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Hello, dear readers! The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to present you with the latest information about the HYIP market in the regular HYIP informational survey. The today's survey is sponsored by Stravia and StallionGold. As usually twice a week on Tuesday and Friday we are posting the latest events from the HYIP industry, including the news from the payment processors and blog updates. We give you the outline of the new programs that have been added to HYIPNews monitor, as well as other new HYIP opportunities that appeared on the market lately. Along with the new programs, you get the full picture of problem programs and those, which have been closed and gone for good. The HYIP informational survey apart from being published on the HYIPNews.com website, is also mailed out to the subscribers database of 28K+ members. Please enjoy your reading and any comments and opinions are appreciated:

Top Choice

The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. Split into two sub-sections, take a look below, please:

HyipNews Choice

The first 5 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:

1. Benson Union

Listed: 377 days Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily! Term: up to 170 business days!

2. Eurex Trade

Listed: 696 days Profit: 1.2-2.9% daily! Term: for lifetime!

3. 4 Forex Investment

Listed: 109 days Profit: 11-14% daily! Term: up to 10 business days!

4. StallionGold

Listed: 148 days Profit: up to 4% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!

5. Australian Business Group

Listed: 179 days Profit: 1-2.2% daily! Term: up to 80 calendar days!

Sticky Listing

And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 5 TOP sticky listed programs and those paid-promoted at HYIPNews.com. See the list of these programs below:

1. Professional Forex Union

Listed: 116 days Profit: 1.2-2.4% daily! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

2. InvControl

Listed: 14 days Profit: 127-1100% after 1-20 days Term: up to 70 calendar days!

3. eSafe

Listed: 12 days Profit: 133-450% after 1-7 days! Term: up to 56 calendar days!

4. Hurricane Assets

Listed: 10 days 0.9-2.4% daily! Term: up to 150 calendar days!

5. Money Construction

Listed: 81 days Profit: 130-1200% after 1-14 days! Term: up to 30 calendar days!

The first part of the Top Choice section, HYIPNews Choice, hasn't changed at all. Still the same programs there, with the TOP 1 Benson Union ahead. As for the second part of the Top Choice section, called Sticky Listing, there are some changes compared to the last time. First of all, the paid promo of Inv-WorldFund has expired and it has been lowered in the rating. Besides Money Construction, which was on Top of the Sticky listing as the paid promoted program is now taking the 5th place, without being paid promoted. I would say being at the bottom without paid promotion is much more valuable than to pay for the listing. Congratulations to Money Construction! We also have two more addings to the Sticky listing. eSafe and Hurricane Assets have been paid-promoted and hence included to the Sticky listing of today's informational survey.


Let us continue the HYIP informational survey presenting you with the list of the new programs, appeared online and some added to HYIPNews recently.

CashHub 125-1500% after 1-30 days!
HYIP Parody 3% daily for lifetime
Money Powers 140-400% after 1-7 days!
Coffee Profit 4.2% hourly for 25 hours or 115-7000% after 1-14 days!
Golden Payment 105-325% after 1-15 days!
Waldman Diamond 1.3-5.2% daily up to 30 calendar days!
OBMCO 17.8-20% daily 150% after 15 days!
Black&White Fund 11-14% daily up to 10 business days!
Capital Outfit 50-75% daily up to 7 days or 700-1800% after 15-30 days!
Gold Placer 130-800% after 1-15 days!
Massive Fund 1.5-4% daily up to 90 calendar days!

