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Hello, dear friends, investors and members. We are pleased to welcome everyone reading our regular HYIP informational survey, sponsored by...

Hello, dear friends, investors and members. We are pleased to welcome everyone reading our regular HYIP informational survey, sponsored by StallionGold, Stravia, SureInv and Ad-Solid. We appreciate your attention and in our turn do all possible to provide you with well timed, professional and really hot information from the HYIP opportunities working currently online. All events of the active HYIPs, any update on a niche blog is posted within the informational survey. The team of HYIPNews.com is working hard to prepare the detailed stats on Problem programs, Closed opportunities and new HYIPs appeared online within the latest days. All in all, HYIPNews.com is publishing the fullest and the most interesting HYIP Informational survey on the market. This opinion is objective and we are proud about that fact. Good to hear, you like what we do! Let's us start with the Top Choice section:


Top Choice



The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. Split into two sub-sections, take a look below, please:


HyipNews Choice



The first 5 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:


1. Benson Union

Listed: 401 days Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily! Term: up to 170 business days!

2. StallionGold

Listed: 172 days Profit: up to 4% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!

3. 4 Forex Investment

Listed: 133 days Profit: 11-14% daily! Term: up to 10 business days!

4. Australian Business Group

Listed: 203 days Profit: 1-2.2% daily! Term: up to 80 calendar days!

5. The Klides

Listed: 178 days Profit: 1-2.2% daily! Term: up to 80 calendar days!


Sticky Listing



And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 5 TOP sticky listed programs and those paid-promoted at HYIPNews.com. See the list of these programs below:


1. Macro Earn

Listed: 22 days Profit: 133-1133% after 1-30 days! Term: up to 30 calendar days!

2. Sol-R

Listed: 33 days Profit: 2.2-2.7% daily! Term: up to 90 calendar days!

3. Oil of Asia

Listed: 32 days Profit: 3% daily! Term: up to 75 business days!

4. Golden Payment

Listed: 26 days Profit: 105-325% after 1-15 days! Term: up to 15 calendar days!

5. Track Invest

Listed: 91 days Profit: 3.5-5% daily! Term: up to 60 calendar days!


The Top Choice today is a bit different from the one we had on Tuesday. First of all it should be said that Professional Forex Union has been removed from the Top, and replaced by another program, which has been working online for a long time, the program whose reputation for now is without any doubts, The Klides. It is now taking the 5th place of the HYIPNews Choice. The rest program remained the same. Speaking about the sticky listing, there are some changes as well. However it should be said that no new programs are now included in the Sticky listing. The only changes applied is the location of the programs inside the listing. You can check their positioning today and compare with the one we had this Tuesday. Basically positioning depends on many factors, however you may see if this or that program goes up or down in the rating, it is immediately reflected in the Sticky listing. Don't forget to vote for your favorite program to keep it running on Top for as long as possible.





Let us continue the HYIP Informational Survey by presenting you with the New HYIP programs that appeared online within the weekend. As usually this section is split into two parts: the first one gives the detailed presentation of the new programs added to HYIPNews listing. And the second part gives the list of the rest programs, that were launched lately.


Swiss Invest Fund 1.6-4.8% daily up to 90 calendar days!
BornFund 130-2000% after 1-30 days!
Elegant Income 8.72% hourly for 13 hours 125-700% after 1-15 days!
Prime Look Up 1-2% daily up to 100 business days!
Trusted Profits 125-1500% after 1-30 days!
RFI Group 1-2% daily up to 150 business days!
Income Plaza 130-800% after 1-15 days!
Invest Perspective 3-5% daily up to 50 calendar days!


TurnonFund VirsaReserve UnionInvestors RoyalHYIP SW494 BensonUnionBank FaceTrustPay TimePay DesertosObjectis BrilliantInv UniverSalary Brilliant-Inv Gainminer MarkovFund LReplus GlobalFXEarn ModernSpend TrueEarning BankonTraffic GoldRise ClickPaid BullishBankroll EA-Investment-KAg AdsWEalthClub SoftEarn HourlyCompany EverestSignal 12EV NicheShares EasyCashout GetInstant Profit4U WealthyRush BritainCash LibertyPayout RoyaltyForex ArmyPays MileniaFinance ForexInvGroup Powerful Dollars NeuroSpeed


Many programs are added today as usually to the Openings section of today's informational survey. Good to admit we have some in the first part, besides, you can still take a closer look at those given in the list above. Quite possibly you will find some investment opportunities that would suit your investment needs and expectations. The only advice i would like to give is to make due diligence when analyzing any new HYIP that is added online.





