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Track Invest has send the important newsletter, informing the clients about some hacking attempts that occurred lately, aimed at stealing the members'...

Track Invest has send the important newsletter, informing the clients about some hacking attempts that occurred lately, aimed at stealing the members' account details. Some accounts have been changed, however Track Invest assures everyone, there is no need to panic and all funds are secured. Apart from attempts to hack members' accounts there have also been attempts to hack admin panel. Fortunately they were mitigated and failed. Track Invest gives some highlights of these hacking actions for those extremely concerned and capable to understand the case.

It all started with moving the website to BlockDos DDOS protection to mitigate the continuous attack. The server remained though with BlackLotus until now. Currently Track Invest is moving from BlackLotus to BlockDos. stating the case that BlackLotus is a scam hosting provider. As claimed by the admin of Track Invest, he is sure, any HYIP hosted with BlackLotus disappear quicker than thos hosted anywhere else. Well, it's just the opinion of one admin, i am just telling his point of view. Don't think i make some black PR against anyone. It's just the news from the clients. The admin of Track Invest is sure about it and decides to share this info with the clients.

The explanations go below, with the help of GoldCoders admin. The thing is that BlackLotus has both root and Cpanel access both for hosting and dedicated server. There below let me quote the words from admin of Track Invest:

"Black Lotus has root and Cpanel access even on Dedicated Servers. They will edit the following flies in Cpanel folders for HYIPs which use GoldCoders script. They will replace your original “admin.php” file (even it is encrypted) with new one. We advise you to always check the size of the file. The original file size is more than 500kb; the replaced one will have less than 100 kb. Then they will edit the file “deposit.libertyreserve.confirm.tpl” and add their Liberty Reserve account. When member will deposit, it will not go to original admin account and you will shout on admin that where is my deposit? But admin never received this deposit. Also, modified file will have script that payment more than 1K, 3K or 5K and more will go to Black Lotus account and less will go to admin account. Here again, always check the file size. They edit the file “%254%%2545287560deposit.libertyreserve.confirm.tpl” as well for same reason as above".

Once not being able to make the changes, it's been reported the admin of BlackLotus may try to steal your funds, adding some fake accounts when API payments are processed. It is possible to do when admins save API details in the admin panel. Another recommendation to avoid the money loss is to set daily limit for Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money payment processors, when sending mass payments. And last, but not the least recommendation is to use new passwords every time when making new payments.

So these are the problems, Track Invest faced. Naturally the site is moved to the new hosting after such revelations, BlockDos is the new hosting provider of Track Invest and the website is about to be down for 24 hours, before the new server is setup and goes online.

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