NetProfitHourly PerfectTrade OceanProfits LexyFunds HourlyTrustLTD TradingBank MinuteandRich HourlyTrade LaceAtom WestWorkFund UniteTradeFunds Instantibo ConstructionFunds AoneProfit MAgicPRofit EarnCashBank Born4Invest ProfitCashPay GoldsCredit GemstoneFinances BTCHYip GoonGold ImperialProfits HyipStars TotalInvestMAnager MAxProInvest LloydsFinance CeraProfit Cash-Lcapital BusinessCuttle TradeEarn SupremeProfits VIP-Income PureIncome LrRoi PerfectBank RomanianGold NoraProfit FredomaFinance ForestBank CashCapital

The list of today's new opportunities very large, actually as always. Good luck with the new opportunities, dear investors! Please remember, not every new program is going to make you a fortune. Make your due diligence before investing. Wait for a while, not to be scammed during the first days of the program activity. And remember, the one with the detailed section have been added to the HYIPNews listing, though that doesn't mean it will last for years... still the most risky are the programs from the second section of the Openings section. These are mostly ultra short term and quite often template-like HYIPs. Beware and try not to get scammed!


Royal Endow - site offline
OilTradersLtd - not paying
Trade Swap - not paying
Sun7Life Financial - not paying
Plenty Fund - not paying
Offshore World Wide - not paying
Impressive Trade - not paying
Fran Investment - not paying
Fire Ur Bosses - not paying
Orucule Incorp - not paying
Kelvin Trade - not paying
Hyip International - not paying

We are back with the section of Problem programs. This Tuesday it is a bit more numerous than the previous Friday. The weekend seems to be not good at all for lots of programs that are now experiencing problems with payouts. All programs mentioned above are currently having troubles, which means just one thing: until things become clearer, until the status is changed (if changed eventually) to positive, these programs are not recommended for investing. If you have any questions or may have a warning or a report regarding any of programs, you are free to get in touch with us anytime.


Excellent Capital (18 days), Impressive Trade (35 days), Oil Funds Plaza (19 days), Flower Business (7 days), Invest 4 Success (15 days), Lithuania Trade (632 days), Safe-Income 2013 (19 days), Sync Company (7 days), Gold Revenue (7 days), Prima Inv (13 days), Every Hour Paid (14 days).


After another good week today saw us reach a milestone of 1000 members, out of all these members 412 have made an Tony, the admin of the PremierLeagueProfits, the HYIP, working online for less than a month has sent weekly newsletter to the members of the project. Before going into the particulars of the newsletter let's say a couple of words about the project. The main feature that stands PremierLeagueProfits from the rest of the mass is low profits earned and offered to its investors. PremierLeagueProfits offers 1% for 180 business days and 7% for 30 weeks. Not much though it makes the project potential longterm for earning passive income.
Now, concerning the latest newsletter, issued by Tony, the admin of the project. So, after the project has been online for nearly a month, it claimed to reach the milestone of 1000 members, who were definitely attracted by the uncommonly low interests earned. Nearly half of all the members have made investment.
The last week of the project work online has been marked by more active live chat functioning. As reported in the newsletter, the most common question asked by the people, who had a talk in the live chat was the question if PremierLeagueProfits allowed compounding or not. The answer to that question is No, there is no compounding option, however the profit can be reinvested from the wallet to the new investment plan that lasts for another 180 days.
And finally let us quote the final part of the newsletter by Tony that says about possible problems with cashing the funds out from members' accounts: "... Apart from the odd problem with a few members accounts regarding how to cash out things are running quite smoothly, a few members found it difficult to cash out directly so if anyone has that problem just transfer your earnings to your wallet and cashout from there but remember to use the same payment method to which you invested or it will cost you 10% for the exchange..."

The Sol-R HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for 9 days. The interest rates offered (2.2-2.7% daily) let us assume the project is potentially aimed at longterm performance. Hope it's true and we'll meet the Sol-R HYIP among the industry leaders within several months. As of now the project is developing and growing, which goes from the latest newsletter sent by the admin of the Sol-R project.
First of all, it should be mentioned that the deposit bonus initially offered by the management to new investors has been now removed. It was added in terms of promo campaign and now the promo is over. As a compensation for all being sad about removing the deposit bonus, Sol-R management has introduced the testimonial contest for all the members of the project.
Please see the newsletter details below for learning the details about the testimonial contest held by Sol-R: "...Starting today you can visit the following link to submit a testimonial to us.
Please note, In order for this to be successfully submitted you need to supply your correct username.
Upon approval these testimonials will be added to our site in the testimonials section.
On February 4th, 2013 we will randomly select 5 winners to receive a bonus to there account.
The grand prize winner will receive a $250 bonus to there account while the remaining 4 winners will receive $50 bonus's to there accounts."

