Updated: 03/12/2013 15:48
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Another warning newsletter came from the admin of another growing HYIP, called AirCargoXpress . The main idea about sending the mailing is sending the...

Another warning newsletter came from the admin of another growing HYIP, called AirCargoXpress. The main idea about sending the mailing is sending the phishing e-mails on behalf of AirCargoXpress. The hackers use fake names and fake website, asking the real clients of AirCargoXpress to "validate" the accounts by clicking some links, contained within the phishing e-mail. The admin of AirCargoXpress warns everyone: "...Keep in mind that AirCargoXpress NEVER asks to validate your personal details on the website and never we send any type of files. As a precaution note keep in mind that such e-mails are going around therefore be prepared..."


As the precaution means, it is highly recommended to check for the "https" connection next to the website AirCargoXpress name. This will help to identify if the website is genuine or not.


The purpose of these phishing e-mails is to steal personal data from anyone, who is not careful enough and click the link offered within the e-mail. In case anyone has become the victim of such letters, it is strongly recommended to contact the support of AirCargoXpress directly from e-mail given on the account. Once you contact, you should ask for the password change. For security reasons any account password changes, completed from the member area are temporally locked. The changes are processed manually, after getting the personal request to the following e-mail.


At the end, let's share some positive news from AirCargoXpress. Another newsletter will be sent out soon, regarding the video and questionnaire in which anyone will be able to share one's view on the company. Comments are appreciated, naturally!

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