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Good Day, dear readers, subscribers and investors! The HYIPNews team is very pleased to welcome each and everyone reading the regular release of the HYIP informational survey, published at your attention and sponsored by StallionGold. Today it's time for you to learn about the latest events from the world of HYIP industry, see the current Openings and watch the Problem programs long with the closed ones. We give short review of the latest HYIP blog updates along with the news from the leading payment processors. Basically all you might need to know about the HYIP industry development for the last 3 days is here in the regular HYIP informational survey by HYIPNews.com. Enjoy your reading:

Top Choice

The list of TOP 5 programs is given at you attention as always actually. the Top Choice section enlists the programs promoted on HYIPNews and also some proven industry leaders. Please mind any information presented is purely informative. It's not a direct recommendation or any sort of pressure upon investors. So, please, take a look at the TOP 5 programs listed on HYIPNews below:

1. Benson Union

Listed: 328 days

Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!

Term: up to 170 business days!

2. Rico Trend

Listed: 88 days

Profit: 128-1888% after 1-60 days!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!

3. EVO Profit

Listed: 75 days

Profit: 127-717% after 1-20 days

Term: up to 20 calendar days!

4. Amila Trade

Listed: 137 days

Profit: 129-589% after 1-15 days!

Term: up to 60 calendar days!

5. StallionGold

Listed: 99 days

Profit: 128-428% after 1-10 days!

Term: up to 10 calendar days!

So as you may see, the Top Choice section hasn't changed a lot compared to last Friday. Two programs that were on TOP last time: Rico Trend and EVO Profit have initially been replaced by other two programs, though by the time of publishing this informational survey, they managed to get back to the Top Choice section. Bank Paying Inc has been replaced by the competitor - Amila Trade, which some time ago used to be on TOP and even managed to become sponsor of the HYIP informational survey. As for the rest members of TOP 5, still the same names: StallionGold, as the sponsor of this informational survey, Bank Paying, taking the 4th place and... the TOP 1 is still... Benson Union, which is nearly 1 year online as of now. Congratulations to all members of the Top Choice section.


The Openings section starts as usually with the programs newly added to the HYIPNews.com listing. And the second part of the section lists HYIPs that appeared online for the period since last Friday till today.

Finex Trade 1.15-2.47% daily up to 103 business days!
Nevada Investment 2-6% daily up to 50 business days!
Gold Investment 125-1220% after 1-16 days!

StCompany SMFunds FnTrust DailyAdProfit Stravia UnionBank SuperInv MNOFivance ProfitSquare FastEasyForex VasiaFunds EasySoundForex BollarBankUSA 2013Profit WealthyInHours Glob-Invest-Group After1hours TitaniumInv Pay5Daily FixDailyRoi BestPayingHYIP Finance OilAssetInc BostonFunds UltimateROI StarCapital Invested4life BucksHunter AirCraftInvest AirCraftInvest AmazingMoneyMagnet RoiStart Sun4Life Fund2Invest PremiumFund PassiveFinance DollarsQuest GermanForex FXTFinance IncomeFormula Ghost4Money MetalsGain FinanceRoyalty FProfits MOdelingProfit FXSum BearnMode YourDesires WorldTradeProfit OffshoreWorldWide DiamondMOney InvestinReserves InvestinHarvest HourlyLucky HomeofMoney GreatDouble GetdailyProfit EarningClub Aunaft 5DaysProfit

The Openings section is numerous as always, actually. The first part includes 4 new programs. They were added to the HYIPNews monitor. Good luck to the admins! As for the rest, there certainly may be several programs worth investors' attention. One thing is recommended in any case. Before joining a HYIP, remember, due diligence is a must to do! Make your investment choice thoroughly and wisely, dear investors.


RichStocks - not paying
Professional Forex Union - site offline
Mini-Invest - not paying
Gold Trade Funds - not paying
Capital Boniad - not paying
Alkor Finance - not paying
Ervest - not paying
Infinite Earn - not paying
DDE Capital LLC - not paying

Diamond Benefit - not paying
Visual Finance Inc - not paying
Hyips Investment - not paying
Panker Finance - not paying
Profit-For-All - not paying
Offshore World Wide - not paying
NC Exc Co Ltd - not paying
American FX Trade - not paying

There's pretty long list of Problem programs this time, nearly twice larger than the one last Friday. The programs assigned with the Problem status last time have mostly recovered from that status and got moved to the Good News section. As for the new list, there are mostly new programs with a very short lifetime of less than a month. There are some more long-term ones, though their number is much less. Whatever the length of this list is, one thing is for sure - so far none of the programs given above is recommended for investing, at least until things are resolved.


The Money Galaxy (118 days), Invest-It-Safe (22 days), Alpari Traders Fund (52 days), Emulation Fund (27 days), Alcor Investment (44 days), CNN Inv (62 days), Navitas Trade (52 days), Oil-Industrial (9 days), Fexcorpo (14 days), Dividend Stream (20 days), Lemo Capitals (22 days), Financial Profit (26 days), PocoFunds (26 days), Coalimp (27 days), LLLtd (49 days), Mart Finance (72 days), Model Fund (254 days), Russia Network Investment (433 days), Successful Dollars (427 days).


