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Today we are going to review one very professionally made project, called Oil of Asia. It started on January 15 and nearly right after the launch it has been listed at HYIPnews monitor.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

The design of the website is rather typical for the projects of that kind. Well it's accurate and concise indeed. The content is filled in in a professional way. All information is presented in a convenient and good-looking manner. The main menu is located under the Comodo sign nearly on Top of the main page. Still the very top position is take by four buttons, well-designed and seen, showing the status of Live support (online or offline), the phone number to call, the direct link for opening free account in the system and the direct link to the page with representatives of Oil of Asia.

Getting back to the main menu, one single word should be said about the pages, which are not common for the majority of the HYIP website. Get Started page shows the video presentation of the project along with the text manual on how to open the account and invest funds to Oil of Asia. Exchangers page gives the list of reliable, as claimed by Oil of Asia, exchangers, where one can complete in and out exchanges of the e-currencies preferred.

In the right down corner, visitors can see the Comodo EV SSL seal with the identity assured up to $250000. Good for PR, though we know examples when programs with the same seals turned out to be scams sooner or later. the corporate information, regarding the company registered in the UK is also presented on the main page. The company registration number is given there as well. By the way, you can verify its authenticity following the link.

All in all, taking the first look, the project suggests possibly longterm intentions. However, let's be realistic, by now the project has been online for 36 days, meaning only it is half way to completing the first investment cycle.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

As for the investment plans Oil of Asia offers a single medium term investment plan, which is running for 75 business days. The daily return offered is 3% of the principal, which is going to be returned at the end of the investment plan. Making some easy calculations we can conclude that break even point for the investment plan offered is the 34th business day. Starting from day 35, investors start getting pure profit. There is also compounding available. The compounding rate can vary from 0% to 100%.

The referral program is complex and consists of 3 tiers. Three levels of referral systems let partners earn 1%-5% referral bonus for 1-3 levels accordingly.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Three most common payment processors are supported by Oil of Asia: Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve and SolidTrustPay. All investments completed are claimed to be activated right away and automatically as soon as one sends a payment through the merchant page. The minimum amount to invest is $25.
The withdrawals from are completed manually for security reasons. The minimum time for processing payouts is 5 minutes and maximum it may take up to 12 hours.

4. Legend & Content!

The name of the project speaks for itself. The legend of the project describes the work of the project in the sphere of oil trading. The legend is unique and well written. It may definitely draw attention of online investors, especially the newbie ones. Oil of Asia claims to be working with British Petroleum and Gazprom via the professional business development team that specializes on creating business expansion plans. By means of collecting investments from numerous customers from around the world, then uniting them in one investment fund while leaving some funds for reserve fund, Oil of Asia purchases futures and securities sold by oil companies worldwide. Well done, i should say. Interesting approach and i would bet on it if i were a newbie. But i am not, so for me it's not more that a good legend.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The program is well presented in social networks. One can easily find the links to Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ and Official Blog on the main page of the website. You can discuss any question that is interesting for you there or comment on the articles or news updates. Apart from that direct contact with the customer care of the project can be achieved by sending the ticket to the customer support center. Also you can reach them directly by e-mail: support@oilofasia.com or the phone number: +442838868579. There is also mail address indicated, however, more likely it's the virtual office, so you will hardly get a response from there. Live chat button on the main page also allows visitors to get immediate assistance, when urgent help is needed.

6. Technical Aspect!

Oilofasia.com is a domain controlled by three domain name servers at 1000dns.net having a total of 14 IP numbers. All 14 of them are on different IP networks. Incoming mail for oilofasia.com is handled by one mail server at oilofasia.com themselves. Oilofasia.com has one IP number (

The SSL Certificate for oilofasia.com is signed by COMODO Extended Validation Secure Server CA, EV SSL has the highest level of trust and security and will display a green address bar in the visitors browser, and the identity of the website owner and the Certificate Authority. The site operates on a Licensed Goldcoders script with hosting on a Dedicated server with Ddos protection from Antiddos.

The domain oilofasia.com has been registered on October 23, 2012 and valid until October 23, 2022. The whois data of the domain is locked, hence registrar information cannot be retrieved.

7. Special Features!

Well, basically, there are not so many so called specific features on the website of the Oil of Asia investment project. Everything is made like it should be. Still i dare to tell you more about representative program in this section of our today's review. The official representatives are real persons that can assist the same way as the support service. What is important, you can choose the one who speaks your language from the large list of representatives and e-mail or even phone them. Anyone may become the official representative and get some privileges such as increased affiliate rate. To join the list, one should fill in the application form, send it and then wait for further instructions.

8. Conclusion!

Let us now draw the line. Oil of Asia website is well designed. The website contains lots of interesting, unique and useful information for the investors, both newbie and experienced ones. The project management spends much money on project support, including the initial stage (registered company in the UK, EV SSL from Comodo). Among the drawbacks, we can say it's the lack of investment plans. Despite that we can call Oil of Asia a successful project, potentially longterm. Basically the end of 75 business days period will be the crucial point about the future of the project, however, taking into account thorough approach of the project's management to website creation and active promotional campaign on this stage, we may seriously hope for the project's bright future long after the end of the first investment cycle.

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