Updated: 03/08/2013 10:55
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Majesti Crown has only been listed at HYIPNews for 18 days. The program has been paying promtly 3.22.5% daily for the period of up to 90 calendar...

Majesti Crown has only been listed at HYIPNews for 18 days. The program has been paying promtly 3.2-2.5% daily for the period of up to 90 calendar days. Nearly since the very launch of the project there has been an active representative program. The representative page has been updated and there has been an official notification in the latest newsletter saying there were too many requests from the applicants, henceworth, no more representatives will be added for a while, until the special form is added and more official representatives will be accepted again.


Another update refers to the e-mail delivery trouble, which occurred recently. Some members of the project have experienced certain duifficulties in receiving e-mails from Majesti Crown support. As it turned out to be, there was a problem with the mail server, which has been successfully removed. Please see the full update also from Majesti Crown, saying about the video newsletters feature, below:


"Few members had problems with receiving email from us or they received it on spam folder. We have finally fixed our problem with mailserver, now all should be Okay.
Representative page is updated as well. Please note, that no more representatives will be added. We are receiving too many requests. Soon there will be a special form for this and we will start accepting again.
Video Newsletters will be published ones in a month. Next Video Newsletter will be uploaded after 7-12 days.
Please report if you have received this email in SPAM folder.
Best Regards."

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