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We have already notified regarding the Client Promotion program. Today, i would like to draw your attention, dear readers to the latest newsletter...

We have already notified regarding the Client Promotion program. Today, i would like to draw your attention, dear readers to the latest newsletter from SureInv, where TJ explains the promotions offered to all clients no matter if they are active or not. The thing is that right after posting information about the promotion program by SureInv, there have been many questions, saying if it's now possible to increase the affiliate rate for those who's already involved into active promotion of the project. For the purpose to clarify the situation, SureInv has issued this newsletter giving the key points of the three Client Promotion opportunities offered by the management of the project.


So let's start as it is. The first promotion is "Posting". The main idea about tis type of promotion is posting some good vote or good reports on monitors, Facebook or forums when on gets paid by SureInv. This kind of promotion is old as the hills. Still it works well enough for the project's growth if every single investor makes some good vote or post each time he or she gets paid. There will be three main prizes of $100, $50 and $20 and three consolation prizes of $10 each. All prizes will be awarded randomly and paid direct to your payment processor account of choice.


Speaking about the second type of promotion offered by the management of SureInv, it's worth saying, it's also good enough and can be actually considered to be a kind of passive promotion. Adding your referral link to forum signatures. Good option for those, who love forum posting, those who make post often. In that case, forum signatures promotion needs no efforts from the member. The referral link appears every time, one makes the post. The prizes for the forum signature are $200, $150 and $100 -- paid direct to your preferred payment processor account.


And the last but not the least promotion offered by SureInv is organizing Facebook or Skype groups. For those, who feel like capable of doing this sort of business, the reward is as follows. Let me quote this part of the newsletter here below:


"If you think you are capable of managing any Facebook or Skype group for sureinv, please contact us now via Email. Apart from allowances to market sureinv in your region, there will be a second tier ref commission of 3% granted as well, for all clients joining sureinv through the groups and paid to the group owner on top of the first tier 5% commission paid to the direct referrer. Also we will personally take part in all groups on a weekly base to support your group and our clients."

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