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Hello, dear friends, investors and members. We are pleased to welcome everyone reading our regular HYIP informational survey, sponsored by StallionGold, Stravia and Ad-Solid. We appreciate your attention and in our turn do all possible to provide you with well timed, professional and really hot information from the HYIP opportunities working currently online. All events of the active HYIPs, any update on a niche blog is posted within the informational survey. The team of HYIPNews.com is working hard to prepare the detailed stats on Problem programs, Closed opportunities and new HYIPs appeared online within the latest days. All in all, HYIPNews.com is publishing the fullest and the most interesting HYIP Informational survey on the market. This opinion is objective and we are proud about that fact. Good to hear, you like what we do! Lets us start with the Top Choice section:


Top Choice



The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. Split into two sub-sections, take a look below, please:


HyipNews Choice



The first 5 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:


1. Benson Union

Listed: 415 days Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily! Term: up to 170 business days!

2. StallionGold

Listed: 186 days Profit: up to 4% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!

3. Professional Forex Union

Listed: 158 days Profit: 1-2.2.4% daily! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

4. 4 Forex Investment

Listed: 147 days Profit: 11-14% daily! Term: up to 10 business days!

5. Australian Business Group

Listed: 217 days Profit: 1-2.2% daily! Term: up to 80 calendar days!


Sticky Listing



And here in this list, please take your time to look through the 5 TOP sticky listed programs and those paid-promoted at HYIPNews.com. See the list of these programs below:


1. Cbank

Listed: 255 days Profit: 2.5-3% daily! 7% daily for 30 calendar days 300-900% after 30-90 days Term: up to 90 calendar days!

2. Make-Million

Listed: 53 days Profit: 125-1000% after 1-10 days! Term: up to 40 calendar days!

3. Oil of Asia

Listed: 46 days Profit: 3% daily! Term: up to 75 business days!

4. Mutual Wealth

Listed: 49 days Profit: 1-5% weekly! Term: for lifetime!

5. BestGainFx

Listed: 23 days Profit: 70% daily for 3 days 127-1500% after 1-30 days! Term: up to 65 calendar days!


The second part of the Top Choice section, Sticky Listing, this Friday has changed a bit compared to this Tuesday. One program has been removed, instead Mutual Wealth has returned to the Sticky listing. BestGainFx is a newcomer and now taking the 5th place in the Sticky Listing. As for the HYIPNews Choice section, still no changes there: The TOP 1 program is still Benson Union. StallionGold is the sponsor of the survey and taking the 2nd place, the rest positions are taken respectively by Professional Forex Union, 4 Forex Investment and Australian Business Group. Congratulations to the participants of the Top Choice section this Friday. We'll later on see how it will be changed next Tuesday.





Let us continue the HYIP Informational Survey by presenting you with the New HYIP programs that appeared online within the last few days. As usually this section is split into two parts: the first one gives the detailed presentation of the new programs added to HYIPNews listing. And the second part gives the list of the rest programs, that were launched lately.


12Pro Finance 12% daily up to 12 calendar days!
Money-Box 1.5% daily for lifetime!
SphereINV 133% after 3 days!
ForexGold 130-2500% after 1-30 days!
Swift-Money 120-2500% after 1-25 days!


FristEarn CommercialLTD NDCamanager DEvlinTrust GoodDayProfit ForexMAkers SapioFund TradeLiberty FutureInvest AngelCapital CloudyProfit BexInv AudiProfit FCMLimited GPGFund Ego-Invest DeepProfit ParisPalms OilFunds LucraFund JustPaying RockTheFlame ForexOfCourse GreatAsset ToroBank BiggerCashDay GoldProfitInv FollowProfit ProfitableInv


Not many programs are added today to the Openings section of today's informational survey. However The first part, includes five programs, which is more than last time. As for the list of those launched, you can still take a closer look at them. Quite possibly you will find some investment opportunities that would suit your investment needs and expectations. the only advice i would like to give is to make due diligence when analyzing any new HYIP that is added online.





Nevada Investment - not paying
Stox Finance - not paying
Ko Forex - not paying


There today there are only three programs in the Problem list. It's not that numerous as it was this Tuesday. However, the number of Problem programs is actually much more. Only because we don't mention the programs, which were included in the Problem section last time, it now counts only three programs. All the programs given above are not paying to all their members or make selective payments. We are sorry and wish investors to these problematic HYIPs to have their chosen programs running well and paying regularly. We'll update you more in the next release of the informational survey.





Money Construction (119 days), Switz Investment (49 days), Galaxy Inv (28 days), Mt4 Profit (9 days), RX Forex Group (11 days), Share Express (10 days), StoreForex (11 days), Macro Earn (36 days), Invunion (10 days), Stable Earn (8 days).





AXAIndustries marked the successful completion of 1 month online. As informed in the latest newsletter, the period was rich in events, which were not positive all the time but still the program seems to become stronger and stronger day by day, and now counts more than 2500 members. The activity of AXAIndustries led to logical results, which are as follows, quoted below:
1. We pay all our members as fast as humanly possible! Despite possible problems or circumstances. Still do not believe us? Just go check what people are saying on forums, blogs and other investment resources. Or get verified and make sure yourself! The minimum to invest is just $10!
2. We enhanced our DDoS protection from preventing hackers from attacking our website. Be assured that we are doing our best to maintain our performance at the highest level.
3. No aggressive advertising campaigns. We do not throw a lot of funds to promote AXAIndustries to get more members involved. The good word of mouth of our members is the best promotion ever purchased! We just do what we have to do.
The admin of AXAIndustries claims to make all efforts possible to succeed and make the program alive for as long as possible, paying on time on every investment plan, with no delays. In case any problems or question arise, you are always free to contact the support of AXAIndustries or the HYIPNews.com for getting more information or in case any pending payouts occur.