Constantly Paid offers exceptional promotion for the investors. Every investor gets 10% bonus to the deposit made, plus the T-shirt as a present. Here are the conditions applied for getting the bonus and the T-shirt:
1. Deposit a minimum of $ 1,000 in gold plan.
2. Valid only for 1 person and 1 time transaction deposits (accumulation does not apply).
3. 10% deposit bonus credited to your deposit account.
4. daily profit generated from your deposit bonus can be withdrawn every days, and https://constantlypaid.com/?view=news"

After publishing the previous newsletter concerning the trouble with Liberty Reserve accounts and disabling the instant withdrawal feature at Mox, i am sure lots of concerns have raised. Naturally we are pleased to let everyone know about the latest newsletter that was delivered. Mox is back with instant withdrawals. The update has become possible after checking all the settings and account security. Please find some time to read through the update directly from Mox:
"Libertyreserve Withdraws Instant Again
Hello everyone,
We have sent out a newsletter yesterday that we have temporary disabled instant withdraw for Libertyreserve. Now we have finished our secure checking and settings. We are glad to announce that withdraws to Libertyreserve are instant again.
Sincerely, Mox Admin."

FNOCapital has explained possible payment delays that might have happened because of Liberty Reserve downtime and scheduled maintenance. First it was reported that delays are because of API problems and then it was ultimately notified about successful resolving of the issue.

And there's also another update from Prospera Nova concerning the issue on withdrawals due to the Liberty Reserve scheduled maintenance. Still it is worth mentioning that this time, this update is more pleasant, cause even when the LR was down, Prospera Nova managed to keep on paying within the terms declared (24 hours). Good for the admin and for the investors of Prospera Nova.

The weekly newsletter from Diamond Asset was rather short, just letting everyone know that all interest payments for this week have been successfully processed.

Platinum Vertex has sent the Christmas Events Update to its members. We have already notified about a series of prizes as a pre-Christmas gift for the members. So as for the first event announced "Best Holiday Greeting" the admin is thankful for participation. The result has been decided through voting and announced on the Christmas party that took place on Monday.
This week another Christmas Event is announced. It is called "1st Month Online Testimonials Event", which will be through by December 14, 2012.

HYIPNews Events

The December HOT Promo is still in action! In terms of this Promo, HYIPNews offers one week Banner Ads In Survey + Interview for all programs newly added FOR FREE. The December Promo is only valid during December. Please take a look at the Advertise page of ours. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Good News

This Tuesday there are lots of Good News. The thing is that last Friday, lots of programs mentioned as Problem were pretty much old-timers and hence we all might have hoped for the successful resolving of the problem issue with most of them. Fortunately we were lucky and today we have 6 programs, which managed to get the Paying status back. And these are the: Capital Turbo Ltd, Diamond Asset, Genius Merchant, VIC Money, Netdeal Club and Earning Trend.


For the period between December 7 and December 10, Liberty Reserve, which is normally out of news has been on scheduled maintenance twice. First time the maintenance was announced on December 7, between 09:00 (pm) and 1:00 (am) UTC. The reason for this maintenance was integrating with the SMS Verification Feature as part of their services. As reported, SMS coverage will be worldwide, however some of the telecommunication providers in certain countries may not be supported. You can report this issue to Liberty Reserve customer support and they will gladly assist you. You can read about this maintenance on the Liberty Reserve official blog: http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2012/12/scheduled-maintenance-december-7-0900pm.html
And the second maintenance was yesterday, on December 10 at 12:00am UTC due to the system updates on the API Servers, which is planned to make the system work faster and in a more productive way. See the update on this maintenance following the link: http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2012/12/scheduled-maintenance-december-10.html

OKPAY in cooperation with MyPay - a leading network of payment terminals in Thailand is introducing a direct cash funding method for quick and easy eWallet top-up. See the detailed information on how to top-up the e-Wallet following the link: https://www.okpay.com/en/company/news/fund-okpay-with-cash-in-thailand.html

HYIP Blogs.

As we have already notified, Hyip Pulse blog has started to publish a series of articles devoted to Binary options, as the way to earn money online fast with a certain risk degree. Today we'd love to draw your attention to another part of this saga, called Binary Options: Money Management.
All you need to know on how to manage your funds when dealing with binary options, how to diversify and what steps to take in order to benefit wil minimum risks applied, all this information can be found in the latest update from HYIP Pulse, following the link below: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/binary-options-money-management/

Many investors have possibly asked a question: "Why do you agree to Earn Money Online from HYIPs even if you know HYIPs are fake businesses?" Frank, the author of the Private HYIP blog decided to dwell into this topic and tried to analyze this contradiction. Indeed, you can earn big money here, however you can lose much more. All HYIPs are illegal - this is nearly all 100% true! Why then everyone jumps into them... need for money, lust for risk... what else? Read the article following the link below and try to find the answer to the question, asked above: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/12/08/why-people-agree-to-earn-money-online-from-hyips-even-if-they-know-hyips-are-fake-businesses/

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