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Felmina , one of the most longterm HYIPs currently listed on has issued another newsletter to their members, explaining the new service...

Felmina, one of the most long-term HYIPs currently listed on has issued another newsletter to their members, explaining the new service provided for the clients. The new service implemented is called Promo Coupon Codes. They are used as the additional tool for referring new members to Felmina.

Each Promo Coupon Code gives a $10.00 bonus added to the account principal of the newly created account. Note that one will need to make an additional deposit of at least $10.00 in order to start earning interest in the account. In order to get the Promo Coupon code there is a short manual of the steps to take:

- log into your account with us,
- go to the 'Invite Your Friends' area of your account and click to get the Promo Coupon Codes,
- the Promo Coupon Codes will be sent to your contact email address immediately,
- send the Promo Coupon Codes to your friends, contacts, site visitors and simply everyone who you would like to invite to join Felmina Alliance through your referral link,
- note that each Promo Coupon Code is linked to your account, so every person using the Promo Coupon Code you provided will join your downline automatically,
- also keep in mind that each Promo Coupon Code can only be used once.

When you obtain your Promo Coupon Code and give it to the downlines you are planning to refer, they should complete the following steps in order to activate the coupon received from you:

- copy the Promo Coupon Code received from you,
- enter the code into the 'Promo Coupon Code' field of the Account Registration form,
- the $10.00 will be immediately credited to the account principal of the newly created account.

Remember when distributing the coupons you should be aware that SPAM mailing is prohibited. You are not allowed to to send the coupons out to unsolicited mailing lists. Also, you may not send the coupon codes deliberately to the persons not interested in this investment offer. Still you can distribute the coupon freely among your relatives, friends. Besides it is allowed to distribute the codes on the niche forums and blogs as well as to send in limited and purely targeted mailings.

If you have any questions concerning the Promo Coupon Codes and their distribution, you should contact the support of Felmina or ask the experienced investors on forums or blogs. Once we have any update on using the Promo Coupon Codes, we'll update you as usually in the newsline on the mainpage of

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