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tetra funds review
We have previously interviewed the program called Tetra Funds And today we are glad to offer the professional review of this interesting program online
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We have previously interviewed the program called Tetra Funds. And today we are glad to offer the professional review of this interesting program online. The program is potentially a long-run one and hence our interest towards Tetra Funds is getting increased on the background of many fast scam programs. The program is being listed at HYIPNews for only 16 days. So far so good, but let's try to look deeper into it.

1. Introduction, First Impression!


So let's take a quick look at the website of Tetra Funds. First thing that catches eye is bright design and friendly atmosphere of the website. It may seem the project has been made by professional designers due to using nicely located blocks and good looking fonts. The navigation is rather simple with the main menu offering to navigate the pages in vertical order on top of the site. Right above the menu there's logically a member login block located. Obviously it is the best place for the login block to be found on the website. Next to the menu one may see a colorful block giving short presentation of the investment offer, given by Tetra Funds to its investors. All in all it's a two-column layout with three rows of text blocks in each column. Let's look into it from left to right. So right under the investment plans presentation there's a block giving the idea about the project's mission and vision. To the right of this one, there's a short About Us section with the Big JOIN US button below.

At the bottom of the site there are two colorful blocks, first one showing the list of e-currencies, Tetra Funds accepts for depositing. Next to it there's some contact information, including the physical address of the company that is claimed to manage the funds of Tetra Funds, Tetra Financial Services Pvt Ltd. The Certificate of Incorporation is also located in this block.

At the very bottom of the site one may see a number of seals that show how the site of Tetra Funds is protected.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!


There are two investment plans offered by Tetra Funds. Each of them is longterm with the principal returned upon the expiry. The Basic plan offers 2.5% daily for the investment period of 120 business days. There is no compounding, though there is an option to take back the principal before the closure of the plan at 18% penalty fee not sooner than 60 business days after the program launch. Overall ROI for the Basic plan is 400%.

Advanced plan gives higher daily interest, which is 3%. In this plan compounding is offered by default with no possibility to alter. Pre-closure option is also available, though it can be done sooner - after 40 business days after the launch. And the pre-closure penalty fee is also lower - just 9%. After taking a closer look, it is getting obvious, there's something strange in the plans, something which goes beyond common sense. On the other hand, Advanced plan, being more profitable seems to be less risky, which is the best way to attract new members.

As Galinec Mihael replied in the interview, posted earlier on the pages of HYIPNews.com: "Well, the plans are designed after a brainstorming discussion with our operation and management team. We make revenues in various parameters. Our business does not just depend on one source. We have Multi sources to generate income of more than 3%. The major sources for our income is offline loans & Online tradings. I do agree that 3% per day is very high but at the same time we can reduce our risk by making various metrics & parameters in the business standards." Though there is a catch here, which is also described in the interview given to HYIPNews by Mr. Mihael: "...The Plan-2 (Advanced Plan) is a 100% compounding plan. The everyday earnings will get compounded automatically. Members can't withdraw their funds before the plan expires. Pre-closing the plan after 40 days is the another option to withdraw the earnings + invested amount." Now seems clear, enabling compounding you acknowledge your funds locked till the end of the investment period, unless you decide to enable the pre-closure option.

For all willing to promote Tetra Funds there's the affiliate program available. There's nothing special about it, no multi levels no various rates - simple 5% affiliate bonus for referring new deposit to the project.


3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!


Everything is more than good here. Tetra Funds accepts all popular e-currencies used by HYIP investors online: LibertyReserve and SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and EgoPay. Naturally to complete deposit you should first sign-up and then invest your funds to one of two investment plans offered. Concerning withdrawing your funds, Tetra Funds project allows daily funds withdrawal for the Basic plan. As for the Advanced plan, the funds are locked till the end of the investment term for compounding being enabled. The withdrawals are manual. To complete a withdrawal request, one should log into your member area and make the request from there. Once done, it is completed within 24 hours.

4. Legend & Content!


The content of the Tetra Funds website is written in simple English. Although the "Our Vision" section tells about some sources for generating income, such as providing consulting services, forex signal services & financial management services services to Mid-level companies in the UK, one should try to ignore all those visions, cause HYIP is just a HYIP after all. There's always a risk to lose money. The website content includes all kind of seals from Malware scanner of Norton or TrustE, still one should remember it won't save you from loss if this HYIP goes down.

5. Customer Care and Support!


Customer care pays much attention to the FAQ page. Lots of questions get clear after reading the FAQ page of Tetra Funds, especially in terms of explaining the investment plans. If any questions still arise, one may use the contact form on the site and also Skype. There's an option to make a call or send the chat message. The physical address given on the main page of the website is more like a virtual office. Sending any mail correspondence to that address will hardly be effective. Anyway, you can try.

6. Technical Aspect!


Tetra Funds is run on a a licensed copy of the Goldcoders HYIP Manager script, the most popular choice among the ready made scripts. The domain 'tetrafunds.com' has been registered on Feb 04, 2013 and expires on Feb 04, 2016. What is really worth mentioning, there is no privacy protection enabled for the domain.

Registrant Contact:
Tetra Financial Services Pvt Ltd
Galinic Mihael ()
5, Rockware Avenue,
Greenford, Greenford UB6 0AA

As you may see it's all clear here. The hosting is provided by Black Lotus Communications. Tetra Funds is hosted on a dedicated server. The SSL Certificate for tetrafunds.com is signed by COMODO Extended Validation Secure Server CA . The SSL Certificate will expire on Wednesday 30 April 2014 this means it is still valid for 341 days. This SSL Certificate will display a green address bar in the visitors browser, and the identity of the website owner and the Certificate Authority. EV SSL Certificates have the highest level of trust and security. This SSL Certificate has 2 subject alternative name(s). This means that this SSL Certificate is not only valid for tetrafunds.com but in this case also for the alternative names tetrafunds.com, www.tetrafunds.com. The SSL Certificate has a 2048-bit length private key. Longer RSA keys are required to provide security as computing capabilities increase. The recommended RSA key-length is 2048 bits. Although a 2048-bit RSA key length is more secure than the common 1024-bit length, it is also slower and might effect server performance. Most web servers continue to use 1024-bit RSA keys without negatively influencing security for normal operations.

7. Special Features!


Among the special features, i tend to single out the online calculator, the link to which is available in the main menu. When entering the calculator page, it may seem too complex. However, entering the FAQ page there's a short manual on how to use it. See it below: "In order to know the correct earning, it involve 4 steps 1) Select today's date 2) Choose your plan (Standard or Advanced) 3) Enter your investment amount 4) Navigate the calender by using the arrow key (Next -->)and select your plan end date 5) Check the profits." Another interesting and useful feature, especially for potential affiliates of Tetra Funds is a pack of banners with your affiliate link integrated into them, which are stored in the members' back office. Nice to have all banners in one place, if you need any, you should simply copy the code and paste it to your site.

8. Conclusion!


So, there's nothing extraordinary about Tetra Funds. The design is not an exclusive, however made professionally and creates friendly atmosphere around the website, which is rather easy to navigate. There's some weirdness about the investment plans. And still, the program seems to be able to attract some early investors. However, will it survive the first cycle, i doubt. I might be wrong after all and hope i am.

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