The young project, Massive Fund has been added to HYIPNews listing 4 days ago. The project is potentially a medium term HYIP with the interests offered 1.5-4% daily for the period of 90 calendar days. Despite the project is so young, it already faced the troubles connected with the site being DDoS attacked.
As the latest newsletter from Massive Fund says, the project has been under DDoS attack within the last 4 days. The good thing about it is that Massive Fund is till paying and makes all possible to remain online, including purchasing extra antiDDoS protection. "That which does not kill us makes us stronger". This can become a motto of the Massive Fund project in case it keeps on working under the circumstances of constant attacks.

The SureInv project monitored at HYIPNews for 74 days is now in the active development phase, in terms of which, the launch of the new promo program: "Here today, here tomorrow" has marked the start of the active promo period. One of the evidence that may speak for active program development has become increasing the quantity of the promo materials both on the site and third-party resources.
Apart from the promotion and program development, some significant changes have been applied as well. First of all, due to lack of coordination with some e-mail providers, the management of SureInv has decided to disable the procedure of account verification. After registering, you will be able to login directly without clicking the verification link that used to be sent to customers' mailboxes.
Another improvement is UNLIMITED active deposits in the project. Once any person doesn't break the terms of the affiliate program of SureInv, one is allowed to open as many active deposits as possible. This has become one extra advantage in terms of initiating the promo campaign and the development of new promo materials, which is in progress.
One more final reminder has been made at the end of the newsletter, which refers to the payout procedure. The payments are not processed at weekends, the interests are calculated on working days (Mon to Fri). That would be all, dear readers! At least for now!

HYIPNews Events

The HYIPNews website was yesterday back under DDoS attack. The reason is our activity aimed first of all at revealing illegal online opportunities and warning investors against depositing funds to suspicious investment schemes. The scammers are constantly trying to get us down to be able scamming investors without interruptions. However, i must admit, within the last 10 years this attack is not the first one and for sure not the last one. Constant DDoS attacks is our natural way of life and we are grateful to our service provider Voxility.com for the professional approach in mitigating the DDoS attacks.

Good News

Last time we had not a very large list of Problem programs, which left us no hope for the good news today. Fortunately there is still one Good News today. One program, which was Problem last Friday has resumed the paying status. So then, welcome the winner of the day: Air CargoXpress. Congratulations both to admin and investors of the project.


The Customer Loyalty Promotion from PexPay has completed its 3rd week. Two winners have been announced. The two lucky PexPay accounts to win this week are: 1st 125169 - 20.00 2nd 121292 - 10.00 As reported in the latest news from PexPay, the funds have been added to the accounts corresponding. Look for more details about the PexPay Customer Loyalty Promotion in the official PexPay newsline.

HYIP Blogs.

Looking back at 2012 in order to earn in 2013. That's the name of the article on the Private HYIP Blog. Frank hasn't posted the updates since December 16, 2012. Obviously the holidays took pretty much time. And now he's back with observing the winning moves and timing used during the year 2012. The article is pretty large and tells about the main principles of hyip moves made by Frank, such as: risking $$$ early in big programs, such as JSStripler, Zeek Rewards and BannersBroker. That tactics ultimately brought enough profit for Frank, as well as for many other investors, who jumped in early enough. Another word is about the short-term HYIPs and the principles of choosing them for the personal investment portfolio.

One separate word can be said for creating the HYIPChat.com and the PrivateHyipForum. These platforms have become a perfect place to keep in touch with fellow online money-makers, ready to share investment experience and any possible thoughts about the HYIP activity online. At the end of the article Frank says about the main principles of forming the investment portfolio in the year 2013. See the complete article here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2013/01/28/looking-back-at-2012-in-order-to-earn-in-2013/

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