CountPay - not paying
Globobridge Investments - not paying
Online-Investments - not paying
Temco Group - not paying
Business Trade Group - not paying
Sky Funds - not paying
Afsa Investment - not paying
Profitable Coin - not paying
Invlegend - not paying
Onercle Inc - not paying
Lets Inv - not paying
MarkAdFunds - not paying
BetTrading House - not paying


The list of Problem programs today is back not very large. Obviously that is a positive trend, however one should not forget that many programs that were included into the Problem list last time are now still in Problem, though not mentioned here. Another part of programs has been moved to blacklist and only three programs were moved to the Good News section. We'll talk about them in a more detailed way in the Good News section below in today's survey. And so far, the Problem programs given above are dangerous for investing, for further investigation in action.





FXSafely (31 days), Bet Trading House (21 days), Ocean Profits (25 days), InvControl (42 days), MG Profit (45 days), ProFX7 (16 days), Smart Money Cash (10 days), Gain Money Bank (9 days), Secure Gains (6 days), Sheikh Oil (17 days), Cash Wallet (5 days), Invest Perspective (10 days), ROI Builders (15 days), Smart Choice Invest (16 days), NIC Finance (16 days), Waldman Diamond (26 days), Massive Fund (28 days), Fx Pro Share (29 days), Nubcoyu (162 days), Amazing-Earnings (208 days), VIC Money (295 days), Fixed Interest (503 days), Rising Earn (2 days).





We have received one important news update from one of the Top programs listed at HYIPNews.com - Track Invest. This HYIP has been listed for 89 days. Within this period of time, the project has performed good enough to be able to pay 3.5-5% daily for the period of up to 60 calendar days. The most profitable and the longest investment plan according to the terms of the program has already matured, which means one investment cycle has been completed, and the principals have been paid to the members. Congratulations!
The latest update sounds more like a word of thanks to the members for their support and trust. Apart from that, the newsletter reminds about some recent downtime as the result of the DDoS attack. Only the move to BlockDos servers helped to overcome he DDoS. There is finally a reminder concerning visiting the Facebook page of the project in case of troubles. The latest news are always given there, even if the site of Track Invest is not loading.

The Fork Strategy HYIP has been added to HYIPNews listing 17 days ago. The program is paying 115-200% after 15-45 days. We are still far from the maturity of the first investment cycle in the largest investment plan. Despite that fact, Fork Strategy admin reports on receiving several messages from investors, who are already in profit now as well as from those dealing with sports arbitrage. Sending the messages investors wanted some piece of advice, or were eager to share their personal investment experience in this sphere. Fork Strategy is thankful for all the messages and appreciates this type of business relationship.
About a week after the program launch, the admin of Fork Strategy sent the first newsletter with positive investment results. Many investors have been encouraged with those results and today, after receiving the second newsletter, we should say, the results reported now are nothing but good. When watching for the news on the website of Fork Strategy, we can see a table showing several positions where Fork Strategy was investing at in the past ten days.
Watching at the table, we can see that tennis was dominating in the investment positions. Mostly this is due to two very important tennis tournaments that were taking place at this period of time. Here they are: The SAP Open 2013 that happened in the USA between February 11th and 17th included over 20 matches from the first round to the final and the Qatar Total Open 2013, which is a women's tennis tournament that happened in Qatar for its 11th edition also between February 11th and 17th and included over 40 matches.
As it's been reported, nearly 25% of extra profit has been generated out of these tournaments. Currently Fork Strategy claims to be running about $45K investment amount and by the end of the year 2013, the plans are to have more than 15K investors. This milestone seems, though, extremely hard to reach. Let's keep an eye on this project.

