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The second newsletter from Geother, the CEO of Platinum Vertex has been delivered to the members of this investment project. The project is rather new...

The second newsletter from Geother, the CEO of Platinum Vertex has been delivered to the members of this investment project. The project is rather new, listed on for 22 days and paying 4.5-6% daily for up to 40 business days.

At the very start of the newsletter Geother is thankful for all the support given by the investors of Platinum Vertex on the early stage of the project development. Seems that since the very start of this week two plans have been enjoying the widest popularity as reported in the newsletter. These are the Palladian and Rhodic investment plans. As the Christmas come closer, Geother tries to convince every single investor that despite any possible expectations for the majority of the programs to be closed within this period, the funds deposited to Platinum Vertex are considered to be safe and secured.... at least this is what Geother says... let's try to believe that. At least so far, so good, the profit is paid properly.

Having the Chistmas period in mind as the most demanding time of the year, Platinum Vertex is also starting to increase the production due to the extreme growth of the franchises owned. As a return favor for the trust of investors, the management of Platinum Vertex is providing innovative and exciting developments. And let me share some of these new things to be added:

"1. Depositors Hall of Fame Page – investors of the Palladian and Rhodic plans are our PREMIUM members and deserve the RIGHT TO BE RECOGNIZED. I have already assigned PlatinumVertex‘s personal IT Team to create a very special page for you all. Should you not want your name to be included in the list for whatever reason is, please inform us via email at [email protected]
2. The PlatinumVertex products slideshow will be temporarily suspended this month because we will be replacing them with the Christmas Events!
3. All Event Mechanics can now be found on the different banners so watch out for them!"

One thing worth attention is that during the month of December there will be two days, when profit is not going to be paid within the terms of Platinum Vertex. December 10 is a non-paying day for the Company Christmas Party. The cash out requests are not going to be processed either. And the second day, December 25 is a non-paying day due to Christmas Day. All business transactions will resume on the 26th of December.

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