Updated: 03/26/2013 19:43
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Swiss Invest Fund has sent the first newsletter to its members back on Saturday. The first news is that first investors who deposited funds to "PREMIUM" plan have finished it. They are in profit, so congratulations! As claimed by the admin in the latest newsletter, the main reason for the project to be gaining far more and more popularity among the investors online is the wide range of investment opportunities given by Swiss Invest Fund.

As it can be see from the terms of the project, investors are free to choose and decide, whether to invest in long term and in medium/short term with balanced interest rates. Another reason for the success of this investment project is a variety of payment options: LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EGO Pay, PexPay and Solid Trust Pay, nearly all e-currencies, present on the market. In the next some months, there are plans to become even stronger and add some new features.

During the first month online, Swiss Invest Fund reached the 1500 members. As reported: "...Our investment platform is more successful then we calculated from first two week analysis, but since we are targeting our investment platform to top elite investors we saw really big growth in end of the month when we experienced growth like no time before growth in end of the month when we experienced growth like no time before..."

In the end of the newsletter, the admin of Swiss Invest Fund reminds about the terms of referral program. For every new referral, one may get from six up to nine percent referral bonus. The regional representatives get 0.5% extra for every new investment referred.

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