Sol-R, reviewed here, has issued the new update, announcing two important updates. Actually Sol-R has always been in adding new features and implementing updates to the website. Today, we are happy to confirm there have been two additions. The first one is Video Guides section, which is supposed to include various video tutorials on how to work with the site of Sol-R. So far there is only one video there. It's the guide to registration process. More video tutorials are on the way.
There is also another announcement, concerning the Maxi Vote Contest by Sol-R. The rules of the contest are very simple and given there quoted below:
"Each day stop by Sol-R.org, click the MaxiVote image in the sidebar and vote for us making sure to include your Sol-R Username.
Then head over to one of our forum threads on MMG or TalkGold and post up that you MaxiVoted!
Each day we will randomly select 1 member from the list of voters to receive a $20 bonus. We will announce winners that were chosen in our newsletter updates which will be sent out once or twice a week.
This will run for 2 weeks, ending on March 6th, 2013.
Only 1 vote per day per member will be counted. Additional votes in a 24 hour period are discouraged and won't be counted.
Here are our thread URLs:

Please have some news from the AxiomInvestment project. Forex market has been added as the diversification source. As the admin claims traders working on this direction are highly experienced professionals.
Another news says that starting from February 25 the daily and weekly reports on three directions: NASDAQ, FOREX and real estate are going to be officially reported. And finally new payment systems have been applied due to requests of numerous investors from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, who prefer QIWI, bankwires, AlfaBank and PrivatBank. At the end there is a reminder not to forget using Loyalty program.

The other day we published the information on our blog about BestForInvest saying that they were having troubles with their domain and hence moved to bestforinvest.org. Today we received the official version and notification from BestForInvest and here i would like to let everyone know about the main aspects.
Initially there is a word saying the project is gaining far more and more popularity online, which as it goes from the words of admin led to disabling the *.com domain on Feb 17. Starting from Feb 19 the webnsite is working on reserve domain bestforinvest.org. All the passwords and usernames are active, all balances remain the same. The profit calculation takes place properly. Both Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money accounts remained the same.
In the meantime there are plans to add more alternate addresses in various zones so that no questions could rise in the future. The matter is that the growth dynamics is very intense and it needs some time for all the members to learn about the new address without the site being overloaded.
To make the move smooth enough certain rules are applied:
- up to Feb 22 all payouts less than $200 are processed normally, payouts on the old deposits of $200 and more are put on hold.
- starting from feb 22, all payouts up to $1000 are resumed fully.
- starting from Feb 26, all payouts will be completed with no limits.
Once again let us mention, these limits are set for old deposits, any new deposit made within this period are processed without any limits and withdrawals are paid according to the terms of the investment plans.
There is also one more reminder - all members should change the referral links and update the banners to work properly with the domain bestforinvest.org. The admin is sorry for the conveniences caused, explaining these rules are required for making the move to new domain as much smoother as possible.

Croesus Riches is not a high yield program as we get used to. The profit offered and actually paid to the members has been 10% monthly, which is reasonably significantly less than offered by the competitors. However, at the same time, it makes the Croesus Riches different from the mass and somehow can be a sign of longterm performance of this investment project.
There is one news issued today and it can be a good one for some people and a bad one for the rest. The matter is that Croesus Riches decided to increase the monthly ROI to 20% and decrease the minimum amount to invest down to $50. Well, great sign, as it may seem, however something may be hidden behind. The thing is that any change in the plans means normally nothing good at all. In this case i dare to assume, 10% monthly was not enough to attract members with $100 minimum deposit allowed. I tend to think Croesus Riches is lack of new deposits and hence it announced these new terms. Whatever the things will be, they are not applied yet. Let's see how it works out, when the changes are done.


HYIPNews Events



Today we are publishing the professional review of another HYIP opportunity called Sol-R com. The complete text can be found below:


Today we are reviewing a potentially reliable and nice looking program, which basically turns attention of potential investors since the very first time visiting the site. Sol-R investment program can remind of another program, used to be popular in the year 2012, called Enr-G. I am not going to make any suggestions regarding the ownership of Sol-R and its similarity to any other HYIPs, used to work online some time ago.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

So, as a person enters the website of Sol-R for the first time, the willing to click all around it appears. The design is eye-catching, a simple one with only two columns and well seen top menu, with the following pages include: Home, About, Register, Investment Funds, News, Ratings, Reviews, FAQ, Video Guides and Support. The script used by Sol-R is custom-made. And it's a good sign here, at least it can speak for the professional approach of the admin towards running the program. Unfortunately we can't guarantee anything when dealing with HYIPs. That's the specific character of the industry.