BQM investment project is now setting up the SSL certificate. Due to that there can be errors when trying to enter the website. The bugs should be eliminated shortly and the website of BQM is supposed to become available anywhere in the world. For me it is already loading fine now.

Sol-R extends the contest announced earlier till March 13. The list of current winners, who are supposed to get $20 bonus to their accounts is given below:
02/25/2013 - yallit
02/26/2013 - mipmee
02/27/2013 - lypsynch
02/28/2013 - 15natalia
03/01/2013 - zmvegh77
03/02/2013 - dflatt
03/03/2013 - profitteam
03/04/2013 - IceQueen
03/05/2013 - dollar99

AxiomInvestment has posted the update about some improvements on the website of the project. The withdrawal terms have been updated. From now on, money withdrawal is allowed on a daily basis. The new version of the site has been added - the Chinese localization. Apart from that AxiomInvestment has added the chat-room, which allows the customers to talk to the project's admin and fellow investors. One can learn of the latest news and post the payment proofs.

Hurricane Assets has celebrated the 2 months online aniversary on March 6. There was a very short newsletter, simply saying the following: "...Our project is growing and getting stronger every day. Remember, our goal is your financial well being." That's it. NO details, NO performance results. Who knows, maybe that's the way it should be.... let's see!

Ad-Solid has added some more language localizations to the website. Currently the project's website is available in French, Polish, Portuguese and German.

Majesti Crown has only been listed at HYIPNews for 18 days. The program has been paying promtly 3.2-2.5% daily for the period of up to 90 calendar days. Nearly since the very launch of the project there has been an active representative program. The representative page has been updated and there has been an official notification in the latest newsletter saying there were too many requests from the applicants, henceworth, no more representatives will be added for a while, until the special form is added and more official representatives will be accepted again.
Another update refers to the e-mail delivery trouble, which occurred recently. Some members of the project have experienced certain duifficulties in receiving e-mails from Majesti Crown support. As it turned out to be, there was a problem with the mail server, which has been successfully removed.

Track Invest has updated on the recent purchase of the Black&White Fund. As it's been reported, there were some changes applied, particularly hosting was changed, the web design and investment plans have also been updated. The current members of Track Invest are welcome to join Black&White Fund as well.

SphereINV, newly added to HYIPNews has started active promotion on our resource, which can be seen after purchasing the static banners, which is the most visible place on our site. At the same time the team of SphereINV is also working hard on making the project as much more successful as possible. After the official launch two days ago, there have already been two short newsletters, delivered to the members of the project. First of all it should be mentioned that SphereINV has had some problems with EgoPay deposits, caused by the glitch in the system. Fortunately, the technical glitch has been fixed. The deposit feature is working well now.
Another update announces soon move of the project to the new hosting provider, BlockDos after suffering a massive DDoS attack yesterday.


HYIPNews Events



Once again, we are sending the discount coupons for the services offered at HYIPnews Shop Online. Clicking the links to the coupons below, you have a chance to get the discounts on the ad services, provided by HYIPNews.com. One more time we publish the discount coupon for the Effective Launch Package and another coupon is for the banner advertising:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. Sticky Listing + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $354. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 25% discount at $266.

2. Ads in Survey + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 with 25% discount at $59.99

Good News



There is only one piece of Good News today. The only program Interest Area has resumed the Paying status on listing sites. As for the rest programs marked Problem last time are still Problem or have been blacklisted. Sorry, dear readers, nothing more to say here.





OKPAY is celebrating the anniversary tht marks 3 years of existence online. 3 years is a long period, when delaing with HYIP industry. On the occassion of the contest OKPAY announced the new contest to reward the most active customers. The prizes are going to be as follows:
1st place - $100 + OKPAY Debit Card Mastercard *
2nd place - $60 + OKPAY Debit Card Mastercard *
3rd place - $30 + OKPAY Debit Card Mastercard *
4 - 6 places - OKPAY Debit Card Mastercard *
7 - 10 places - a cake or delicious pizza *
If you want to learn more details and learn how to participate in the contest, please follow the link below: https://www.okpay.com/en/company/news/okpay-3rd-birthday-contest-and-special-offers.html


HYIP Blogs.



Initially on February 19, Payza has posted the update on the official blog saying that bankwire adding funds http://blog.payza.com/2013/02/19/bank-wire-deposits/ feature has been enabled for most of the countries. This news was a positive one and basically simplifies the process of funding Payza account by the members. Today we are happy to report that after implementing the bankwire deposit feature, Payza authorities has finally made this service full, providing the possibility to make withdrawals via bankwire accordingly. The bankwire withdrawal feature has been enabled in full, which allows the members to make funds withdrawals directly from the e-wallets to the bank accounts of the members respected.

Entering the official http://blog.payza.com/2013/03/05/bank-wire-withdrawals/, you can see the full list of the countries where withdrawing funds via bankwire is allowed. The list is pretty large, though naturally not all of the countries are included.

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