Updated: 11/29/2012 15:11
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A matter of safety is brought to everybody's attention in the latest newsletter from Prospera Nova . The thing is that within the latest 3 days...

A matter of safety is brought to everybody's attention in the latest newsletter from Prospera Nova. The thing is that within the latest 3 days Prospera Nova support has been contacted by two members, who requested for assistance in restoring access to their accounts. As it turned out the PCs of both of these users have been infected with a trojan keylogger which ultimately led to stealing their passwords for all online accounts, including e-mail and e-currencies.

The access to Prospera Nova accounts has been restored and potential loss has been averted. Still, they don't have any access now to the e-mail boxes and e-currency accounts. This is bad and can't be fixed. On that occasion Prospera Nova issued this newsletter to want everyone about keeping all personal information safe and secured. Naturally, every PC operated should have the antivirus program installed and updated regularly. And of course, one should be extremely careful when launching different unknown applications and running suspicious programs. Take care about your security now not to regret later on!

As for the rest news, there's not much of it... Prospera Nova explains: "...We don't have any big news, primarily because everything is going superbly. The growth rate of our program flew over our expectations. We are working on a few new things, but I wont be releasing the details yet." So let's just wait for those new things to be announced, hope the program will last for long and at the end of the news let us remind you that currently Prospera Nova website is being monitored on for 84 days and pays 2% daily. The program is close to top of the list and has pretty much of a good rating. Let us all wish long lifetime and good payment history!

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