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Here below we are glad to post the interview with the promising and fast growing ecurrency exchanger . This exchanger is gaining more...

Here below we are glad to post the interview with the promising and fast growing e-currency exchanger This exchanger is gaining more and more popularity among the investors online and hence we have asked the management of the exchanger to answer some questions of ours related to the activity of this exchanger. The admin was so kind to answer all of our questions and, moreover, has decided to offer some discount for the readers of More details about the discount can be viewed in the answer to the last question below. The interview is worth reading, so please have a look.

1) Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of

My name is Antonio and i'm the "new" admin of since mid September 2012.

2) When was EraChange launched and was it actually the date you started the exchange business officially?

Erachange as a business was originally started in 2006 but never really got of the ground due to the owner not putting enough effort, energy and advertising in his business. This is exactly why i have taken over all administrative and financial functions since September last year to get back where it belongs, mid-range of the e-currency exchange market.

3) Is EraChange a legally registered company? Is there a physical address, where your customers are able to see you?

As a part of this "relaunch" we have registered a new company in the Seychelles, of which i'm currently awaiting the paperwork. At this time, same as with most online business, there's no physical address at which customers are able to see us. All business and support is conducted throughout the internet.

4) How about the team of EraChange, how many people work for the company? What are their positions?

At this moment i am the sole administrator of Erachange and i'm taking care of administration, support and financial side of Erachange.

5) Is there any reason for choosing the name EraChange for your project?

Erachange has been the name of this project since 2006 and we thought it'd be easier to "relaunch" an already existing company by blowing some fresh air into it, then to startup a whole new website.

6) Can you tell us more about the ways used by the clients to get in touch with you?

Registered members can get in touch with us through either our support system (tickets) and through skype (id erachange). Non members can use our support system as well and these queries are being redirected to our support email

7) How about your offer, which e-currencies you're currently working with? Do you support all exchange directions like buying and selling between them?

Currently we are supporting Egopay, Liberty Reserve and Sensipay (new and upcoming e-currency similar to Egopay). Exchanging, selling and buying of any of them is available in the memberarea. Selling at this time we only support to bank wire. Within the next couple of weeks though we're also planning to add Solidtrustpay and Perfect Money and some smaller e-currencies such as OKpay and HDmoney but we've been waiting for the company papers (and new bank accounts that come with it) so that we can also get verified as a business with these e-currencies.

8) Are the any special terms for cooperation with any payment processors? Is EraChange considered to be and approved and recommended exchanger for any of e-currencies online?

At this moment we are approved and recommended by Egopay and Sensipay. As for Liberty Reserve, the Erachange account has never been "exchanger verified" but we also aim to complete that part within the next couple of weeks.

9) Do you have any affiliate program? What are the terms? How are affiliates being paid?

We have a 3-tier affiliate program, first level 10% and 2nd + 3rd level both 5% on the fees of exchanges placed by your referrals.

10) Is there any verification requirement for some exchange direction?

We currently have email and phone verification available for our members although this isn't obligatory at the moment. For BUY orders however we are considering also ID verification for wires of larger amounts.

11) How long does it usually take for an exchange transaction to be completed? Do you work 24h/business days or at the weekends?

Normally exchanges are being completed within hours after the order has been placed. We work European hours between 9am GMT and 9pm GMT on business days. However we will also check on orders during the weekend and in case the transaction doesn't need review by the e-currency we will complete it during the weekend as well in most cases.

12) Tell us why users should choose your company for their e-currency exchange needs. What advantages can you offer to the potential clients compared to your competitors?

We have invested a lot of time and money in both a new script and design for Erachange to make it a professional business. In our head we have a longterm vision for Erachange to let it grow and become one of the market leaders between the other e-currency exchangers. We offer to our clients a smooth and professional environment with lots of features (sms notification on completion of an order to name one of them). We also aim to have the lowest fees for your exchanges and to be on top of any issue that may occur.

13) What are your plans for the near future?

How can you see the role of EraChange in E-currency Exchange Market? It seems that we have already answered this in the previous questions.

14) Do you have anything else concerning the performance of EraChange, worth saying to our readers?

If you are looking for a safe and smooth way to exchange your e-currencies, make yourselves familiar with the new Erachange website. Also as a incentive and favour for your readers we will give your readers and extra 20% discount for any exchange they may make within 1 week after the interview has been sent out. In order for your readers to profit from this discount they will have to enter coupon code HYIPNEWSDISC20 in the coupon code box when placing a new exchanger order. Most of the time we have special discounts running for our members and also regular clients are being rewarded with a lifetime discount. Maybe as a last remark we could tell your readers to take a look at (we are not affiliated with them other then that we are one of their main exchanger/promoters) because we really like the simplicity and ease of their interface and we believe that they will keep on growing steadily this year and become a real player on the e-currency market.

Thank you, Antonio, for answering the questions of the interview. We look forward to successful partnership between HYIPNews and

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