Updated: 01/14/2013 18:45
Hyip Monitor

Monearn is a new HYIP that has been listed at for 13 days. Within these days there have been no significant troubles with the project and today we are ready to share the latest news from Monearn with our readers. First of all, it should be mentioned that Monearn is now available on various extensions. See the complete news there below:

"We would like inform you that Monearn INC now online with 7 domains extensions :
And within 1-3 days we will inform you about our new SSLs (Already under installation)

Thanks for reading,
Best regards,
Monearn INC.
Stan. Owner, Founder."

Another piece of news from the admin of Monearn refers to the membership of the project and on that occasion to the bonus calculation for active membership. I can hardly believe this information is true, though it's for you to decide on that dear readers. See the news below:

"We would like to thanks all our great members and investors for this awesome progress that we got in only 11 days,
Now we have over 10,500 registered members, over 8,500 active members (already made a deposits), and over 4,000 VIP members (who made deposits over $500).

So, our admin decided to give $500 bonus for the active member number 10,000
So keep looking on our live statics to try to be the active member number 10,000
Our live statics updating every 10 minutes..."

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