Updated: 04/22/2013 18:16
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The HYIP, called Earning Alliance , has been listed at HYIPNews. com for 24 days. This is a longterm project paying 1.252.15% daily for 180 business...

The HYIP, called Earning Alliance, has been listed at HYIPNews. com for 24 days. This is a long-term project paying 1.25-2.15% daily for 180 business days. Within the entire period of being online, some goals have been achieved, as claimed by the admin of Earning Alliance. First of all, speaking about registered representatives, there are 10 of them from the Philippines, China, South Africa, Malaysia, USA, Lithuania, Russia, Indonesia and Nigeria. Another achievement is the amount of funds under management, which is, as Richard Hayden claimed, equals to $50K.


The management, though, is not going to stop its activity and sets some new goals for the project for the next week. Now they are not related to reaching some funds marks or representatives number. Instead it refers mainly to the aspect of support activity of the HYIP project. First of all, the goal is to create the skype room, where investors will be able to chat with each other and the project's staff. In a few days, the link to the Skype room will be placed to the main page of Earning Alliance. Another update refers to the trading reports, which have been posted in the previous newsletter. The support department of Earning Alliance has received several commentaries on those reports, mainly asking for more info on trading activity. In order to meet customers' requirements and wishes Richard reports that new page will be setup on the website of the project, where the detailed info about trading operations will be posted once a week at least.


As for the trading activity of Earning Alliance last week, it was tough, due to the bomb attack in Boston, which resulted in the stock and bonds market having a huge pitfall last week. Obviously it affected the manner of trading activity. People were tend to sell more often, being afraid of unstable market state. Obviously, those who counted on the market to go up, being based on longterm technical or fundamental analysis, have lost significantly. As for the traders of Earning Alliance, as claimed in the newsletter, "...Fortunately, our traders managed to take advantage of the situation by selling our positions and barely operating on the day of the attack. You can see a short recovery from the Dow Jones fund on April 15th/16th, when the market started to pick up but quickly went down again, changing our strategy for the second time..." Good for them if it's actually true, which is very much unlikely, anyway...

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