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Welcome, dear readers! It's the last day of November today, meaning the Black December starts right away. And today, on Friday we are pleased to welcome you with the regular HYIP Informational Survey, released twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. As usually on Friday we summarize the HYIP events for the week that passed. We are giving you the list of new programs that appeared online since the beginning of the week. Apart from that we are giving you the summary of problematic programs and naturally the list of Top Choice programs of the week. Also in the mailing you will find links to the discount coupons for the advertising services from HYIPNews.com Stay tuned! Enjoy your reading.

Top Choice

So, dear readers, 5 top programs listed on HYIPNews are right below. Make your investment choice thoroughly. Due diligence is highly recommended.

1. Benson Union

Listed: 317 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!

2. StallionGold

Listed: 88 days

Profit: 128-428% after 1-10 days!

Term: up to 10 calendar days!

3. Rico Trend

Listed: 77 days

Profit: 128-1888% after 1-60 days!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!

4. EVO Profit

Listed: 64 days

Profit: 127-717% after 1-20 days

Term: up to 20 calendar days!

5. Bank Paying Inc

Listed: 26 days

Profit: 4-4.6% daily!

Term: up to 70 business days!

So today our Top Choice section has changed a bit. The only program was replaced. It's the Money Construction, promoted on HYIPNews is now taking the 6th place and the TOP 5 is now taken by Bank Paying Inc. The leader is still the same just as those that go further on the positions 2-4. Congratulations to all programs listed at the Top Choice section.


Please welcome the new investment opportunities online. As usually the list of those added to HYIPNews recently is at your attention right below in the first part of the Openings section.

MyGlobalFinance 1.8-2.2% daily up to 80 business days!
Diamond Benefit 120-2200% after 1-20 days!

SesamCapital ReferToWealth LibertyWizard HYIPs-Investment FxInv RockHYIP Financial Income VisualFinanceInc Securedtime EgopayDeposit EcoProfits 5Aspire Fund3money Mobile-Dja1 AcegoldInvest SolidDollar RicherProfits Heinvest DreamyHYIP GoldHYIPs Earngenius IndustrialPlanet BanadWork ProjectInfrastructure HourGain Idea4Earn Fashion-Funds GreenIncome SkyProInvest WildTwelve Hourlyelite RapidEarner MorePay ZerixDot NominimumInvest Earningtrend SafeInvestLtd HourlyPlanet ProfitHYIP MaxEarn FinanceArt EDollarTown WohaFunds EuroGain

Today there are not that many new HYIP opportunities online. You can see three of them singled out. Those have joined the HYIPNews listing and hence as per the terms of our services we mention them separately. So it turned out we only have 3 programs added recently. As for the rest programs, there are not that much of them today, possibly the reason is the start of the Winter season. Anyway good luck, dear investors with your endeavors!


BestProfits - not paying
Technology Of Power - not paying
Tobacco Capital - not paying
Make Money Double - not paying
New-time - not paying
Empire Finance Group - not paying

Trading Coalition - not paying

Kash Gol Ltd - not paying
Free Trades Inc - not paying
Afsa Investment - not paying
Capital Turbo Ltd - not paying
Endat Invest - not paying
Pristine Funds - not paying
Jay Invest - not paying
Loyal Assets Ltd - not paying
Navitas Trade - not paying
Hiper Profits - not paying
Save Inv - not paying

The list of Problem program above is various. There are different sort of programs within. Both old-timers and those, which are absolutely new, with the lifetime term of not more than 1 month. The second group is much larger and it can be explained with the industry trend for fast programs. Fast HYIP is unfortunately more often turns into fast scam. Please be extremely careful when choosing the investment opportunity to make your deposits. The programs mentioned above are dangerous to invest at the moment.


AV-eurotrade (10 days), Successful Investment (912 days), Fx Earn (270 days), Strong Investment Ltd (45 days), Lord of Profits (8 days), Trillion Markets (91 days), AVGCM (9 days), Royalty Money Hourly (8 days), Camboura (5 days).


A matter of safety is brought to everybody's attention in the latest newsletter from Prospera Nova. The thing is that within the latest 3 days Prospera Nova support has been contacted by two members, who requested for assistance in restoring access to their accounts. As it turned out the PCs of both of these users have been infected with a trojan keylogger which ultimately led to stealing their passwords for all online accounts, including e-mail and e-currencies.
The access to Prospera Nova accounts has been restored and potential loss has been averted. Still, they don't have any access now to the e-mail boxes and e-currency accounts. This is bad and can't be fixed. On that occasion Prospera Nova issued this newsletter to want everyone about keeping all personal information safe and secured. Naturally, every PC operated should have the antivirus program installed and updated regularly. And of course, one should be extremely careful when launching different unknown applications and running suspicious programs. Take care about your security now not to regret later on!
As for the rest news, there's not much of it... Prospera Nova explains: "...We don't have any big news, primarily because everything is going superbly. The growth rate of our program flew over our expectations. We are working on a few new things, but I wont be releasing the details yet." So let's just wait for those new things to be announced, hope the program will last for long.

The first newsletter has been issued by Brendon Hammond, the CEO of Money Construction. It's a typical short-term program, paying up to 1200% principal included after up to 15 days. Obviously those who joined first have got their profits and managed to recover the principal, meaning the second cycle might have started. So far so good, the project is paying and since the very launch it managed to be mentioned twice in the TOP Choice section of our HYIP informational survey. Currently it is taking the 6th place and still considered to be close to TOP.
In the very first newsletter, Brandon thanks everyone who joined the project and enjoyed the quality of processing payments instantly both deposits and withdrawals. At the same time Brandon shows gratitude to all the members, being active on forums.
Speaking about the future plans, some new features and add-ons are going to be added shortly. First of all, for the convenience of the members, new e-currencies are going to be added. It has been reported that the first e-currency that will be added is EgoPay. more contests and lotteries are planned to be introduced in the nearest future. Apart from that, the website of Money Construction is planned to be translated into the most common languages. At the end of the newsletter, Brandon emphasizes, in case anyone has any ideas concerning the website promotion, suggestions are always appreciated. That is all about the first newsletter, let's hope we'll see the second one and it will bring nothing but good news for the members of Money Construction.

