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Hello, dear readers! Today we are pleased to welcome on tha pages of, Mr. Galinec Mihael, the admin of Tetra Funds , the new program,...

Hello, dear readers! Today we are pleased to welcome on tha pages of, Mr. Galinec Mihael, the admin of Tetra Funds, the new program, launched 9 days ago and added to the Sticky listing of Mr. Mihael was so kind to asnwer some of the questions we asked him regarding the performance and activity of Tetra Funds HYIP. Please find the complete interview below. If you have any other questions concerning the performance of Tetra Funds, you may contact us or directly the support of the project. So here we go, the interview with the admin of Tetra Funds at your attention.


1)Hello and welcome on the pages of Please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your position in the company.

Hi All. First Let me thank for providing an excellent opportunity to share my program details to the members globally. My name is Galinec Mihael, I'm working as an admin in Tetra Financial Services Pvt Ltd. I keep myself busy in both online & offline work. We spend most of our work time in offline works, Our marketing team have to meet clients everyday and need to explain the opportunity to do business with us. Online, We have to respond to the support queries and needs to handle the cashflow in our online accounts.

2) What is the mission of your company? Why did you decide to be engaged in such controversial activities as high-yield investing?

Our Vision is to help members achieve financial freedom. Everyone wants to earn passively online but most of them cannot achieve their dream. Similarly there are some people that always want to expand their business by various methods. We generate funds from Mid-level companies in the UK by providing business consulting, forex signal services & financial management services. Similarly we have found a precious source online, in the name of HYIP. It can help us by getting funds directly from anyone across the world to enlarge our business at the same time we can reward them by sharing our profits with them. It will help us as well as members. Actually, this is a win-win situation.

3) You do acknowledge that your investment offer is high-yielding and therefore risky, don't you? What niches of investment are you working at? How can you secure your investors' funds and make such a high profit declared - up to 3% daily?

Well, the plans are designed after a brainstorming discussion with our operation and management team. We make revenues in various parameters. Our business does not just depend on one source. We have Multi sources to generate income of more than 3%. The major sources for our income is offline loans & Online tradings. I do agree that 3% per day is very high but at the same time we can reduce our risk by making various metrics & parameters in the business standards.

4) The duration of your investment plans is 120 and 100 business days accordingly. It's an obvious characteristic of a long-term project, so is that how the project is positioned? Basically how long are you planning to stay online?

The plan duration is not a longer period. I can say that we will definitely get a place in online world to stay for a long-time, because We have done a lot of studies and experiments to make this a possibility. I hope we will acheive this.

5) How fast do you pay?

We are clearing all the withdrawals in less than 24 hours.

6) By the way, are you running a legally registered company or just a HYIP project? In case there's a company, please tell, how long has it been operating and are there any proofs for the company registered? is managed directly by "Tetra Financial Services Pvt Ltd". Our team has working for a long time but officially we have registered in companies house on few months back.

7) If your company is registered, does it have any legal rights to run investment activity?

Yes. Our company is registered in the UK. Our company ID is 8472014. We have the legal rights to do our operations.

8) How can investors get in touch with you?

Investors and members can get in touch with me by sending a message in the "contact us" page.. First few days, we had got some issues in our contact us page and now it is resolved. So the members won't have trouble reaching out to our team. Meanwhile members can just drop a message in Skype(Tetrafunds). I'll be online in Skype for atleast 2 hours a day to respond your queries.

9) Are there any questions that are not mentioned in a FAQ section but are frequently asked by investors?

Yes.. I would like to explain this. The Plan-2 (Advanced Plan) is a 100% compounding plan. The everyday earnings will get compounded automatically. Members can't withdraw their funds before the plan expires. Pre-closing the plan after 40 days is the another option to withdraw the earnings + invested amount.

10) And lastly, is there anything else you want to tell our readers?

Join with us and extend your support. Together we can achieve our goal. Achieving financial freedom is not so far :)


The interview is just a first step of getting you acquainted with Tetra Funds. Within 1 week we are going to make the detailed professional review about this new project. Anyway hope you enjoyed reading this interview and discovered something useful from it.

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