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Here below we are glad to publish the interview with the Project Manager of the investment opportunity called AdSolid, reviewed here , Mr. Timoleon...

Here below we are glad to publish the interview with the Project Manager of the investment opportunity called Ad-Solid, reviewed here, Mr. Timoleon Corrales. IF you find the interview worth your attention, and want to know more about the performance of Ad-Solid, you amy contact us any time later and ask your questions.

1) Hello and welcome on the pages of Please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your position in the company.

Greetings! My role in the project is to coordinate and direct the work of our professional team.

I'm reading a lot, getting information from different sources andanalyzing it before making a decision. As you can see, at this moment, our vector is directed in East Asia. Our site is translated into Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian languages.

2) What is the mission of your company? Why did you decide to be engaged in such controversial activities as high-yield investing?

We are engaged in advertising in all its forms, and we love it. The project "AD Solid" is a project that has combined the advertising with investment opportunities in one community: Advertisers + consumers of advertising and investors simultaneously + platform where all this is possible. Of course at this point, our resource is not yet super popular, so we make a partial subsidy of the project from our other projects in the "real world."

3) You do acknowledge that your investment offer is high-yielding and therefore risky, don’t you? How do you offer our clients to minimize risks?

First of all, as in all projects of this type there are certain risks and it is better not to risk with your necessary means. You'd better attach only the specially reserved funds to invest with a given level of risk. Our program has a medium-term plans for 150 days, making it stable. Prior to the return of the deposit on completion of the investment position, investors will receive an amount of funds much greater than their initial deposits. The second point reducing the risk is that payouts are made only on working days, and investors are every day observing that the residual risk of the deposit loss decreases. Also requests for withdrawals of up to $50 are processed immediately.

4) The duration of your investment plans is 150 calendar days. It's an obvious characteristic of a long-term project, so is that how the project is positioned?

Yes, the project is prepared for a long-term stable operation. That is why we continue to develop our project, investing in it time and money. We are gradually adding new localizations of the site. Now the site is in three languages: English, Chinese and Korean. Up to the 25th of February, we will add two more languages: Vietnamese and Indonesian. In the beginning of March we plan adding the Japanese language and more European languages. Also we are working on additional advertising features of the site.

5) Some of our readers asked about our opinion regarding the combination or marketing activity and the HYIP investment opportunity. What made you decide to make these two offers within one project?

We have been engaged in advertising for a long time and in this project we are trying to attract investments from users of the project, who can be as investors and consumers of advertising and advertisers. Accordingly, the project has more than one benefit for our investors.

6) It seems to me that the schedule of payments is a very important component of the investment project and I would like to clarify this matter first hand: on which days do you pay and on which you don’t? When will I receive my first payment if I invest today?

We make payments only on working days and do not make them on weekends. If you invested on Wednesday, then you will get the first payment on Thursday. If you invested on Friday, the first payment you will receive on Monday. So from 150 calendar days you need to subtract about 28%, in total only 108 days are left at which we pay. The simple math (look at the plan "Gold") is 1.2% * 108 = 129.6% of profit plus deposit itself after the investment position is complete. But it does not include these features: daily deposit rate is growing by 0.002%, without any conditions.

Over the entire period of investment the investor receives +22.35% of these, from the first glance, tiny accruals.

Then, depending on the situation in the project, we add 0..0.2% to the daily rate. This is an average 12..17% gain for the entire period of investment. To receive this bonus, you need to visit your private office daily. The logic is this: investor visiting the site, browses the ads, and gets a bonus.

In addition there is a bonus for posting payout proofs on forums. When registering it in his account, the investor gets +0.003% as an accrual to the deposit rates for its biggest investment position. Payout proofs can be registered once a day, and if so, then for the entire investment period it can be +33.5% extra profit!
Accommodation of payout proofs, referral links makes our project more stable and popular.

7) How fast do you pay?

The minimum withdrawal amount is dependent on the payment system and its requirements. That's $0.01 for Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, $1 for Egopay and $0.5 for SolidTrustPay. 99% of withdrawals below $50 are processed automatically. 1% is the error of payment systems and these payouts processed in semi-automatic mode with a maximum of 12-24 hours (once a day). Payouts over $50 also handled several times a day.

8) By the way, how long has your company been operating?

The question is a bit imprecise. We have several areas of the advertising business in the real world. As a group of business people we are working for more than 10 years together. AD Solid is a pilot project of this type for us, but as we now see, people have pretty well taken our undertaking.

9) How can investors get in touch with you?

The best way to communicate is to use our ticket system. E-mail messages, including the contact form on the site also fall into the ticket system. It is comfortable and the history of communication is fully visible, and we can move tickets between departments. On average, 3-6 times a day we check the tickets and respond to them.

10) Are there any questions that are not mentioned in a FAQ section but are frequently asked by investors?

In principle, our investors are not asking many questions, because everything is clear on the site. The main error is when people buy promotional credits instead of investing, even though we have published a message in the advertising module. We quickly correct such situations, removing credits and transfering money to the inner balance.

11) And lastly, is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

First, in the near future, our company will be registered and we will receive the documents.
Second, we will develop our marketing tools and a full-fledged advertising platform, which will not be only the banners.
Third, we plan to translate the site in at least 10 languages. We do not pay any super profits or do not give 20% in our referral program. Our project is designed for a long existence, and after 5-8 months, you will find us on the top spots of various ratings, where now are programs such as Stallion Gold, Eurex Trade, Benson Union.

Thanks for your blog, for the offer to answer interview questions! I wish good luck to your blog in the prosperity and development!

Sincerely, Project Manager, Timoleon Corrales

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