Sigma Sum has notified about certain withdrawal problems, caused by the connection problem between the server of Sigma Sum and liberty reserve which in its turn causes pending withdraws for some users. The status on our listing is positive, hence we can assume the problems have been resolved as it's been promised within 2-3 hours.

Professional Forex Union is now multilingual. After adding the automatic translations into Chinese, Italian and Russian, the project becomes closer to carious investors worldwide.

As reported by Innovis-Corp the GoldCoders script provider is not available for some time, hence automatic deposit calculation is not possible. That is why after making a deposit and once it is not shown on your account, please get in touch with the project's customer support, mention you login and transaction details. Please don't forget to include the batch number and the plan chosen.

PrimoShares is also suffering from GoldCoders script provider downtime. Any site run on the GC script should patiently wait for the situation to be resolved. So far the symptoms are the same: no automatic deposit calculation, not possible to process the withdrawal requests. Sounds not good enough, not to say worse! Perhaps the things are resolved by the time you read this survey, hope it's true, if not, we'll be forced to mark the projects involved as Problem!

Another issue is also in action here! BVI Trading Ltd reported yesterday that automatic payments in LR have not been possible. Once the situation is not resolved the requests are going to be processed manually.

HYIPNews Events

As you might remember, starting from September 1 every new client joining the Premium listing, got a gift from HYIPNews: 2-time Ads in Survey for FREE in terms of the Autumn Promo campaign. The Autumn Promo is now ends and due to numerous requests of the customers of ours, we have decided to prolong the special advertising terms for the new clients, hence initiating the December HOT Promo. In terms of this Promo, HYIPNews offers one week Banner Ads In Survey + Interview for all programs newsly added FOR FREE. The December HOT Promo is only valid during December.
And today we are providing 50% discount for the professional promotional for the last time. Starting from tomorrow the new programs added will be interviewed for free. We shall organize the paid promotional interview with the representative of your program, which are going to be spread online and placed on our site.
You will receive few hard questions, few not very pleasant, but other will give you good chance to show your project from best sides. The interview will be published in the newsline on the site of HYIPNews.com. Apart from that we shall mail the interview to the subscribers' database in the regular HYIP informational survey.
In order to order the Paid Promotional Interview with 50% discount today, please proceed to paying the coupon, following the link below: http://www.hyipnews.com/coupon/?c=PromotionalInterview#coupon.
If you have any questions, concerning the interview and promoting your programs online, please contact the support of HYIPNews

Good News

Two good news we have today. First one is the return of Growing Horizon Inc to Paying statuses and the second piece of news is the return of Fxen online. As they reported earlier they had the domain issue, so they moved to another one. It took some time for the new domain to get setup and the website to get moved to the new address. Fortunately, these changes have been completed and the investment project Fxen is back online, paying all the debts. Congratulations!


SolidTrustPay official blog has one recent update which is going to be very useful for anyone interested in exchanging currencies. Everyone needs to know as much as possible about exchanging e-currencies with the risks minimum. Nowadays there are lots of online payment systems available and naturally one should always find a way to move funds between them. It's well known that for these purposes currency exchangers are widely used. Speaking about SolidTrustPay exchanges, they are limited to:
- Customer outside of the United States
- Customers who are Verified / Bank Verified
The non-US residence limitation is caused by the US anti-money laundering legislation, due to which STPay is not permitted to participate in exchanges with other e-currencies for US-based clients. What are authorized and unauthorized exchangers? What are the risks? What should one do if one is not eligible for exchanges. Please find some time and read the article following the link below: http://solidtrustnews.com/2012/11/28/exchanging-ecurrencies-safely/

HYIP Blogs

The HYIP Pulse blog has been recently updated with several interesting articles. The first one is about Binary Options. It is considered to be a way to make huge returns with huge risk, just everyone is used to from the love hated HYIPs. But the good thing: No scam! Your success solely depends on if you are able to do the right steps at the right time in the financial markets. So to know what the Binary options are, what binary options broker to recommend, please read through the Binary options introduction following the link below: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/binary-options-an-introduction

Another word against Payza goes in another update on the HYIP Pulse blog. As we might all remember, lots of people used to have big problems with Payza in summer. It took them months to process bank deposits and withdrawals and also the support was almost not existing as it was nearly impossible to get some answer from them. In fact these problems were never really solved. Still today there are at least 20 new complaints every day. It seems like their own business attitude and the try to be compliant with the laws is hurting them more and more. After they decided to kick HYIPs back in summer this year they have now also stopped doing transactions for people from UK and India. This is a pretty funny fact as MH Pillars Ltd. is based in UK. Now their next problem is that it is impossible to do any Bank Wire / Bank Transfer transactions with them and thus it is impossible at the moment to get funds out of there except through exchangers. The official explanation for these new problems is that they are changing their provider for Bank Transfers. See the complete article here: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/new-payza-problems-felmina-news

Why Some HYIPs Survive Longer Than Others? I am sure this question has been asked multiple times by thousands of investors all over the world. Here in the latest blog update on HYIP Pulse blog, the author tries to uncover the truth and investigate why some HYIPs are able to survive for a year or longer while the majority goes south after just some months or even days. See the truth here: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/why-some-hyips-survive-much-longer-than-others

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