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Another email was sent to the investors community as if on the behalf of the famous investment opportunity AVO INC . The email looks as if sent from...

Another e-mail was sent to the investors community as if on the behalf of the famous investment opportunity AVO INC. The e-mail looks as if sent from the following address: no-reply@avo.net. However, don't trust it! The letter is spam and moreover it contains some link that is more likely leads to some fraudulent website, supposed to steal your personal information and possibly Liberty reserve funds.

The letter offers some sort of new investment plan as if offered by AVO INC. We contacted the support of AVO INC and they denied the authentic origin of this e-mail. Please see for the text below and DON'T EVER click any links in such e-mails without verifying the information from the programs mentioned.

"Dear members,
We are glad to announce that we have received an excellent offer from our traders, that made us able to propose special profit for limited time. Since this is a one-time offer, you are highly advised to react as soon as possible. Only 2000 units are available. Each unit worth $500 and minimum deposit amount is only $500 (1 unit). Period of the special plan is 6 calendar days but you can withdraw your initial investment amount earlier than 6 days if you need it. Both of the capital and earnings are fully guaranteed and there is absolutely no risk of losing funds. Members are only allowed to make one time deposit in this plan due to high request. Once all units are sold out, no investment will be allowed in this plan. Deposits are accepted through LibertyReserve.
E.g,: If you invest $50,000 LibertyReserve in this plan, you will receive $92,000 in your LibertyReserve account in 6 calendar days.
Special plan features:
Daily Interest: 14%
Period: 6 Calendar Days
Minimum Deposit: $500
Principal Back: YES
Total Return: 184%

Best Regards,
6801 19th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204


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