers. The level of customer support is decent. The replies are delivered promptly and in a very professional manner. One thing is missing here, which is the Live Chat, which would be very useful for getting in touch with the support online. At the same time i believe that this feature will be added shortly, cause StallionGold admin listens to the customers' opinion.

6. Technical Side is a domain controlled by four domain name servers at The website run on a custom-made script, developed by the team of the project's programmers, which is the sign of the professional approach towards running the investment program. As resulted from the name of the ISP provider, the same hoster is providing the DDOS protection of StallionGold. The website is located on the dedicated server. Besides it has 256-bit SSL encryption provided by COMODO. Please see the SSL Certificate summary here below:

Holder:, Domain Control Validated, EssentialSSL
Issuer: EssentialSSL CA, COMODO CA Limited
Expires: 30.05.2013 0:59:00 GMT

No extended validation, just a typical SSL certificate from COMODO, still, the protection is enabled and it's obviously an advantage.

7. Special Features

As i have mentioned in the introduction to the review, there are some special features that may attract investors' attention right on the main page. The first one is investment calculator, which allows potential customers to calculate earnings, based upon the investment amount, and compounding rate chosen. Compounding is by the way another feature that potentially brings more attention to the clients of StallionGold. As for the rest, just another good investment choice.

8. Conclusion

StallionGold is potentially a long-term investment opportunity, which has all chances to become the industry leader, if things go right. Of course, the rule of spending not more that one can afford to lose is always effective and StallionGold is not an exception. At the same time, judging from the approach of the management to creating the website, judging from the investment plans and profitability rate, we may count upon some longterm adventure, which is a good endeavor compared to the abundance of "fasts" that appear lately. StallionGold has potential for growth! The only advice here is to act wisely, just like always!

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