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DioMetal, the new program, which has been added to HYIPNews listing 13 days ago is today being reviewed. Today we are going to tell you about the main features this program has, its level of investment attractiveness and security features, the design overview and investment plans specificities. Basically after reading the professional review of DioMetal by HYIPNews.com you will be aware of everything you possibly wanted to know about this new HYIP project.

1. Introduction, First Impression!


The website of DioMetal is nicely done and fits to the name of the project and the sphere, DioMetal claims to be involved into - precious metals! Taking a first look at the website, one can notice several blocks with some shades of silver, which is also a color of some precious metals, thus the blocks look like sort of bullions, which is definitely a nice idea to perform. Speaking about the specific features about the design, one can notice a few images of screws along the bottom.

Speaking about the structure of the DioMetal website, it's rather simple. The layout is dominated by the slideshow on top of the page. The specific feature about the slideshow is manual move of the slides clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the images. Getting further with the layout we can see several blocks, which are located in three rows. The first row shows three blocks: one for the investment plans, another for some market data and FAQ section. The second row shows the block with the login form and a tabbed box with some additional information about DioMetal. Another row gives some ways to contact the DioMetal support and a box with news and updates from the company in which the last two news entries are displayed. The very bottom row of blocks includes copyright information and the list of e-currencies accepted.


Well, obviously, the design is nice to look at and easy to navigate. The admin took some efforts to present us with a high-quality product. The layout is simple, as i said before, though looks in a modern way. The professional approach towards creating the web design can be seen at first glance.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!


The investment plans offered by DioMetal are considered to be long term, well thought out and could be sustainable. The long-term investment plans is a growing trend currently in the HYIP industry after a series of closures of mid-term HYIPs. All in all, it all goes round and round, when talking about HYIP trends. And now, people tend to start trusting more and more to long-term HYIPs again as it used to be some time before. On that background, the investment plans offered by DioMetal is a good option to try.

There are three of them. The first two (Palladium and Gold) last for 120 business days and pay 1.6% and 2% daily accordingly. The last one (Platinum), which is the most profitable, lasts for 140 business days and pays 3%. The minimum deposit amounts for Palladium, Gold and Platinum are $10, $1000 and $5000 accordingly.


There is also some difference in the terms for returning the principal. It is included in profit at the Platinum investment plan and returned on expiry at Palladium and Gold investment plans.


As for the rest, everything is simple with no hidden profits possible and chances for holding investors' funds. There is no compounding option, so calculating your potential profit depending on the amount deposited is a piece of cake.
The referral program offered by DioMetal is two-level. Partners receive 5% of the investments made by their first level referrals and 2% for second level referrals. The referral profit is not paid directly to e-currency accounts. Instead it is added automatically to the account balance and can be withdrawn accordingly. Here let me quote the terms for becoming a partner from the the website of DioMetal:


"To take part in our referral program you don't need to have an active investment in our program. You only have to provide your personal referral link to your friends, colleagues and website/blog visitors. Your potential referrals will then use it to access our website. Our system will automatically mark new investors using your affiliate link as your referrals. Alternatively, new customers may specify your user name during the registration process."


3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!


Currently DioMetal accepts four basic payment processors for making new deposits and withdrawals. These are: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. The bankwire option has been announced to become possible later, though it's active yet. The deposits are reflected within 12 hours after they are actually completed, however it often happens much sooner. After making the deposit first profit is paid the following business day. Each time a person wants to make additional investment, it is handled separately and not added to the currently working deposit.

As for withdrawals, the profit earned is first credited to your available balance and you can withdraw it anytime. The minimum withdrawal amount requirement is $0.50 for Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money, $1 for SolidTrustPay and Egopay. As it's been declared the maximum time-frame for the withdrawal request to be paid is 12 hours after it's actually been made.
There is also another rule: the profit cannot be withdrawn to different payment system account, different from the one, used for investing. I.e. if you invest via Liberty Reserve you can only withdraw via Liberty Reserve.

4. Legend & Content!


The website of DioMetal claims to be run under the jurisdiction of a precious metals trading company based in Hong Kong. The name of the website in means "God's Metal" (Metallo Dio in Italian). One sphere the project claims to be involved in is physical trading of precious metals. Besides, as claimed on the pages of the website, "...Diometal Inc. offers traders a sophisticated solution that combines rich contract administration, operational processing and logistics capabilities with sophisticated mark-to-market and pricing..."

Besides it's mentioned that the company has some international business linkages with the UAE, Russia, the United Kingdom and Belgium.


No matter how genuine the entire concept is, it's been presented in a good way. I personally don't think any HYIP currently working online actually works the way it claims to, still some do care about pretending to be and some don't. I would rather think positive about those, who spend time and money for developing good legend than about those, who make up template websites, take some stolen content and present the "product" online.

5. Customer Care and Support!


In case you have any questions or need to talk to the support of DioMetal the support page gives all possible means of getting in touch, including the ordinary Contact Form, Live Support, the button to which is located on every page of the website, which is also opening in a separate window. The support is provided in two languages: English and Italian. If you are a registered member you can take advantage of logging in and using the ticket system. If not you can use the Contact Form or simply e-mail at admin@diometal.net.


Apart from e-mail, live chat and ticket system there is also an alternative to use, which is calling the support by the phone. The number to call is +852 580 844 09, however it's not clear when the phone line is actually open. There is also a physical address, which is more likely a virtual office or mailbox rented. Here it is: Diometal Inc., Unit 1221, Peninsula Square, 18 Sung On Street, Hunghom District, Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R.

6. Technical Aspect!


The website is a ShadowScripts based one, run on the dedicated server from Black Lotus Communications. DDoS protection is provided by BlockDos. The SSL protection is provided by COMODO CA Limited. Entering the SSL certificate details though says the connection to www.diometal.net is not secure, even despite the EssentialSSL certificate, which expires on February 27, 2014. The domain 'diometal.net' has been registered through GoDaddy.com, LLC on February 19, 2013 and expires on February 19, 2015.

7. Special Features!


The DioMetal HYIP is run on a ShadowScripts, which looks nice and is the most expensive of all the scripts available on the web nowadays. The script gives all features needed to run HYIP smoothly and the developers provide online support to all customers using it.

Among other specific features, we are getting back to the web design of the site, the advantages and attractiveness of which has been described above.


There is also a Protection and Security page, which speaks of the tools and services used by DioMetal in terms of protecting customers' funds and personal data. Besides, there is a short guideline, telling a few steps one can take to prevent oneself from fraudsters and hackers aimed at stealing your data.

8. Conclusion!


Well, all in all, the program has some good potential to become one of the leading HYIPs on the net. So far it's too soon to talk about that, still the first days and the way it appeared online give hope for that. Very good and well-thought design and lots of money spent on developing the website speak of professional approach as well. Once again, speaking about the HYIP trends, the long-term programs is a growing trend and in this aspect, DioMetal could become a nice try and addition to your investment portfolio. At least one cycle should pass through, which means, we have lots of time to think it all over and decide on investing there or not. Let's wish the admin and the members good luck and perfect, stable performance!

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