Updated: 01/15/2013 22:27
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EpicRoyalFund is a private investment club and normally the news from that type of projects are not delivered in a massive way. Still i may assume among the readers of HYIPNews there can be the members of EpicRoyalFund - this update is for them.
First of all the project decided to cover the “weak spots” and got protected by BlockDOS, a reliable and consistent DDoS mitigation company, obvious leader of the industry. The tech admins set everything up within a week and "...configure the server to form a synergistic platform with the BlockDOS’ Gateway. We are still monitoring and testing the system 24/7 and if something goes wrong, we know it before you do and are ready to fix whatever issues may appear..."

Also the admin Jeffrey has announced some positive developments concerning the coming new payment methods, releasing new due diligent materials and expanding its online support. All members of EpicRoyalFund look forward to the changes that will presumably affect the program’s presence in the HYIP market and make it more popular.

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