Getting back to the design, we can notice on the home page, in the right column list of payment processors accepted with the icons. Right below there's a list of main advantages of the website, as seen by the management. One interesting feature has been added at the bottom of the right column. Right below there is a testimonial page, showing last testimonials from people involved into Sol-R investment program. We can't prove if the testimonials are good or not, so let's just state it.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

Speaking about the investment plans, it's all simple here. 3 investment plans, with 90 calendar days investment period each. The difference lies in the daily interest earned when depositing to this or that investment plan. Let's get to the basics and figure out the investment plan peculiarities and attractiveness for the members.

Dawn 2.2% Daily $10 $1 499.99
Sunrise 2.5% Daily $1500 $9 999.99
Solar Noon 2.7% Daily $10000+

Obviously the difference between the first and the second plan is enormous. As i have mentioned before all of these 3 plans last for 90 calendar days. The profit varies not much at all (0.3%). At the same time the amounts required for investing differ greatly. $10 for the Dawn and $1500 for the Sunrise. Feel the difference! I dare to assume 90% of all members of Sol-R are investors of the Dawn plan.

The referral program is rather simple. It is one-level with typical referral rate of 5% for every new active downline.

There is also a compounding option available for all of the 3 investment plans and for any amount.


3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!


Here in this aspect Sol-R differs from the rest of the programs. While absolute majority of the HYIPs launched use two basic payment processors initially, such as Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, the management of Sol-R has decided to make a sudden move, omitting these two leaders of the industry and making SolidTrustPay and EgoPay the only accepted e-currencies. As it's been reported multiple times the purpose for that was to secure the project and the deposits of its investors. This condition has ultimately become decisive for making the popularity rate of the project. At the same time, with this approach the admin possibly perennializes the project, by means of gradual growth and slow filling with decent installments within some period of time. At the same time it can be a strategic movement to implement other e-currencies, more popular in the HYIP business.

So joining the project is easy enough. Easy to navigate member area and easy investment procedure. As for withdrawals, the limits are set by the payment systems themselves ($1 for EgoPay withdrawals and $0.50 - for SolidTrustPay). The profit requested is paid instantly, still there can be some technical issues, in that case if your request is not processed instantly it goes to pending and is paid within 24 hours.

4. Legend & Content!


It's all about energy here. The Sol-R project is managed by the GB registered company, Worldpro Limited, which is claimed to be a leading profit sharing company, founded in March 2012. Sol-R goes for SOLAR, that's what the story about. Renewable energy, solar energy to be precise. We actually don't care if they really work in this sphere, more likely they don't, who cares after all? What does matters is that the website has been developed in a professional way, with the unique and interesting to read content. The subject chosen is interesting and hot-button. Just a couple of words - after visiting the site for the first time, you feel like willing to go around and read more, and finally this is the main purpose, which has been successfully achieved by the developers of Sol-R - catching customers' attention!

5. Customer Care and Support!

Right after the launch of the Sol-R project, nearly the only possibility to contact the support was ticket system, which is a typical and frankly speaking ancient way to contact the support. A bit more than 10 days after the launch, two more ways to contact the customer care have been introduced: Facebook Page and Skype Room. The links to them are located in the right column at the bottom above the testimonials section.

6. Technical Aspect!


Sol-r.org is a domain controlled by two domain name servers at sol-r.org themselves. Incoming mail for sol-r.org is handled by one mail server also at sol-r.org. Sol-r.org has one IP number ( Sol-R is hosted at BlackLotus. DDoS protection is also secured by this reputable partner site.

The SSL Certificate for www.sol-r.org is signed by AlphaSSL CA - G2 wich is signed by GlobalSign Root CA . The SSL Certificate will expire on Sunday 19 January 2014 this means it is still valid for 331 days. The SSL Certificate has a 2048-bit length private key. Longer RSA keys are required to provide security as computing capabilities increase. The recommended RSA key-length is 2048 bits. Although a 2048-bit RSA key length is more secure than the common 1024-bit length, it is also slower and might effect server performance. Most web servers continue to use 1024-bit RSA keys without negatively influencing security for normal operations.

The domain Sol-R.com has been registered through NetEarth One Inc. on December 28, 2012 until December 28, 2013. The whois data of the domain is not protected.

Registrant Contact Information:
Name: Jonathan Krueger
Organization: Worldpro Limited
Address 1: Somerset House
Address 2: 6070 Birmingham Business Park
City: Birmingham
State: West Midlands
Zip: B37 7BF
Country: GB
Phone: +44.441513247889
Email: @gmail.com

Administrative Contact Information:
Name: Jonathan Krueger
Organization: Worldpro Limited
Address 1: Somerset House
Address 2: 6070 Birmingham Business Park
City: Birmingham
State: West Midlands
Zip: B37 7BF
Country: GB
Phone: +44.441513247889
Email: @gmail.com

Technical Contact Information:
Name: Jonathan Krueger
Organization: Worldpro Limited
Address 1: Somerset House
Address 2: 6070 Birmingham Business Park
City: Birmingham
State: West Midlands
Zip: B37 7BF
Country: GB
Phone: +44.441513247889
Email: @gmail.com


7. Special Features!

The Sol-R project is rich in so called features that are so attractive for the investors, implementing of which can become a good reason for constant news update on the site. In this case, this looks like a part of the strategy: admin is constantly adding some new features and they do look great, no matter how it is indeed. So let's start in order:

First, four days after the launch, investment calculator has been added. It is located on the Investment Funds page and allows calculating your potential income for all the three plans. Another feature that has been added only 2 days after is the member zone withdrawal feature: it allows in case when any withdrawal requested is not processed instantly and goes to 'Withdrawals' section of customer's account to reverse the request and ask for it again.

The last but not the least important update has been adding the Facebook page and Skype Room a week after the last update. I have already mentioned about these alternative ways of contact with the support of the project. Please take some time and check the link to Facebook page below: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sol-R/419172538158827. The Chat window opens after clicking the 'Chat with Me' button in the down right corner.

8. Conclusion!


All in all it should be said, Sol-R is a typical mid-term investment program, which is neither worse nor much better than other sites of the kind. At the same time, it has some advantages and the main one is professional admin, who is good enough in keeping the audience oriented and interested. Gradual growth, constant news updates are in favor among the majority of investors. However, the risks are still enormous, this is still a HYIP, anyway. There is no guarantee of principal return and profit calculation the following, just like in 99% of the rest programs. It's still worth acknowledging that on this very stage the project looks interesting. So, dear investors, make up your mind, make you own due diligence and act wisely - like always do! Good luck, dear readers!



Good News



Today there are only three programs that can be included to the Good News section. These are Prs Investment Ltd, IntShares and Vivo Share. The admins of these three HYIPs have recovered the paying statuses on major monitoring sites and obviously resumed paying profits to the members. Let's take a closer look at their further development for another week. Hopefully these troubles will not be recurrent and the HYIPs mentioned will restore people's trust.





Liberty Reserve has finally updated its blog. After a long pause there is an update, saying about the scheduled maintenance that should have taken place on Feb 15. See the link to see the details: http://blog.libertyreserve.com/2013/02/scheduled-maintenance-february-16.html

OKPAY has introduced the Mobile Payments service. In general, phone billing bundle covers more than 200 countries around the world. Unlike the regular phone call and SMS payments suitable only for micro-transactions, Mobile Payment is a direct payment from the balance of your mobile phone. If you want to know more about the Mobile Payments service by OKPAY, please follow the link: https://www.okpay.com/en/company/news/introducing-mobile-payments-bundle.html


HYIP Blogs.



Another update from the official Payza blog goes further. First of all, it should be mentioned that bankwires have been re-enabled again. The full list of the countries, where funding Payza e-wallets is possible via bankwire is given following the link: http://blog.payza.com/2013/02/19/bank-wire-deposits/

And there is also another update from Payza blog, which is more like a tutorial, explaining the process of ordering the Payza prepaid cards. With the Payza online prepaid card, one can make online purchases anywhere in the world. You can learn how to open the prepaid card from Payza following the link: http://blog.payza.com/2013/02/19/how-to-order-your-prepaid-card/

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